Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July. It's been a fantastic 234 years so's to many more!!!

Hi folks.....Happy 4th of July. I hope everyone is having an awesome day today...lots of fun, friends, food, family etc.  This lovely photo is courtesy of Prairie Flower Farm. Check out their blog here.  Thanks for letting me borrow this photo.  It's really beautiful.  I went to church this morning and had a fantastic time.  I'm going to try and catch some fireworks tonight....Why? WEll, when the whole nation parties down...fireworks are a necessary part of the day's festivities...AND I want to try out the "fireworks" button on my camera!!!

My dad and I went to church this morning. He treated me to coffee from The Human Bean this morning...."Kahlua Madness"...yummy!!! Alright, remember last Sunday?  I told you I'd go to church and get photos as proof.  Well, here you go....:) :) :) I don't think I ever told you all the story of how my dad and I moved into the apartment we're living in now...I'll save that for another time. The short version is because our old apartment had "black mold" and it was slowly hurting us. Anyway, we moved to the other side of the apartment complex and this sweet little tabby cat tries to adopt us...Well, "Stubby" as I call her...she's still trying to get in.  Here are a couple of photos I snapped of her today...In the first one she's looking at the door...just waiting for my dad to let her in...even though we were on our way to church...

Here she's trying to look less obvious...I tried getting a photo of her from inside the apartment.  She saw me in the window and stood up on her hind paws..meeowing extra super cute.."let me in, let me in..I'm a cute furry kitty with extra love...let me in"..That's how I translated her meeows!!! She actually belongs to a neighbor a few doors down.

Here's the church I attend...Mountain Christian Fellowship. Click here to check out the church website.  The building the church is in now used to be a bank for many, many years. Then they moved...and some people from Applegate Christian Fellowship bought the old bank building in the heart of downtown and converted it into a church.  It's a really good influence in the area...There's even a coffee shop to the right of this photo...just on the other side of the railroad tracks..You can pick up a nice cup of joe before and after church and during the week too...I'm telling you, this is not a typical church building from the outside...

I said I'd get a photo as proof that I was actually in church today. Here it is...What's funny is you can see my dad's reflection in the picture frame. He's the one taking the photo. I didn't notice it till I posted it here this afternoon!!!

Here's the sign for the of them anyway.  It's a neat church...the people love God and love each other...which is just how it should be!!!  Parking is limited at the church they reserve that for elderly and handicapped. However, there are plenty of places around town to park.  There are some great old buildings here..I'll have to snap some photos one of these days...

Some pretty pink flowers nearby....I'm always taking pictures of flowers...God's handiwork!!!

Just took a random photo here. The building no longer serves Veterans of Foreign Wars..I don't think so anyway...but they've left the original paint up there...It's now being used as a restaurant, if I'm not mistaken.

This is the inside of the prayer room at church. When the building was still a bank...this used to be the money vault. Now it's the "prayer vault" as we affectionately call it. You can come in for prayer, have someone pray for you or have a private time of communion if you'd like...

This is the door leading into the prayer room.  It was a former money vault as I mentioned earlier. The door stands open permanently...but it's kind of funny...because I don't know of any other church that has a prayer vault...hee hee hee :) :)

This was taken well before the church service started.  This is the front of the room. It's very simple...nothing fancy..just the necessary things and Jesus Christ...the primary reason we come to worship!!!!

My dad and I sat in the very back row of chairs that you see at the very bottom of this photo. There was an elderly couple sitting right in front of us...really cute.  They were old and had hands that were wrinkly and knobby like a 100 year old pear tree...but there was an awful lot of beauty in those hands. During the singing, the husband was trying to raise his hands in worship. He could only keep them up for a few seconds and had to rest his hands again. One of the ushers came and held his hand up for him!!! I just about lost it in a pool of tears here...because there he was with his their twilight years...still worshiping Jesus..and raising old tired hands to Him!!!! It was a simple gesture but I'm telling even now my eyes are starting to tear up... I won't be forgetting this simple act of true worship and beauty...never ever, ever!!!

Our pastor veered off topic for today...and spoke from James 3 about the tongue and gossip etc..and how it can be used to destroy and to build up. I pray that we would always use our tongues/mouths to build each other up and encourage each other.  Sometimes we...and I'll count myself in this group...we are the best at injuring our own...the sheep bite is sometimes much harsher then the wolf bite...I pray that I'll never be one who uses my tongue to praise God one moment and then say mean things the next moment...I want to love God and love people.  It's that simple!!!  There was a lot more I learned today...took notes!!!

All of the announcements, events etc are put up on the walls...and well, this one if very important...about where to go to get some good coffee!!!!....If you know me by now...I love me a good cup of!!!..Keeps us awake during the sermons...hee hee hee :) :)

This was stamped all over the  pavement outside the church..specifically around the train tracks. Now this has been here much, much longer than the church...but I like the I took a photo!!!!

