Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My 12th Tea Time Tuesday & Teacup and Tea Things Tuesday for September 28th, 2010

Hi everyone....:) :) :) How was your Monday? Mine was challenging but also very good. Work is keeping me busy and I really like that a lot :) :) Plus, the people I work with are really nice!! Oh, so sorry that my tea post is a little late this morning. I meant to get this all ready last night and fatigue took over :)  So here we are. Here are my tea things for today. They are mixed with a few yard sale finds...because I'm contemplating a way of combining them in my home.

This next photo is a saucer that I've had for awhile now. It's all by it's lonesome. It belong to my grandmother, and her parents before that. I'm not sure what happened to any matching pieces. However, I wouldn't be surprised if my great-grandmother loved mismatched things just as much as I do :) :)

I LOVE the roses...and don't you just love the delicate powder blue around the rim outlined in gold? Oh, the saucer is sitting on top one of the doilies that I had purchased at an estate sale last weekend.

This is the backstamp. I'm not sure who made this. It says "Made in England Bone China"

Since this saucer was an "orphan", I decided to match it up with one of my orphan teacups...Although the patterns don't match exactly the colors in the Elizabethan tea cup and this saucer match quite well. I think they make a lovely "couple", don't you?

Oh...here is the yard sale find I happened upon last Sunday.  There was a yard sale not too far from my home. It was this really sweet 80 year old lady who had some really neat furniture and other items she was selling. One thing I've discovered about Sunday yard sales, people will "negotiate" on the already low prices, simply because they want to get rid of items. She had a really nice electric mixer for $20, but that was way out of my budget. However, I did see this little beauty....It's a "house" for $5...used for displaying birds....However, I intend on using it for something else...:) :) :) :) It still needs to be cleaned...so please excuse the dust :) :) Oh, the lady sold this to me for just $2.

Just for fun I threw a couple doilies on there, a teacup with saucer, and my Foley triple screen sifter...not sure why I did that, but the items were in the neighborhood...:) :) :)

The "house" will go up on the wall soon...and the walls are a sort of off-white and this house is more of a creamy white color...well, very dirty, because it hasn't been cleaned yet. My dad said we should spray paint it...I vote for hand-painting because I don't want to breathe in propellant used in spray paints..Any ideas for colors? I thought maybe some pinks and greens...because somewhere, I will need to paint flowers :) :) :) This house MUST have painted flowers!!!

Oh, the lady who sold this to me was telling me some really neat stories...My favorite is about her and her husband. She said that they were married for 50-something years...and if he were still alive they'd have been married for 60-something years. So I asked her how old she was when they got married. She was 17 years old and her husband was 19....OH, my...romance and fidelity...gotta love it :) :) She  spoke very lovingly of him...and I could tell she was still in love with him :) :) So this "house" will always have that story to go with it.
Below is a close-up of my teacup and saucer sitting on a doilie!!! I really like the lightness of the colors. It's simple and elegant...and reminds me of a summer day...:)

I forgot to tell you about the resident black spider in the "attic" of this house. It was hiding in a corner...and when I saw it I "screamed". My dad, the hero, came to my rescue and promptly "dispatched" the spider. More accurately, he squished it with an empty toilet paper roll :) :) :) Yeah...keeping this house safe from spiders. I know they are God's creatures but they are scary to me.

The older lady told me about this little door. The oval window is real glass!!!! Isn't is beautiful? I'll need to be extra careful when painting around this...any ideas of what to put inside?

Knock on the door.....

....and it will open for you :) :) :)

Okay....so I did manage to find ONE more yard sale...and I bought these doilies...the green ones were $1 and the red ones were $3...for the whole batch...and I norm ally wouldn't buy such colorful ones...but I thought they'd make great plate liners until time allows me to make proper ones. These are great...and the lady that sold me these used to be an airline stewardess for over 30 years. She had some fantastic stories to tell...well worth the price of the doilies and then some.

