Saturday, July 31, 2010

Like Money Flying Out of My Wallet, So Are The Yardsales of My Life :) :) :)

Good afternoon, everyone!!! I'm having a really great Saturday so far.  I found some more yard sale stuff yesterday and today, which was a total blessing.  The prices were dirt cheap...AND I also figured out how to create a collage with my I can display  a lot of different photos in one picture...You'll see what I mean in just a moment :) :) :)

This morning I wanted to go for a walk for some exercise, but also to get some much needed photos!!! My goal is to take at least one photo per day. So far I've been really lucky to have more than that :) :) :) My dad didn't want to walk. He wanted to go for a we did and I ended purchasing some items at TWO yard sales!!!!  Here's what a I found yesterday. I'll post comments below each photo :) :)

The first house I stopped at, it was wild..they had plus-size clothes for sizes that fit me. I picked up these seven items (5 tops and two zipper-hoodies in pink and navy blue) for just $4 for everything TOGETHER. This includes the soap I'll show later..that was just a quarter. It was great. The prices ranged from $0.25 to $1. Most of this I can't wear till winter... but that's not far off...and it's so hard to find clothes that fit me :) :) :)

I found these padded hangers at another yard sale. I LOVE padded hangers. I think they add a touch of feminine charm to my wardrobe. They also are gentler on your clothes and give them some space to breathe. The set of four satin padded hangers was just $0.50 for FOUR...not bad!!!

A pillow heart sachet hanging from one of the padded hangers. Now that's really pretty and cute. This is just the sort of thing I really like. It makes hanging up clothes more "glamorous" :) :) :) I'm all about the frills!!!

I found this at the same place as the padded hangers. I'm not sure what it was originally used for, but it was so cute with the pale lavender/blue and the mint green ruffled edging. I'll find a place to put this..and it's given me some ideas for decorating some plain cotton towels that I have!!! This was also just $0.50...a real bargain considering the detail.

Here's the fun part...where I combine my love of yard sales and my newly learned technique of creating a photo collage. It saves space on my blog :) :) I don't mind space...but I like my blogger friends and want to keep them :) :) :) You are all much loved in my house ;) :) :) These are the rest of the yard sale finds from Friday. For any of the collage photos, if you want to see the larger version just left-click on the image!!!!

Now this photo shows items from both yard sales.  This natural soap was only $0.25 cents and it was brand new...I double-checked it. I used it this morning and my skin feels GREAT!!!! It has lots of natural oils.  That little black leather case is a Mary Kay lipstick case. It holds one lipstick, lipliner, and lipgloss. It was only $0.50. It was funny because the lady who was selling them was a Mary Kay consultant. I have one just like this that was really can see it in the collage with the brand new one. So that was an unexpected need met today!!! Last but not least in this photo was the 8 oz. glass measuring cup for $1. I already have one, but we did need a 2nd one..and this just happened to be there...Oh now that I think about it, the glass measuring cup was from a THIRD yard sale!!

So far I have only spent $6.50.  I don't mean to brag by talking about the cost. I do this to illustrate the point about how much you can save at yard sales and still find really cool things that are useful, beautiful and will fill a need in your home...and the ocassional want, too :) :) :) You're helping someone out and saving money at the same time...that's always a good thing :)

So then my dad and I found some more yard sales today...two to be near my home at "The beautiful couples" house. Yes, you've heard me mention them before. Click here if you'd like to read about how I first met them at, of all places, a yard sale. They always have great things donated to them by the community . 

One of the yardsales was on a busy street that had no parking. So my dad and I just parked in the hospital parking lot across the street.  My dad stayed in the car with the air conditioning while I got to brave the crazy streets...not really, there were no cars...which is unusual because this is usually extremely busy traffic area. Oh, the hospital had some  beautiful hydrangeas and these other tall purple flowers that were on this really tall bush. Lilacs maybe?....well, see for yourself and see how I put everything in a collage :) :) :) This was so much fun, I may have to try this again...

This was the collage of the hydrangea beautiful and so varied in color, even in the same flower!!! I love the soft blues, pinks, purples and indigos!!! Some of the flowers were starting to wilt...but that's okay...they are still beautiful!!!!

These are the purple flowers that I  saw growing on this bush.  It was really funny because when I first passed it, I thought it was a tree. No, this particular bush of flowers was taller than me...and I'm a tall woman!!! This was also at the hospital parking lot.
Alright, here is the last of my yard sale finds for today. I found one vintage/antique cook book on all the tips you need to know for baking  and some other great things...check it out....This first collage shows everything I bought at the "beautiful couple's" yard sale and the "busy street" yardsale...

