Saturday, July 3, 2010

I love me a good yard sale & I've got the Depression Era glass blues.

I snapped this photo in front of one of the houses that was having a yard sale today!!!

Happy 4th of July Eve....:) :) :) :) Our great country will be celebrating 234 wonderful years of existence :) :) :) Do you all have any exciting plans for the 4th? I'm going to try and catch some fireworks. My camera has a special function just for taking photos of fireworks at night. So I really need to try it out.

Okay, yard sale fun again today...and bless my dad...we just drive around. We don't make a plan.  It's way more fun to drive around and find a surprise sale going on somewhere.  Here's what I found today at the "Beautiful Couple's" home. These are the same people who I bought the krumkake cast iron and other goodies from last week :) :) :)  I spent a total of $1.50...these people are really generous and they make the BEST signs advertising their yard sale!!!!'s what I found....
This really cute framed photo...very Americana and very cute for the 4th of July...I want to add more Americana to my home decor. It was only $0.25...a steal of a deal and really cute.  No flaws whatsoever....along the bottom edge of the picture there's some dried glue where something was once glued there. I can remove that, or I'll find something cute to glue there in it's place...Not sure yet what I'll do...but it sure is pretty...

Next up is another fabulous find...this really cute little square painting for just $0.10...and it's in perfect condition.  I could hang it up in the bathroom...but maybe I'll put in in my room.  What do you think?  Isn't it cute and vintagey and pink and cute? Oh, I said " cute" twice!!!!

These are a set of four glass bowls...probably dessert bowls. I paid only $1.00 for all four!!!!!  I don't eat a lot of dessert, but I thought these would be cute for the occasions when I eat ice cream.  Also thought about repurposing one of these as a really cute dish for hand soap!!!! Right now, I just leave the soap on the sink and I have to clean it up!!!...

This was just a little add-on for $0.15. It's a little Tupperware container that's not much bigger than a deck of cards.  I love little containers like this. They're perfect for holding change or little sewing do-dads etc...I'll probaby use it for spare buttons and things like that...since I'm always finding them and then losing them again. I can ALWAYS find a use for cute little containers like this...

UPDATE ON THE PINK DEPRESSION GLASS FOLLOWS MY "I'VE GOT THE DEPRESSION ERA GLASS BLUES" STORY..(UPDATE ADDED 2:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time....:) :) :) So those are my yard sale finds for today...I was at this garage sale where I took the flower of the yellow roses up at the top. The lady had a really nice set of pink Depression Era glass...set of big dishes for $15 and smaller dishes for $5. I'm not sure if that was a deal or inflated prices...but it was PINK, PINK, PINK... and I didn't have the money or I would have bought them right on the spot. So folks, I have a case of the Depression Era glass blues.... I'm a little sad I couldn't buy them.  My dad says I'll find something better next time...I'm not so sure about that, not when it comes to Depression Era glass!!!!
I am very  happy with what I did purchase. Everything is useful and will add a touch of feminine vintage romantic country rustic charm to my home...It's all that and a bag of chips!!!! I love it all!!!  I love how God provides for my needs...and more than my needs within a teeny tiny budget. I don't know about you ladies...I love a great deal...even more so because I have "champagne" tastes and I'm living on a soda pop can budget. Oh, I don't drink...but I like nice things...that's what I mean by "champagne" tastes!!!

Okay, so my dad were already done shopping at the grocery store and yardsales by about 11a.m. this morning...give or take a few now it was about 12:30p.m. and I was still thinking about that pink glass and still in a bit of a funk...I hardly ever get that way about purchases that I pass on...usually I"m grateful later that I didn't buy these things. However, my dad offered to go back to the garage sale that had the beautiful yellow rose bushes in front.  It was really hot...and the lady had the yard sale in her backyard where it was shady. I'm telling you, don't pass on those yard sales that don't look like'd be surprised at the treasures that you find.  So I asked the lady if she still had the pink Depression Era glass plates...Yes, she did....choruses of Hallelujah inserted here :) :) :)

There was one saucer place...about the size of a saucer or maybe for dinner roll or something...for $5 and two salad-plate or Apricot sized plates for $7 each or $15 for the whole thing. I didn't get cash because I wanted to get my hands on those plates before anyone else did.  I asked her if she would take a check.  She said she needed cash, but she'd sell all three to me for $10.  I thought that was a bit spendy and wasn't sure if it was the real thing or not...but I took a chance and it definitely looks old and well loved and well used...So my dad went to the store and got cash for me...came back and we paid the lady $10.  After I got home, I googled "Pink Depression Glass" and found out that I have Princess pink Depression era glass plates by Anchor. Click here for one reference or click here and here for a couple more.  Based on the prices these are selling for in eBay...I did VERY, VERY WELL.  Take a look at what I bought below....