That's about it for the moment. I hope you enjoyed my tea things combined with my vintage yard sale finds. I had a lot of fun and things are slowly starting to take shape.  I keep telling myself that THIS is my last yardsale. However, there's always something that NEEDS a forever home in MY home....of course :) :) So maybe once winter finally arrives, that'll be my time to stop...and spend winter decorating with all my finds :) :)

Thanks for stopping by to visit me for tea. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Oh, one last thing,  my dad has this Daily Walk Bible Calendar on his desk..and I make sure to change the page everyday. It's like a super mini devotional...which has been much needed lately.  Anyway, the verse for today was Psalm 100:5...in the King James Version reads "The LORD is good; His mercy is everlasting; and His truth endureth to all generations."...and then there was a lovely little quote from Isaac Watts...I have no idea who he is but the quote is lovely: " Wide as the world is Thy command, Vast as eternity Thy love; Firm as a rock Thy truth shall stand, When rolling years shall cease to move."

That's the news from Oregon today. Love and hugs, Heather :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bible Verse Sunday for September 26th, 2010

HI everyone....Are you having a good Sunday? Here's a Bible verse that I literally carry around with me everywhere I go. I didn't have any idea for a photo and I wanted to write out the ENTIRE verse...so I just photographed the index card upon which it was written. This one is in the New King James version of the Bible.

I always have my little "portable" Bible underneath my computer  monitor at work...and this little index card with Philippians 4:8-9 written on it...sitting on top of that. I try to memorize Scripture at work...because I want to commit more Scripture to memory...but also because I don't want to get burned out at work. There are only so many photos of fruit etc that I can stand before it gets boring fast :) :) 

Also, this verse...among many others...helps me to keep things in perspective, especially when customers are being difficult etc.  Yesterday, my customers were really nice, but it was quiet and I wanted to focus my thoughts on something besides myself and boredom. So I was looking at this verse...and this idea poppped into my head to write down the keywords to help me memorize it. See the photo below...

In the NKJ version, the word see is actually "saw"...but I was trying to make it applicable to right NOW....but it still helps me to memorize it correctly :) :) :)

This paper is literally the paper I was  "doodling" on at work yesterday. I wrote 9:45 a.m. because that is when I thought up this idea...You can see my little "doodle" mistake and a drop of water I spilled on here.  Anyway, I was really pleased with this and the verse is an excellent measure for anything in life....one practical thing, is for what we watch on television. That's a challenge even for me sometimes..

However, at the end when I wrote "learn, receive, see"...."DO"...."peace"....think about it....put into practice what God has for us and we WILL have peace. He's the author of perfect peace :) :) :) He loves us so very much.

Anyway, that's my verse for today. That's the news from Oregon today. Bonus love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yard sales to the left of me. Yard sales to the right of me !!!

Hi everyone...How are you today? How has your Saturday been going so far? Mine was really good. I worked eight hours today. Then my dad and I went grocery shopping, yard sale shopping and then home :) :) Oh, remember last week how I was  moaning and groaning about not finding a blessed thing at any yard sale? Well, lo and behold, my dad and I managed to fine the only yard sale in town...or so it seemed. It was pouring rain...but these people had their garage cleared out, with all kinds of cool yard sale stuff inside. Check out what I found...You can see the price tags on the book and the triple screen sifter...I know that I payed LESS than all of this put together...but I don't remember how much.

I seem to remember paying $6.50 for everything...I'll have to ask my dad. I LOVE the Foley triple-screen sifter. It's 45 years old...and the cookbook was  published 1940...and the bowl...well, that's just Pottery Barn...BUT isn't it cute...and it would make a good Daddy cereal bowl :) :)

The bowl is from Pottery Barn. It's completely modern...but I love the clean lines...and it may be a modern piece of dishware...BUT I think it has a sort of vintage look to it..Isn't it purdy?

Here's my other cool find...My Foley sift-chine triple screen sifter :) :) :)  Now the very botton screen has rocks or dried up flower in there...can't figure out which..so I'll have to figure out how to pull it apart and clean it...but I think it would be cute for display too...although I do intend on actually using this!!! Could you see something like a nice Scripture attached to this?