Just a photo of the street corner by the church. The church is off to the right...not visible in this photo.

Okay, it's Sunday and that means time for some memory verses...Put on the armor y'all and memorize that Scripture. It does a body good...:) :) :) I had to post two today..both of these verses came up during church this morning...both touched my heart. They're short and easy to memorize!!!

The first one is especially appropriate for today...from the Author of true freedom!!!!

This one I love too...the whole verse is good, but especially this last half...and it's just as true today, as it was during the days of Samuel!!! I couldn't find a photo I really liked...but I like these here you go :) :) :)..Enjoy...

Oh, if any of you are fans of Mary Jane's Farm magazine...or all things Mary Jane Butters for that matter :) :) :)There's a button that links to the Mary Jane's Farm website ...go check it out. It's all that and a bag of chips!!!! I love her books, website, magazine...etc..'s something cool...check out this blog written by Rene'..she wrote the Rural Farmgirl Blog for MJF magazine!!! Click here or click the link on my sidebar!!! I hope everyone is having a great time today!!! My day has been really good so far...after church my dad and I went to have lunch at SONIC.  That place is fantastic..!!! I can't wait to see what'll happen this evening.  That's the news from Oregon everyone. Much love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)


Annesphamily said...

Your church is what church is all about Jesus Christ! Plain and simple. I loved your tour here Heather. I hope you will come check out some of the blogs I sent you. You need to surround yourself with Christians. I find I am a mush better person when in the company of God fearing people. Happy 4th to you and your dad! Anne

Karen Long said...

Hey Heather.. its Karen.. Thanks for stopping by my blog..I love the post about Stubby.. how cute is she.. you should be her part time family,, if she has one already down the
well have a great week.. and I will be in touch soon..
pet Stubby for me..

Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Hello Heather :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and for your lovely comment...and becoming my newest follower too. I've signed on as your newest follower and I look forward to visiting with you again:)

A lot of the things in my home have either come from Yard/garage sales, Goodwill & thrift stores, and even things on Ebay. It's always so much fun to go out and search for treasures that others no longer want. I love taking something that looks like it's on it's last leg, and breathing new life into it :)

That kitty looks so sweet :) We have an outdoor cat that has a tail just a little bit longer than that one. When she has kittens, they always have the stubby tail...she even had one with NO tail!

It's nice meeting you, and I hope you have a lovely week!

Warmest, Brenda

Dorothy said...

Heather I love this post about your church and enjoyed the pics. Love the picture of the bank vault being used as a prayer chapel. When I think of a vault I think of a place to hold precious things and things of importance and that sure is what our prayers are to God - precious and important.
Sure enjoy reading your posts Heather. God bless you and your very precious father!
Dorothy in Arizona

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Dorothy...thank you so much for this nice coment. My computer was deleted all comments before I could publish them. Today, it's not showing the comments to each post after they've been published. It's weird...I'm sure they'll show up eventually!!!! Hugs, Heather :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said..., your comment reappeared on my blog today!!! That's I can answer you :) :) I thought about letting Stubby in my home...I'll have to clear that with my dad....except I think I'd want to keep Stubby!!!! She's so cute. She meows a LOT and really I don't know if she's hungry, or just "talks" a lot!! I'll make sure and pet her for you :) :) :) Love and hugs, Heather :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Okay...I'm really happy...missing comments are slowly coming now I can respond to you all...

@Brenda/Shabby Cats and Roses...I'm still drooling over that lovely pi nk tea set on your blog :) :) :) Very romantic, pretty etc :)
I do love yard sales/garage sales and thrift store...for sure!!! I haven't tried purchasing anything on eBay yet...but maybe I will someday!!!
Oh, your kitties sound really I really want to see what a stubby tail kitten looks like!!! I love kitty cats!!! Have a great week, Brenda.

@Anne/Annesphamily...Yes, I'm trying to surround myself with good Christian people and good people in general too :) :) I've found great ladies here in blogland..that's why I"m following all of their blogs :) :) :) It's been a bit harder to find good Christian friends here where I actually live!!!! My dad and I were really hurt at the last church we attended. Now we go to a wonderful church..and the people are great. It hasn't shaken our faith in God at all...but it has made us a little shy about opening ourselves to fellow believers etc... Also all of my friends are married except for it's hard to get together to do things because they always have families and kids to consider...:) :) :) well, it's something I'm giving up in prayer to Jesus...for sure!!

Thanks for paying me a visit everyone...Blogger seems to be fixing it's own mistakes...I hope so anyway!!!

Love and hugs, Heather :)