Friday, July 30, 2010

365 Day Photo Challenge for July 24th thru July 30th, 2010

Hi everyone...It's Friday and here's my next series of photos for my 365 Day Photo Challenge. If you are interested in more details about the challenge, see the Practical Simplicity Photography button on my  right sidebar  or click here.  This has been a lot of fun and sometimes a challenge.  So I'll be keeping it "simple" today :) :) :)

Saturday ~ July 24th, 2010 If you left-click on this photo, it should enlarge. You'll see a fat, chubby,fuzzy bumble bee.  That was a total surprise. I thought I missed Ms. Bumble Bee...but lo and behold, there she was when I was reviewing my photos :) :)

Sunday ~ July 25th, 2010 These purple flowers sprouted out behind my home. If you look at the bottom of the photo, there's wild berry bushes. It's not uncommon to see people stop, pick and eat these if they pass them on the sidewalk :) :)

Monday ~ July 26th, 2010  Gray clouds over my hometown. I thought we were in for a thunderstorm or a rainstorm. No...I was cheated...not a blessed drop or crack of thunder.

Tuesday ~ July 27th, 2010 Pooh Bear ice cubes made from a rubber ice cube tray I purchased at an IKEA store years ago.

Wednesday ~ July 28th, 2010 Some cute flowers near my neighbor's front door. These flowers are actually about the size of a thumbnail....very tiny, but so very cute :)

Thursday ~ July 29th, 2010 I love growers/crafters markets. This is hands-down my FAVORITE stand at the market!!! They make the BEST hand pies and turnovers...both sweet and savory :) :)

Friday ~ July 30th, 2010 Now this was a complete surprise...three young ladies riding their horses down the sidewalk near my local grocery store. How cool is this? Very cool. Yep, I definitely live in Oregon....and Oregon, she sure is beautiful :) :) :)

BONUS Friday ~ July 30th, 2010 Just a random street in my dad and I saw this house as we were looking for yard sales...I fell in love with this house. It made my heart melt, so I had to take a photo. Isn't it beautiful ? :) :) :) :) I love older homes. There's so much detail and character. I'll bet the inside of the home has some super cool nooks and crannies...all the best old homes have those.

I found some really nice things at a few different yardsales today. Those photos will be up tomorrow. What was a totally unexpected blessing was finding some plus-size blouses and zipper-front hoodies ...all for just $4 total.  So that was really, really nice!!!! I'm in need of tops and shorts etc.

Did you all have a good week? I've had an awesome week.  I don't know about you, but I'm got homemaking on the brain.  I can't get enough of it.....especially homemade cleaning supplies..and the last two days I've been thinking about nothing but pink ZOTE soap. So I"ll be ordering some from Lehman's in the next few weeks!!!!

Oh, I'm in the "I'm so poor, I owe myself a nickel" phase of the monthly, I've been mulling over some ideas for accomplishing what I "want" to make with things that I "already" have in my home...all while still "spending absolutely NOTHING" :) :) :) This should be fun :) :) :)

Oh, comment from my dad after I told him the dining area is MY decorating domain... "Heather, you're turning my home into an antique store." :) :) :) Gotta love dads!!!!

That's the news from Oregon today. Love and hugs, Heather :)


Jill said...

Love the flower pics, but really love the bear ice cubes! My girls would enjoy those! When summer is over I will be doing more homekeeping posts, right now enjoying the moments with my girls! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Heather,
What beautiful pictures!! And the tour of Oregon is wonderful!! Hope you're doing great.

Annesphamily said...

Heather I just love stopping by. I am going to have to get some photography tips from you. Another blogger told me not to use google images that she saw s special on TV about someone seeing their images on blogs and sues and wins! How utterly ridiculous. But just the same i want to take more of my own photos and use them. I hope you will stop by soon. Have a great weekend and you and your dad rock on those yard sales! Anne

thehomespunheart said...

Hi Heather! I love the the Pennington Farms photo!!So cute, so charming!

And, I'm with you on looking for ways to do things with what I already have around the house!

Last night I made some fabric balls to fill a couple of vases - a friend gave me a bag of unwanted styrofoam balls and I used fabric scraps! FREE! And, they are so cute and cheery.

Have a great Saturday!

Carol Mae said...

Hi Heather, Love all your posts, so much fun to read and enjoy your lovely photos. Thanks again for the nice words about my Art work, I hope they sell too!! Wisconsin is a tough market. Have a great day today. xoxo, Carol Mae

Karen Long said...

Hi Heather.. thank you for your encouraging words you left on my blog.. I started out with Proctitus and then it transgressed into colitis
but you are right when you say i need to start the day off with the lord,,i think if he is the first thing i intake every morning then that will guide the rest of my day..
thank you for being a good friend, i so enjoy when i click on my comment button and you are there..
you are a sweet woman and a good blogging buddie..
great pictures by the way on your post.. love it..
thanks again.. have a wonderful weekend..

Sheila said...

Another lovely post! Love all your photos--I always find something extra in them. I too love old houses and wonder about what's inside too. My dream always was to have a very old farmhouse as our home but that didn't work out!!
I love pictures of storm clouds.
Congrats on the great finds at the yard sale. I can never find anything in my size--plus size but short!!! Yesterday I thought about making homemade laundry detergent again--I'm out and have been making do with Tide--I like the homemade better. I can't find Zote so I use Fels Naptha--I think that's the name--my mind just went blank!!
I'm happy for you that you had a lovely week. You and your dad are still in my prayers. Take care.
Hugs, Sheila

Miss Antoinette K. said...