This cookbook is by Ruth Berolzheimer and entitled "The American Woman's Cookbook". The original was published in 1938. This particular version was a third printing from 1940. What makes this book so special is that there are old recipes handwritten in there by the former owner of this book....including one for a nice pie crust :) :) :)

This is just a photo of one of the pages in the inside of the book. It's so vintage cute and makes me smile and laugh :) :)

Okay..so check it...after work today...my dad took me to four different yard sales. He was so funny. Actually, it's hilarious...because in the beginning before I developed my yard sale habit..He did NOT want to go to any yard sales. NOW he not only goes with me, but he'll hop out of the car and start browsing for things. Yeah....I'm so proud of him :) :) :)

Here are some of the items I found. This one is a set of standard pillow shams..in a wedding ring quilt pattern...or at least that's what I think it's called. They were only $2 for the pair together and extremely well made. Aren't they bright and cheery? Originally I bought them, so I could reclaim my blue/pink hydrangea pillow c ases with ruffles that my dad "borrowed" from me...now I'm not sure I want them back. Aren't these so fun? It reminds me of a country house....if a country house looked like a pillow sham :) :)

These items were purchased at two different yard sales.  The two round doilies, the rectangular doilie (that the cups are sitting on AND the round linen with the crocheted edging were purchased at an estate sale for $2. Two of them have stains that will need to be removed...but they're beautiful and clearly handmade by someone in the past.  The two mugs and the hand-cranked mixer were my dad's finds...those were $1 for the three things together. The other white mug and the linen square with the delicate green edging ...those were my finds for $0.50. I think the white linen with green edging must have been a hankie. It's so unbelievably delicate!!!

My grandmother used to have a hand-cranked mixer like this when I was younger. So when my dad spotted this, we had to buy it. Even though it's technically mine...it's officially called "Daddy's new toy"...He's so delighted because he can make scrambled eggs with this mixer and not use a fork anymore :) :) :)...at least that's what his plans are :) :) I've got to give it  a good washing first...same for the doilies, too!!!

This mixer is in outstanding condition...and my dad and I both agree it's probably from the 70s....It reminds us of ones from that decade...but no matter...it WORKS :) :) Oh, you can also see a bit of a close-up of that rectangular doily...very unusual...and all the doily  items are handmade.

I think this must have been a hanky. It's much too delicate to be anything else.  It was all by it's lonesome....so I gave it a home.

There's nothing old about this mug. It's just plain super fun!!! It's by a company that likes to take old vintage advertisements and put them on mugs :) :)...and coffee, is so appropriate for me :) :)

Here is a close-up of my mug and my dad's mugs. The dark brown ones are also made by hand. You can see some unevenness...but my dad LOVED these...and the price was too good to pass up. I'm not sure what he'll put in there....usually a soda pop with ice cubes :) :) :)

Here's a close-up of the green-edged hankie...This was either crochet or tatted...not sure which...but it is so delicate. The thread is literally sewing thread...it's so fine...and I can't imagine the skill it must have taken to make this. I wonder about the person who created this....lots of love went into this hankie!!!

There were a couple of yard sales downtown that I visited yesterday. I didn't buy anything then, but the houses were all built around 1910 or so...and it was clear this particular street was very old....It felt like I had stepped back in time. I forgot what year it was and I fell in love. Is it possible to fall in love with a street?  Every neighborhood has a street where it makes you stop and wonder....who was the smart/creative individual who designed this neighborhood?  I fell in love with every house and wished I could move there...
Work went well today. The calls were slow, but steady and my customers were nice to me today. It was funny, because I was hoping I'd get sent home early. My shoulder is acting up again...but no...I stayed the ENTIRE day and that's fine. It'll make for a nice paycheck on payday :) :) :) You know me...I LOVE to be able to pay my bills...hee hee hee ;) :) :)
I was able to talk with a dear blogger friend over the phone for the first time yesterday. It was so much fun. I was really encouraged ...and I'm afraid I talked her ear off....which is really unusual for me...however, it was fun :) :) She prayed with me...and ladies....it's awesome...take the time to pray for your friends. You won't regret it!! It's such a blessing!!!
Well, I could talk more...but I think I'll stop for now. Oh, I was working on memorizing a verse in Philippians 4:8-9...and I was so bored that I decided to memorize Scripture at work...and I came up with this way of memorizing this verse using key words...and I ended up with something really neat...but anyway, I'll share that for tomorrow :) :) :)
Pray for my shoulder. It's definitely a muscle between my right shoulder and neck...that acts up really bad at work...so pray that God will heal it or help me figure out what's going on. I'm going to ice it tonight. I do feel a tight muscle. It feels like a knot. Anyway, I was thinking about that today....and while it hurt, I was still thankful that I could feel something and thankful I could still do my job :) :) :) So I'm not complaining at all...but just pray. Is this some of the first signs of aging? Not sure...Hmm...at least I'll age beautiful :) :) :)
That's the news from Oregon today. Extra bonus love and hugs, Heather :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Photo Challenge September 11th, 2010 - September 24thth, 2010