I'll get measurements for the plates later and post another update tonight.  I'm very happy with my finds. The lady who was selling these asked if I was a collector. I said "not at all".  I don't know anything about collecting...I just like anything that's romantic, vintage, country, rustic, Victorian etc. She said "Anytime you buy 3 or more pieces, you're a collector. You're a collector now"...we both smiled. She also asked me if I was going to display them or use them....definitely USE the plates for sure. That's the whole point of buying them...beautiful and useful!!!  She was selling these on behalf of a friend. The friend had them for years and didn't know what to do with them. I guess they belonged to her grandmother. that I"ve done some research, I should keep my eyes out for more and other yard sales!!!

There was this little set of glass bottles that I thought were super cute...and would make cute little vases for miniature fill nooks and crannies in my home...They stand about 2 1/2" tall each...they are tiny but adorable. All 6 for just $1....

"Beautiful yellow roses bushes" lady also threw in these two craft magazines for FREE...I offered $0.10 per a token gesture. She said "NO"...there are some super duper craft patterns in here...the "Arts & Crafts" magazine has a fun project for pull-apart paper envelopes. Those look really adorable, easy an inexpensive to make...Maybe I'll try making some and then posting about it here.

Alrighty...that's enough for this weekend.  I'll save my left-over money for next weekend's find!!! I think I'll have to make the yard sale thing an every weekend least till the end of summer!!!! I'm proud of myself...and I'm very glad I went back for those Princess pink Depression Era glass plates. While I was waiting for my dad to come back with cash...I asked the lady about other visitors to the sale. Where there a lot of people there since my first visit earlier this morning...? Most definitely "YES".  She said it was really curious because "No one looked at the was sitting right there out in the open...and nobody would look at it"  She said it was meant for me to have...I definitely think so. I'm not normally this insistent about a purchase...but I'm sure glad I went back to the yard sale!!!

Oh, I think I'm going to have to join Anne's Pink Saturday event...Anne, I keep finding pink pretty!!!! I've fallen in love with Depression Era glassware too!!!

Lots of friends needing prayer these days...a lot of dear blog friends...God knows who they are and what the needs of their lives and hearts are...remember them in your prayers tonight!!!! Thanks a whole heap!!!!!!

I want to wish everyone a super fun 4th of July holiday. What will you be doing?  Make sure and see some fireworks!!!!! That's the news from Oregon.  Much love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)


Marydon said...

G'eve, Heather ~ TY for popping over. Golly, you got some really nifty bargains there ... fav are the dishes that would be soap dishes & the depression glass.

You mentioned Anne mentioned on her blog, what is her actual blog name as I don't recognize the one you gave me.

We are going to be in a 100 degree heat wave here, so we will be inside, cool & comfy! In the eve we'll sit out & watch the fireworks that surround us yearly ... with a cool refreshing drink after we ejoy all that wonderful holiday picnic-type food.

Have a fabulous 4th, Heather.
TTFN~ Marydon

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Marydon!!!!
thanks for paying me a visit. I love having visitors and comments to my blog :) :) :) Okay...Anne...usually shows up as "Annesphamily" on my blog comments...She writes "Phamilyblog"...and is one of the super fun participants in Pink Saturday. There should be a link to her under my profile or on the sidebar "sites I read"..
That's how I found out about you :) :) She had a really cute post of the American flag...but all in PINK :) :) :) Have a great
4th of July. Thanks for the compliments on my yard sale goodies :) :)

Love and hugs, Heather :)

Parsley said...

Love all your finds! Let's get together and you can take me shopping!

Annesphamily said...

Hi Heather! You made a great find today! Depression glass plates.Very worth the money you spent. I am so glad you met Marydon. She is awesome and a true Christian person.I found my pink flag on google images. Too tired to take my own pics this week! Go visit Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor is you can. She is a wonderful Christian mom/grand mom and she won my pink petal plates. She is a lovely lady and you will enjoy her.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Parsley...that would be fun. I'm not sure why I find all the good things...God blesses the search, that's all I can figure :) :) :)...that and checking out the yard sales that don't look like much...really have a lot of cool stuff!!! This yard sale was in the it wasn't really visible from the street.

@Annesphamily...Thank you...I love the plates because they're pink. I would have bought them anyway....but when the lady said it was Depression era glass plates...I "googled" it online..and I got a great deal...Pink is the most widely collected now, according to what I read on-line. Green is the rarest...haven't seen any green yet!!!

Have an awesome 4th of July celebration tomorrow!!! Much love and hugs, Heather :)

JEANNE said...

Hello Heather, thank you for your comment. I am heading for bed because it is LATE but I wanted to check your pretty princess pattern depression glass plates. They are wonderful. I love the craft magazines too. Lucky you. smile!
Happy 4th of July and Pink Saturday
Hugs, Jeanne

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Jeanne,

Happy 4th of July. THanks for paying me a visit. Those craft magazines are pretty cool...I mean, I was flipping through the pages and there are some really good projects in there!!! The plates...they're so pink and beautiful!!!
I'm trying to figure out if there's a parade downtown today or not. If there is, church parking will be a nightmare. Well, that's alright...God has been really good to I"m not going to worry about church parking.

Love and hugs, Heather ;)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Jeanne, Thanks for paying me a visit. Blogger is doing weird things with the comemnts people are leaving I'll publish them and then blogger says they don't exist , when I know they do...arrgh... It'll get fixed soon. Love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)