Wonderful Photos this week (and every week so far!) Miss Heather! :)

Oh, those ice cubes are so sweet!

I also LOVED the young ladies riding their horses! I wish we had the where I live, I absolutely LOVE horses! *sigh*

Oh my goodness, that house is so beautiful!!! Yes, I agree I just love old homes like that one! When we visited TN (to see some friends) the home there were sooooo neat and LOVED the fact they were not "cookie-cutter" homes like where I live! :) Each one so different and unique! I like it!

Yes, my family always tries to make due with what we have in our home and trying different things to make the budget stretch that much further! It is trying at time, but I enjoy it so much!

Oh, I have to tell you that my mother and I went to a thrift store yesterday and I found the loveliest tea cup (and a few other things) and the gentlemen who rang my things up gave me the tea cup for $0.49!!!!! WOW what a blessing that was! I will have to take a photo of it for you and e-mail it, you will LOVE it! :)

Hope all is well, and I will hopefully have your button done by next week!

Blessings in Christ,

Miss Antoinette

(Practical Simplicity) :)

Amy said...

Love the photos so much. It is like a mini vacation every time that I come to your site.

Thank you for the kind words on my blog. I am very blessed to have you as my friend.

I am trying to get thru this nasty hot weekend. It is suppose to be almost 100 off and on all week. Plus very humid. So we will be spending lots of time indoors. I think we will drive out to the mall today and enjoy the coolness and lunch.

Valrie said...


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I posted a blog button and created a new page just for this event, thanks to your suggestion!

Glad you enjoyed my poem!

Come soon for a visit, and yes you may inorm everryone about the event and they can email me with their donations or of they want to join or add a US hero to the mailing list!



Camille said...

What great photos Heather! Such *cute* little ice cubes! And my girl would *love* to see horses when we go to get groceries...not gonna happen...too much "city" here. And that little house is ADORABLE...I think character homes are wonderful too! :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Annesphamily said...

I really want to visit Oregon. At my MIL's memorial service my niece put a video together and the photos from their trip 2 years ago to Oregon. The photos were breathtakingly beautiful. I want to plan a trip! Anne

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi everyone..I"m just now getting caught up on comments. So here goes.. :) :) thanks for leaving me comments. I LOVE it and it really makes me happy :) :)

@Jill - Thank you...yeah, that bear ice cube tray is my favorite too :) :) I bought it at Ikea either when I was in Germany or NOrway..but I love that it's made out of rubber. It makes it easy to get the ice cubes out!!! I'm not sure who else would sell something like that..but you could try "googling" rubber ice cube trays and see what you find. Your girls would have so much fun with funny shaped ice cubes :) :)

@Cindy - I'm doing well. I love Oregon. There's always lots to see!!! I'm sure it's that way where you live too :)

@Anne - Thanks for that tip. I made sure to link the photos back where there was one available. There were a coule where there was no link whatsoever...

@Monica/The Homespun Heart - You'd love Pennington Farms in real life too :) :) Their hand pies and tarts are baked!!!...and so yummy, yummy to look at too. Oh, you should post a photo of those fabric balls that you made and maybe write a blog post about that. What an easy decorating idea :) :) :) I still haven't made the shelf liners yet..but I should be writing all these ideas down and checking them off as I go :)

@Carol Mae -'re a sweetheart...Remember Etsy and maybe eBay for selling your artwork :) :) :) Keep me posted on how it goes.

@Karen - if you ever want to talk IBD, send me an email :) :) I'm more than happy to talk about it... Inflammatory Bowel Disease is no fun..and when I first started showing symptoms, they thought it was Crohn's...thank God it was NOT. Thanks for the compliments on my photos :) :) I love your blog too!!

@Sheila - THanks for your compliments..My dad and I passed by that same house yesterday. It's got some history I bet...I've used Fel Naptha before. IT's really strong smelling, but it gets the job done. I'm still going to order pink ZOTE soap from Lehman's because I've heard it smells I want to try it out..

@Antoinette - You are such a sweetie...thanks for your compliments on my photos. You take such beautiful photos..and I always enjoy looking at them. Great deals at the thrift store...that's awesome!!!! I'm looking forward to my blog button :) :)

@Amy - I love your site too. I love thep hotos you post and the stories you tell. Plus, I LOVe how your hubby took care of you and Bri when you were feeling ill. That's love!!! You are blessed. I hope that it's cooling down a bit for you.

@Valrie - Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :) I'm looking forward to adopting some military servicemen and writing them letters. This will be really good!!!

@Camille - Aren't those ice cubes fun :) :) I'm not sure where you can find something like that where you're at. Ikea for sure..but you could try googling "rubber ice cube trays" and see what comes up!!! That little house...I'm still thinking about it...because it's so lovely and just what I've always liked since I was a little girl :) :)

@Anne - Oregon is great. There's lots to see and many different landscapes from desert to forests...and NO SALES TAX :) :) :)

HI everyone...Thanks so much for leaving me comments. I really love it and appreciate it. :) :) :) Have a great week!!! I'm looking forward to visiting your blogs :) :) :) Lots of love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)