Hi everyone....
It's been a crazy last two weeks at work. In any case, I apologize up front because I took a whole bunch of photos these last two weeks, but didn't bother to date them...so this entire two weeks are all BONUS photos...I hope you'll understand and enjoy them anyway :) :) :)

Saturday ~ September 11th, 2010 I love craft supplies so much, I'll even take photos of them!!

Sunday ~ September 12th, 2010 Mama Kitty is one of the homeless cats that roams the apartment complex. She'll rub your hand with her head and that's as far as her friendliness extends, before she bites you...but still, she is a very nice cat :) :) :)

Monday ~ September 13th, 2010 ...part of my  pink tea setting ;)

Tuesday ~ September 14th, 2010 ....a typical cloudy Oregon day.

Wednesday ~ September 15th, 2010 Yellow mums.

Thursday ~ September 16th, 2010 This is a really beautiful tree making the transition to green to red for the autumn season. I took this photo from the car...you can tell by the dark blue stripe going across the top of the photo :)

Friday ~ September 17th, 2010 My father and I were looking for yardsales and this horse walks up to the fence to check us out :)

Saturday ~ September 18th, 2010 This was a rainbow with sunshine snapshot that I took right after it had rained.

Sunday ~ September 19th, 2010 Mama Kitty coming to greet my feet!!! I tried to get a full profile shot, but she moved too quick for me ;)

Monday ~ September 20th, 2010 This was actually taken the same day as the rainbow photo...this was while it was still raining. The mountains are completely covered up by clouds.

Tuesday ~ September 21st, 2010 A beautiful yellow flower with water droplets on that same rainy day :)

Wednesday ~ September 22nd, 2010 My view of the world on my way home from work :)

Thursday - September 23rd, 2010 This was my view on that same rainy day...AFTER it had stopped raining and BEFORE I came upon the rainbow :)

Friday ~ September 24th, 2010....as the clouds were beginning to lift...

Sorry about the photos this week. I like them all...but my ability to date photos in a timely fashion has gone out the window these last two weeks.

Work has been hard. My own personal job is fine. That's not the trouble...but things going around me at work...there's good and difficult. So I'm praying really hard to keep my spirits up :) :) Pray for work...because honestly I'm hearing one thing at work...and then I've recently read some newspaper articles that say different things...So I'm struggling to remember that God is the one who keeps it all together :) :) :)

Also, my uncle passed away last Sunday. He was my dad's older brother. He went to church with his wife on Sunday, came home, took a nap and never woke up. The funeral was yesterday. I wasn't able to go because it was on the east coast. I didn't get the chance to know him really well. However, now he's in heaven with Jesus where he can know complete joy...

In any case, the last two weeks have been unusual. I'm hoping that your last few weeks went better than mine...although truly I still found joy these past couple of weeks!!!! Mama Kitty likes to hang out on my neigbors porch fence...and she meows at me now when she trots over to greet me.  Oh, the raccoons...have also decided that my neighbor's porch is the place to party down at night. It's actually really funny watching them walk.

Oh, I'm posting a link to this YouTube video. It's a song called "White Knuckles" by a band called "OK Go". Click here to watch it. The song is simple and silly....and has super cute dogs, that were at a rescue shelter...all have since found homes...but this really has made me laugh and lifted me out of any bad moods I was in last week.

