Saturday, June 26, 2010

If loving a good yard sale is wrong, I don't want to be right!! & how I met a really neat couple!!

Hi everyone, 
It's a really lovely Saturday afternoon here.  It's supposed to be around 90 Fahrenheit today. That's hot..well, for Oregon it is!!  I have the windows open and the lights turned off. It keeps things cool, while still being able to catch the breeze, when it comes...all that without having to run the air conditioner :) :) It's fabulous.

Oh I went yards sale/garage sale shopping again today.  I'm always on the lookout for useful, beautiful, vintage things that will fit into my decorating style...and when possible, also be very useful. I think I did very well today.

I also met a really beautiful married couple today. I'll talk about them later in this blog.  I purchased some very lovely things at their home today!!!  This first photo that you see was of this really tall rose bush at the entrance to the married couples driveway...I'll call them the beautiful couple, because that is what they truly are...and I'll tell you why later!!! Talk about how I felt super-blessed today!!! Anyway, these roses were huge and so bright!!!  This was their actual color. I didn't do any editing whatsoever...

This photo of the beautiful couples rose bush was actually taken as I was leaving the yard sale!!! Isn't it gorgeous??!!  It's breathtaking!!!

The following photos are what I collected at 3 different yard sales that I went to today. I'll use some of these items to decorate my room, the stairway, and the kitchen!!!

The photo below shows treasures that I found at three different yard sales:

The "beautiful couple" yard sale I found the following:
$1.00 for the 7-UP Bottling Co. wooden carrying crate!!! That will be perfect for some of my really tall craft books and I love the vintage look. It adds character and style.  In my eyes, it's got a story somewhere and it'll add some beautiful usefulness to my room!!! The husband was very sweet.  I saw this against the wall in their garage and just had to ask!!!  The wife was awesome,too...she greeted me when I walked up and was telling me some really neat stories.  The husband talked to my dad and that was such a blessing... The people running the other yard sales I went to were nice...but by far this couple knew how to reach out and talk to people!!!

Nice yard sale on a cul-de-sac:

$2 - the set of three green latch/hook lids with wooden spoons.  I just wanted the small one...for coffee...not realizing that all three were just $2...I thought that was the price for the tall one. So I snapped it up!!! It'll look great in the kitchen and be a nice addition for flower or some sugar,too!!! If you know of any other uses for those cannisters, please let me know!!!

$2 - for the light peach/orange colored end table. I like the color as it is...but I may sand it and repaint it!!! it's wonderful...and will be the perfect place to put my yarn and crochet thread.

At much smaller yard sale on the same street:
$1 - for antique, vintage toaster!!!! Yep, this thing sits on the stove and the heat toasts the bread. It still works. just needs a little cleaning!!!!  This reminds me of my grandmother. I have a memory of her showing me one of these. My dad says she never had one..but the jury is still out!!!

Spent only $6 for all of these items....God bless the people who were generous with their pricing!!!  These things are all useful!!!

Now here are some of the other items I found that I couldn't fit on the end table :) :) :)...mainly for the purposes of photographing everything together!!! Here's what else I found...
At the nice yard sale on the cul-de-sac...
$2 - for four antique silver spoons.  I thought these would make good soup spoons to use at home..and I can use my cheap stuff for guests if I ever have a patio party!!! They're old and need some serious cleaning...but that should be easy enough, right? Right!! Anyone have any simple recipes for cleaning silver? This couple had quite a few antique silver butter forks, baby spoons, normal spoons etc..yes, it was the real deal...I could tell by looking at it..None of those were steel...all silver!!!

FREE for the "Apples 4 Sale" wall hanging, with the two extra apples!!! Beautiful, country, rustic...yep, definitely for me :) :) Originally $0.50..but because I took the end table, cannisters and 4 spoons, he threw those in for free.  Very sweet couple as well...

At the beautiful couple's yard sale this is also what I found..
$2 - for the beautifully framed photos of the roses. at least I think they're roses...but they're beautiful pink and that'll fit into my decor!!!
$1 - for the cute country/romantic/vintage framed poem on the right!!! This will also fit fight into my decorating of my room!!!
$1 - for a genuine waffle/pie iron from Jøtul,NORWAY.  This was definitely the real deal...very heavy...If anyone knows exactly if it's a pancake iron or waffle iron, please let me know. The beautiful couple was curious as well...and I said I wasn't for certain..but that I'd seen lots of these when I lived in Bergen, Norway for a year. Help a friend out and tell me what you know, so I can go back and tell them :) :) :)

For all of these items I spent a total of $6

The following two photos are close-ups of the waffle/pancake iron from Norway.  I thought if I showed you some up-close detail, you could tell me some more about it...or if you have one in your home!!!  I'd love to hear your stories. Cast iron...real, good cast iron is not always easy to find. So if you do see good cast iron at a yard sale...definitely consider buying it!!!