The "beautiful couple's" yard  sale I found a craft book, a book on baking printed in 1935 (original printing was 1933)...a real SCORE..I Love the 1930s especially...two vintage looking wine signs made out of for Bordeaux and one for Burgundy, a spiral notebook of Mead writing paper (which I actually needed...just funny I found it here..) and a camoflauge pocket Bible...all of that was just $3. It was a real deal.

The teacup/coffee cup is Wedgwood from the Peter Rabbit collection by Beatrix Potter...for $0.25. It was a cute thing and I love "The Tale of Peter Rabbit". Oh, that Campbell's soup bowl with the lid was also just $0.25...both of those items I bought at the "busy street" yard sale.

This is just some close-up photos of that craft book. It's quick and easy ideas that can be done in 30 minutes or less. I  had browsed through this and new I would use some of the ideas. What I love about this is the detail for each project on the front, with the pattern on the back.  Also look at the side of the page...there's a little fold out tab that has alternative projects on the inside...and on the outside flap, gift giving ideas for family. So this was really worth far more than what I payed for this book and the other things together!!!
So all total I only spent  $10 for everything that you see pictured on today's post from the various yardsales!!!  It's a lot of fun. The yard sales are great..and I discovered that there are people who will camp out an hour BEFORE the yard sale starts so they don't miss out on the good deals. Crazy....but it works. I haven't tried it yet...maybe someday. One thing is for sure...Fridays are the best days to go shopping at yard sales..all the good stuff is still available AND most people are still working, so your chances of finding a diamond in the rough are very, very good!!!
WELCOME TO: Valrie of Poems My Way. Click here to pay here a visit, especially today!!! She's got a lovely poem she posted for  Pink Saturday. Also...she has some really great and very simple ideas for how we can support our men and women in uniform. Please check it out and prayerfully consider writing to a soldier. They don't get lots of mail..and it's a nice way to send them support/love from home!!!
I also wanted to mention Bramblewood Fashion today.  Click here to pay her a visit. Ashley is a lovely young lady who has some fantastic sewing skills. She has a perfect blend of sewing skills and modesty. Check it out. She is a huge Anne of Green Gables fan just like me..and she also loves Regency fashion, just like me!!! She has many posts for Anne of Green Gables  fashion week, that you will LOVE, especially if you like the books, movies, and the spin-off TV series "Road to Avonlea".
Well, that about does it...See the photo below for my special signature!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Lucky Girl!!
I never find plus-sizes a yard sales.....but...i love'm anyway!!!


Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

You have the best luck at finding the most interesting things at yard sales. You present them so nicely too. What a deal on the nice bar of soap. ((Hugs)) Gerry

Annesphamily said...

Heather you are one thrifty shopper. You really found the bargains. My niece found a button down short sleeved shirt for her oldest son at a yard sale for twenty five cents! They were going to a wedding. I found a cute chick egg cup holder with sweet green legs for sixty five cents at my Salvation Army store.I will post my findings later today. Stop by tomorrow and catch me and I am going to finish the posts I missed here. Happy week and happy hugs to you! Anne

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi everyone....I"m just now getting caught up on comments...

@Blueridge Boomer - I was a lucky girl indeed. Plus-size clothes are always hard to find. So far everything fits... there's one shirt the sleeves are just a tad too short..right above the I may alter the sleeves and make them a three-quarter sleeve. I've never done it before, but it's just cutting and sewing a hem :) :)

@Gerry/Gerry's Soap N Stuff - Thank you... The soap is awesome. You can tell it's handmade...and I can see/feel all the natural oils. Yep, this soap is defnitely handmade and my skin feels really good after using it.

@Anne - That's so cool you were able to find some great deals on something you love :)

Have a great week ladies...:) :) Thanks for leaving me comments. I really enjoy every single one :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

A Hopeful Heart said...

Wow, you got some great great prices. I have been a thrift store shopper for about 7 years now, but I've only recently become a yard saler. It is hit or miss, of course, but on the hit days, it's wonderful!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE padded hangers. Four of them for 50 cents is unbelievable!!

Oh, and that great crafts book. I have that same book and have made several things out of it. A few weeks ago, on Teacup Tuesday, I showed a teacup topiary my daughter made for me. She made it from that book.

Have a wonderful day.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Patti/A Hopeful Heart - You are right about yard sales being hit or miss...sometimes I find nada..and other times, I find more than I can afford...It's always good though when you fidn that sweet deal!!! I love padded hangers too..ever since I was little. My mom had them...and her mother loved them too. They add a touch of something extra good to hanging clothes in a closet :) :) There's some pages missing from that crafts I don't know if the owner took them or they were never received in the mail..but there's a plethora of great ideas!!! Have a great rest of the week, Patti!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)