That's the news from Oregon. Love and hugs, Heather :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heather's 11th Teatime Tuesday & Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday for September 21, 2010.

Hi everyone....okay...I just came home a few minutes ago. My dad and I volunteered to go home early...and we were sent home about 30 minutes early...so that's good.  Then we went to the grocery store to pick of fixin's for BFD...."Breakfast for Dinner"...yummy, yummy and did I say yummy!!!! Okay...Here are my tea things for Tuesday. Today my "theme" is showing different pieces that happened to made from the same company in Germany.  If you know anything OR if you happen to have the same pieces, please let me know. It would be fun to learn what you know!!!

This first one is a piece I inherited from my grandmother.  This belonged to her parents before that...and it's a nice plate with a lace edging and a fall design of fruit. I really like the "lace" look on china. It's new to me and very beautiful...with the delicate gold trim on the edge and inset.  I don't know if there were other pieces in this set at any point in the distant past...but this managed to survive and makes it way to my home ;) :)

This plate would be perfect for a nice thick slice of cake or some other yummy baked treat :) :) :) The maker is Schumann in Arzberg, Germany with the number "46" stamped on the back.  Does anyone know if that means it was part of a limited edition?

This next one is another piece that somehow survived the generations...and managed to make it to my home. This also once belonged to my great-grandparents and I've since inherited this too. It's about the size of a saucer...howevr the edges are quite round at the ends...so I don't think this would have held a teacup...a demitasse, maybe...but I suspect it would have been used for something else. Does anyone have any ideas? I went crazy over this one...because I LOVE the roses...and beautiful lacework....that's a great combination :) :) :)

This is also made by Schumann in Germany... "Arzberg" is not on there...but everything is  exactly the same, including the logo. This one has the number "41" stamped on the back.

Now if you remember awhile back I had purchased a matching demitasse with saucer at a yard sale?  Here is that cup...I reposted the photos...and guess what...when I received the first two plates and saw the backstamp...a smile broke out over my face...This is the exact same company that made this demitasse and saucer. How cool is that? The little sugar bowl is from a different maker, but I didn't have any other photos of the demitasse with the saucer.

I'm not sure why I didn't get a photo of the backstamp on the demitasse...but I think because it was the same as the one on the matching saucer.

Here's the backstamp on the saucer...made by Schumann in Arzberg, Germany...and this time it has a pattern name "Wild Rose" with the number "41" stamped on the back!!!

Those are my tea things for this week. I'm so glad that you could stop by and share a humble/but full of friendship, love and hugs cups of tea with me :) :) :) That's the news from Oregon today. Love and hugs, Heather :)

Tea Will Be Later Than Usual Today

Hi everyone...

Has the week been treating you well so far? It's rained a lot the last few days, which has been a very welcome relief.

I'm late with my tea post today. I'll be putting it up tonight...so check back on Wednesday. I have some cute things to show you and a question about them, too!!! Since there's so many of you ladies who really know a lot about this :) I'm off to work....very early as usual :) :) :)

Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bible Verse for Sunday ~ September 19th, 2010.

Feel free to borrow this and share it with your friends/loved ones.

Hi everyone....

The photo above was something I snapped earlier this week. The sky was really blue this day...and the clouds were especially white!!! There were a few verses I was considering for this...but this one was the one that stood out the most.

I listened to an old interview with Linda Stubbs over at Prairie Flower Farm. She was doing an interview with Jill Novak of Remembrance Press...and she talked about how she whispered Scripture into the ears of the newborns in the family...so that they would know from their earliest days that God exists and He's been here since before time as we know it began...Linda...I hope I got the story correct. Please let me know....Oh, if you want to listen to the interview click here and look for the link on the right sidebar called "A  Journey in Faith with Linda" It's a great interview and you won't regret the time spent listening :) :) :)

Anyway, I LOVE the idea of instilling Scripture into the hearts of children!!! If I'm ever blessed to have kids, I plan on doing this!!! I want them to know from the beginning that God has always been there!!! He is faithful and He always keeps His promises.

Oh, in other news, I didn't find a blessed thing at any yard sale this weekend...a combination of nothing I really needed and bad weather...well, not bad..I LOVE the rain...but it's not good for yard sales. So I'll have to try again another day.