NOTE ADDED LATER TODAY AT 2:44 p.m. - I posted a link to my blog on my FAcebook page asking about this piece..It's an antique Jøtul krumkake iron. Krumkake is a Norwegian rolled here for some info about this tasty treat ..and there's a wooden roller that helps shape it into a cone. Here's an exact look-a-like I found on eBay. Click here

I lived in Bergen, Norway for a year...and they make some delicious pancakes...really skinny ones..and all sorts of other yummy goodies.  So this made me miss Norway, but also made me smile, too!!!

Isn't that detail amazing?  It's so pretty!!!

Below are close-ups of the two framed pictures that I purchased. There were quite a few others from the same artist who did the photos of the pink flowers.  It was hard not to buy the others...because they were outstanding.  However, these in particular really made my day and they're pink :) :) I also loved the framed photo with the lace..that will look nice in my room, too!!! Remember, I love anything that looks vintage, romantic, country, Victorian, rustic, feminine, frilly...or any combination of those :)

So let me tell you about the "beautiful couple"...and give you a piece of wisdom,too.  My dad and I actually drove past their yard sale initially because it was set back away from the drive-way. It was actually in their garage and at first I didn't think they'd have anything I could use in my home. However, again, on the way home, I told dad..."I think we really need to stop here. We HAVE to stop here."...No joke...I really felt the impulse to stop here and at least check it out. Sometimes the diamonds aren't always out in plain have to search for the real gems.  It's work...but it's worth it...for yard sale treasures that you'll love and for finding out super cool things about people that live in your community!!!

Oh my...I found these great items which will be loved much in my home :) :)  I found out the couple was the one I had read about awhile back in the newspaper...They go down to one of our local parks here in town and make sandwiches for the homeless people there. They feed them some good food, where these "beautiful people" might not otherwise even see a meal that be quite honest.  When I heard that, I got all excited...because I remember reading about that couple. My dad remembered that too. We both cried and were so touched...and we don't call those people "homeless"...but "beautiful people"..because I truly believe that's how God sees them as beautiful and precious in His Sight...and we should view them that way, too!!

In any case, this couple just goes down there and helps with the resources they have. They do it because they can!!!! We often talk about giving a cup of cold water in Jesus this case, it's a yummy peanut butter & jelly sandwich and I think something to drink,too...:) :) :) That's showing the love of Jesus in a practical way!!!!

Through the course of conversation, she told me that her husband has to go to the hospital for some medical treatments. I won't share the details here because it's private..unless she says it's okay..then I'll leave a note later tonight!!...In any case, the yard sale was to raise gas money, because they'll need to make a few trips and gas, well, it's expensive!!!!  All of the items they were selling were donated.

The wife told me that it was really packed at 8:15 a.m. this morning. Wow...I'm so glad that I was able to find what I did.  Well, when she told me why they were having the yard sale and how they obtained these great items to sell...I asked if I could bring her some things?  yes... :) :) So cool.  I have some things that I was just going to donate to Goodwill. However, she can sell them to someone who'll want them...and earn more money to pay for gas and whatever else is needed. 

I'll tell you, I really came out more blessed today. If I hadn't stopped at that yard sale that I initially wrote off...I wouldn't have found these things to make my home beautiful/hospitable. More importantly,  I wouldn't have met this beautiful couple.  They were definitely the real treasures.....true diamonds in the rough!!!!  I'm going to see about taking some stuff over tomorrow morning!!!

I'm got photographs for my knitting project going.  I didn't have my dad to help me this time, so I don't have shots of how to cast-on or joining the knitting in the round.  I'll have to save that for another project. I'll see if I can find some on-line links to help you, especially if you don't know how to cast-on a knitting needle.

Have a lovely weekend.  I appreciate your visits and most especially when you leave comments!!!! That's the news from Oregon today.  Love, hugs and greetings, Heather :) :) :)


Sherry Gore said...

My, but that pancake iron is Gorgeous!There's a section in my cookbook on cast iron skillet care. Hang on to this beautiful find - it's a treasure.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Sherry...
Thank you...that pie iron is breathtakingly beautiful for a pie iron :) :) :) I mean the just don't see that anymore. This is definitely the real deal...and I asked the lady.."how much"...she only wanted $1...i would have paid more for that. I have a cast iron pancake griddle and a "frying" pan ...also cast iron...from my grnadmother..Those need some serious cleaning because they're dirty. Thanks for stopping by, Sherry :) :) :) Have a great weekend!!!

Annesphamily said...

That pancake iron is awesome! I am jealous. I want to go shopping with you Heather.

You got some awesome items.

You have a generous heart. I like that a bout you!

Happy weekend! Love and Hugs from Colorado


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Anne,

Thank you :) :) I don't have any secret for yard sale shopping other than to just go out and look. I never make a plan of where I'm going to go...never. I probably should, because it would save gas. ..but I do like the fun of just driving around and seeing if I spot a garage sale sign!!! I just buy what I think is beautiful and usful to what I need at the time. Right now, I'm trying to find things to decorate my home that are vintage, romantic, country etc...

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Just an added thought of my friend's suggested looking on for any upcoming yardsales. I haven't tried that either...but apparently a lot of people will advertise there sales get lots of prospective buyers to stop by and purchase stuff :) :)

Heather at Hearthside said...

Hi Heather!
What a lovely post. And, I must say: that wooden crate is just beautiful. Recently I visited my sister and noticed how elegantly she has decorated her place by careful use of wooden vintage (or vintagey) containers. Very nice.
I totally understand your glee at gaining followers! I'm new to this whole blogging still needing to learn how to post photos, I feel so out of the loop...

I just love your buttons! I'm part of the MJ Farmgirl sisterhood and was wondering if they had a button. I'll have to see about this - where did you find yours? And I follow at the Homespun Heart, too, and am a Farm Chicks fan.
Thanks for following and for leaving a comment.
Sincerely, Heather in PA

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Heather at Hearthside :) :) :)

Posting photos...I'm not exactly sure how I do it either...because sometimes I feel like a technological peasant. I do use a free program from google called Picasa...that helps me organize and edit my photos...and I can upload directly to blogger from there. Try "Picasa" on YouTube and see what videos are out there, or go to their site..I've been very happy with it so far. Now on Facebook, I use Kodak EasyShare OR I upload directly from my USB port :)

I haven't joined the MJ Farm Sisterhood yet. I want to very much. That should be my treat for July :) :) :) I wrote to MJF on their website...found an email and asked about where to find a button. There's an easy version and a complicated version. I couldn't figure out how to get their instead, I grabbed a photo they had posted, ..I went to blogger....added a gadget...add picutre...uploaded the photo...then added a URL web link. It's not quite the same as a button, but it functions the same click on the photo and it takes you directly there. Go to this link on the MJF website..there's an email at the very bottom. Write to them and ask about a button...
Also check the forums too or ask if you can create your own by grabbing a picture and linking it to a URL. Let me know how it turns out. Othrweise, I don't think they'd mind if you used the one I have on my blog.

Oh, I love The Homespun Heart :) :) :) and Farm Chicks :) :) I don't have clue one about how to create a button...but I LOVE it when my favorite blogs make them available. :) :) I post them on my blog and it looks so pretty :) :)

It's really nice to meet another Heather...Heather :) :) Have a great rest of the day and an awesome Sunday!!! Thanks for your nice words about my blog :) :) It's all because of Jesus Christ that I'm ble to do what I do..and my goal is to honor Him in everything I do :) :)..I'm not perfect, but I do try :) :) Oh, I write a LOT too :) :)

Love and hugs, Heather :)

Dorothy said...

Heather what a special young woman you are. Wondered here from I don't know where : )

Love the silver spoons and what a deal you got.

Wish I lived close cause I would love to yard sale with you. Have a blessed weekend.

Dorothy in AZ

aimee said...

Congrats on your beautiful garage sale finds--especially the krumkake iron!! It is gorgeous!!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Dorothy...
Thanks for stopping by to visit ;) :) Very nice!!! THanks for your compliment, too!!! I took a peek at your profile..hope you don't mind. I just looked at what blogs you follow. I'm always finding really neat blogs and then I forget how I got there :) :) I recognized TWO that I also follow...Hearthside (another Heather there, too :) AND The Homespun Heart :) :) :) Both are really neat blogs!!!

those silver spoons were very pretty. Two were an exact pair. The other two had slightly different designs on the handle. I should have taken some close-ups to see if they could be cleaned, because one of them is scratched up quite a bit...and looks tarnished.. Do you know if those are easy to clean...? Did they ever make utensils coated in real silver? In any case, the price was very I took it!!! Now there was a whole drawer full of antique silver...butter forks, baby spoons etc...but I just didn't need it...although I really WANTEd it :) :) I had to refrain a little bit :)

I love to go yard sale shopping. It's fun!!! I don't always find something at every yardsale...I have another blog friend that wants to go yard sale shopping with me :) :) That's quite a compliment. Truly I think it's God looking out for my pocketbook and just being willing to stop even if it doesn't look promising to find something that would be nice in my home :) :)

Oh, another tip I learned is to drive around the more well-to-do neighborhoods...They will have better stuff when there's a yardsale...and you might find more of what you like there...I don't think I can convince my dad to go yard sale shopping on Sunday though :) :) He's had enough for this weekend!!!

Thanks for paying me a visit. Love and hugs, Heather in OR :) :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Aimee...I was writing my response to Dorothy when you sent this...I'm sorry we crossed messages in blogland...I didn't want you to feel left out at all. Thanks for the compliments on my yard sale finds. I just buy what I love...and if I can afford it,too!!! There was a really nice armorie for just $125 and solid wood. I would have purchased it if I'd had the money...but no...I've been wanting an armoire for YEARS now...just because it reminds me of something that Anne of Green Gables would have had in her home!! :) :)

Thanks about the krumkake iron. I love it to...It's so pretty. My dad is really liking it now too. So I think I'll have to actually try making krumkake sometime soon!!!

Have a great Sunday, Aimee!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)