That's the news from Oregon. Love and hugs, Heather :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Tenth Tea Time Tuesday and Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday for September 14th, 2010

Hi everyone...Did you have a good weekend? My weekend was really good. Okay, today, my tea is a little different. I still haven't managed to add actual tea and goodies yet...but yes, I do drink tea and eat goodies. So it's not just all for looks...:) :) :)  Today, I took some of my pink colored teacups and combined them with my pink princess Depression glass plates, plus some other family items (also pink) and some extra goodies...just to have some fun. Don't you love all the pink and white? This is one of my homemaking dreams coming true.  Do you recognize my little German demitasse with matching saucer in the upper left-hand corner? You might recognize some of the other pieces from previous tea posts.

There are quite a few mismatched pieces...but I was going for color here. Oh, this was fun. I'll have to "tweak" this again and see what other combinations I can come up with!!!

The candlestick holders are sterling...but they need some cleaning. Any tips? I heard that toothpaste is supposed to work...but I'm not sure. The candles should be there, but I  like the "shabby" look without the candles too...and the antique silver spoons (a yardsale find)...those need some polishing, too. Oh, okay, I'm drooling over my own photo. LOVE THE PINK!!! Oh, and I humbly bow to those of you who making styling of pretty tea things look so easy!!! It's work!!!...but the result is worth it :) :) :)

The photo below is a close-up of one of the practice tea settings. Oh, I'd definitely be having a nice slice of cake or a sandwich maybe. It's clear that I forgot a fork...but I did remember the spoon for stirring tea...although, that's "gigantic" too :) :) :) Oh well, this tea setting has me laughing right now..there's so many forgotten details. Yet, I had fun sharing some of this with you.

My first tea setting and I realize the spoon is a little too BIG for stirring tea :) :) :) That's funny...I'm so laughing at myself right now...really truly :) :) :)

When you host a tea OR you are invited to tea...what are your favorite things to eat? What's your favorite kind of tea or coffee?  Those are my tea items for today!!!!  Thanks for stopping by to visit!!!

That's the news from Oregon today. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The "Mother Load" of Yard Sales...Especially If You Love Crafty Things.

Hi Everyone....Are you having a good Sunday? I'm having a great Sunday.  My dad and I decided to stay home from church today. He's really tired from working yesterday..and he has another super-early workday tomorrow. 

One of my rituals on Sunday is to buy the Sunday newspaper because it has all sorts of coupons. Today was like hitting the mother load. There were 5 coupon circulars in the paper today...with many coupons for things I can actually use!!!! So cool....I'll save those coupons till the items go on sale.

When I payed for my newspaper, I made sure to get a little bit of cash back so that I could do...what else...some yard sale shopping...and ladies...I hit the "mother load" of yard sales today....I stopped at  TWO yard sales. The first one was a lady who was selling a HUGE collection of craft items. Take a look at some of the items below.

My dad and I happened upon this particular "crafty" yard sale on accident, while looking for another yard sale. I saw this quilt rack. There were actually two of them, but this one was considerably taller. It is as high as my waste. The mahogany/deep cherry color is so beautiful. I have enough quilts now, that something like this will really come in handy.

This quilt rack/stand only cost $7. I almost didn't buy it...but I saw a gigantic SUV pull up and "eye" it...so I decided to buy it right then. I'm so glad that I purchased this treasure. It'll make my home look really nice.

The quilt rack will NOT stay at it's current location. That's where I happened to place it after I brought it into the apartment.  I was particularly proud of this find, because they are expensive to buy brand new.  The lady who was selling this, had literally about two rooms worth of craft items from laces and  embroidery patterns to quilt books and bolts and bolts of decorating fabric. It's  a good thing I was on a limited budget!!!! I asked her why she was selling her entire collection. She said that this was just a tiny fraction of what she has at home. Hmm...this is a woman after my own heart...More is more when it comes to craft stuff!!!!

Here's a close-up view of the quilt rack detail. I really am impressed with this. It's very sturdy. It's not heavy at all. It's actually very light and easy to carry. My sweet daddy carried it to the car for me :) :) :)

"Crafty yard sale lady" was surprised to learn that I was a quilter...well, just a beginning quilter.  I told her I have a quilt I made, a very ugly yet super comfy quilt that was given to me, a yard sale quilt and a yard sale comforter that I plan to hang on the quilt rack. We both had a good laugh over the "ugly" quilt comment. It was a quilt that a friend of mine had received as a wedding present...but she gave it to me shortly after the wedding...because she didn't like it. I didn't like it either...but ladies, let me tell you something, never judge a quilt by the cover, it's the most comfy quilt ever...In fact, the same friend, gave me other free stuff...which in my household, Postulate Number 1 is never turn down a free meal....or free stuff.  Below are two quilts...the one in the front, that is the very first quilt I ever made...and the blue one in the back, that's the yard sale quilt. It was super stinky...so I had to wash it...but now it's fresh and clean :) :)

I'll be moving this to another spot in the apartment...probably my bedroom as a display/storage area for my quilts!!!

Below are some of the other things I picked up at the "crafty lady's" yard sale...specifically the "Cross Stitch and Country Crafts" magazines, the index cards and the crochet cotton. The glass jar on the right was from a different yard sale. Everything else was from previous forays....

I purchased all FIVE "Cross Stitch & Country Crafts" magazines for just $1. There are some really useful patterns in there that I plan on making during the winter. The magazines range from 1986 - 1990. So they are definitely older, but still very cute. Oh, that's an embroidered  pink kitty cat on the front cover. The index cards were $0.25 and the crochet cotton...almost a full spool..also just $0.25. The glass drinking jar was $1

This mercerized crochet cotton is the real deal...and very high quality..and it was only $0.25...so I snapped that up right away. I'll definitely use this up...for sure!!!

The case is falling apart. I was really after the index cards with the tab dividers.  Now to look for a cute wooden box to store these.

Okay....I hope you don't think I'm cheesy for showing these old magazine covers. The projects on the front cover really drew my attention...and inside, there's all sorts of extra craft projects...and the price...well, all five for $1...can't be beat.

At first I thought this was a rabbit...it's actually a kitty cat. There's a blue version, too!!!

I love the sweetness of the mother praying blessing over her little baby. So this one, the year on the photo will have to change when I make it up...but it's adorable!!!!

CHRISTmas is a favorite holiday. This stocking has really sweet vintage details when you look really closely!!! Did you notice the old sewing machine?

Family tree....

The colors in this blue embroidery project reminded me so much of another pattern I had unfortunately given away. Plus I love this particular sampler.

This glass drinking jar was purchased at a seperate yard sale. The lady running this sale was using the money to donate to the American Cancer Society. My sweet grandmother passed away from cancer. So this would make a perfect "drinking" glass for me...oh, no alcohol because I live in a "temperance household"...but I'm thinking nice clean water, milk, or cold iced tea or coffee (iced).

This jar says "Golden Harvest" above the fall image...and underneath it says "drinking jar".  Now if this only had a lid to go with it...

Thank you so much for all the nice compliments on the Victorian lace edgings that I shared with you. I LOVE to knit...among other things...and your comments really made my day :) :) You can click here to read that post and look at the photos.

Now comes the business of sorting everything. Alhough maybe I'll wait until winter to do that. There won't be many yard sales, if any, during that time. Some of you asked about the bookcase I plan on attaching the lace edgings too. It's light in color...but I'll make sure to post a photo sometime this week, so you can see it...and give me your ideas/opinions about color...pink or white or both :) :) :)

Tales from the Pear Tree
I've sure talked a LOT today. Thanks for all the encouragement about work.  It means a lot...I feel like I've been tossed to and fro...BUT remember what I said earlier about how God will work it ALL out for the good...and HE is FAITHFUL!!!! So I'll continue to "bloom" where I'm planted and enjoy the ride!!!! The people I work with are stellar and sterling individuals. You can't put a price on that...and if nothing else, I LOVE my job because of these people I am honored to work with everyday.

That's the news from Oregon today. Extra love and hugs to all of you sweet friends, Heather :)