Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Love Giveaways!!!! (see update) & I'm Knitting Up a Storm This Week!!!

This photo is courtesy of Prairie Flower Farm.  Click here to pay a visit...!!! You'll enjoy your time here and leave with a smile!!!! 

Oh someone left me a comment today about about 4:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time...Blogger deleted it before I even had a chance to read it :( :( :( So I don't know which one of you dear friends wrote to fun when Blogger deletes comments left for me WITHOUT MY PERMISSION :( :(  As soon as it reappears...I'll be able to write back!!!

Oh, there's so many beautiful blogs I don't know what to do with myself. The last few days I've found some really neat ones that combine my love of Jesus Christ, vintage, romantic, antique, rustic, country...etc...I'm on sensory overload..and my heart is so joyful I just can't stand it.  One of the blogs I just recently found/started following is Brenda's over at Shabby Cats and Roses.  Click here to pay her a visit.  When you look at the header on her blog, you'll understand why  I love it!!!! I love pink...and this, well, it's a lot of eye candy...all the pretty dishes and beautiful things. I love how she makes everything so hospitable and inviting!!! It's amazing. 

Brenda over at Shabby Cats and Roses is hosting  really fun CHRISTMAS IN JULY GIVEAWAY. CLICK HERE TO ENTER AND FOR DETAILS ON HOW TO WIN THIS WONDERFUL GIFT!!!! This stocking is made with love and who doesn't love presents?  Oh, and Christmas isn't over till you receive your last gift :) :) :) I like the colors and it fits right into my decor that I'm working on for my home.  It also matches my Shabby Chic bedding :) :) :) Check out her'll enjoy the time you spend there!!!!

ANOTHER FUN GIVEAWAY AT FLAT CREEK FARM: Pay Tammy @ Flat Creek Farm a visit for details. Click here. She's giving away a $50 CSN store gift certificate. I took a look at their website and there is a TON of stuff to choose from. It's really great. You can also find a link to her blog on my sidebar. Check out. I've already entered.  It's worth your time to enter...AND she's got a really great you'll enjoy that too :) :)

Another really sweet blog is The Homespun Heart which is written my friend Monica. She's a really neat lady who has a heart for Jesus and her family. She always has great ideas for making everyday things extra special...special things to do with your kids...and also spiritual encouragement etc...for us grown-ups :) :) :) Click here to view her blog or the button on my sidebar!!!  On Tuesday's post she has a photo up of a really cute farm just outside of Topeka, Kansas. I know some of you live you recognize the farm? If yes, pay Monica a visit and let her know. Pay her a visit anyway. She's gracious and hospitable :) :) :)

Sandi over at Rose Chintz Cottage Inspiration is another really neat blog. She loves Jesus and all things related to the home!!!!  She has lots of pretty things to look at and encouraging things to read!!! I just joined her Tea Time Tuesday. Click here to pay her a visit..or you can find a link to her on my sidebar!!!

I've been knitting quite a bit the last few days.  I find it really relaxing. Yesterday, I started from scratch and finished to French bath mitts!!! I'll use them for washing my face and in the shower, too. It's funny...but I like to use a fresh mitt every time I wash my face or shower :) :) :)  ...and those glass dessert bowels I found at a yard sale for $1...well, one of those is now my soap dish :) :) :) so pretty!!!! 

My dad and I have been having silly spats today...but they end in forgiveness and laughter. We were arguing over whether or not it uses less energy to leave an appliance plugged in or not...Well, I'm obviously right on this one...:) :) :) ..hee hee hee...It uses less energy to completely unplug an appliance from the wall when not in use...especially if it's not when we're not watching is competely unplugged from the wall.  It keeps our energy bill low!!!  Sometimes I wonder why we even have spats over silly stuff like this...but I love my dad, anyway...and vice versa :) :) :) So that's a good thing...and I'm still thankful for my dad!!!!  For my married friends out there, is that what married life is like sometimes...silly spats and then forgiveness/laughter? I don't know...but I think living with my dad is teaching me some valuable lessons on how to think of others first before myself.

I had some other things I wanted to write about today...and I completely forgot!!!! WAaaggghhhh...if I remember, I'll write a new post.  What sorts of fun projects are you all up to ? I love reading about all the canning, crafts, decorating etc that everyone all are great and I'm the blessed/honored one to be able to take a peak into what brings joy to your hearts!!! Thank you!!!

That's about it for the moment. I'm off to knit...surprise, surprise. I'm also going to try making some lace edgings and try out this idea I have in my head for a project. Pray that it goes well...if it does, I'll take a photo and post it here!!!!

WELCOME TO: Terri at Artful Affirmations. Click here to pay her a visit.....also WELCOME TO: Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage Inspiration. Click here to pay her a visit.  Thanks for joining my blog..that's a huge honor and blessing!!!

Oh, I think you all should read some of Emilie Barnes books...she's all about managing the home and creating more hours in your she collects tea cups!!!  I'll write a post about one of her books that I really keep your eyes tuned for that!!!!

That's the news from Oregon. Extra love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)


Vintage Porcelain Art By Amy Enright said...

Hi Heather! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Its nice to "meet" you!
Thank you for letting me know about the link to my bio, I fixed it, it is my ebay "about me" page I use as my bio, figured I may as well, since it is already done! I changed my ebay user name last night and it messed up the link. I'm so glad you told me!
You have a swee blog! I'm so honored you too my button! Do you have one?

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Amy,,...
Thanks for paying me a visit and joining my blog..I love your work..It's like sensory overload for my eyes :) :) :)..That's a high compliment. You know some of your work...looks like items I've seen in the pages of Romantic Home magazine. Have you ever been featured there?
I don't have a button yet. I don't know how to create one. Do you? Maybe I should make a button!!!! Otherwise, you can always copy my header and just attach a link back to this blog and that works too...I click on add a gadget...add picture..upload the picture and make sure to add the URL to the picture.!!!!
I'll make sure to read your bio again...Oh, have you ever seen the Anne of Green Gables movies or the tv series Road to Avonlea? Your artwork would look like it would be right at home in that era...well, anytime as far as I'm concerned!!!!!

Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

Carol Mae said...

Hi Heather, Thanks again for the nice words about my art. Your so sweet. Hugs, Carol Mae

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Carol Mae @ Prairie Dreams..

You are so very welcome!! It's create beautiful things with your hands :) :) Love and hugs right back at you :) :), Heather :)

Miss Antoinette K. said...

How neat I just LOVE giveaways and who wouldn't? :)
You are so sweet to make those wash cloths for me I cannot wait to see them when they are done! :)

My mom and I use a tea cup saucer for our soap dish and it is the sweetest thing!

Oh yes, I agree Emilie Barnes books are a must read! I got to hear her speak at a ladies Christmas tea a few years back and she is sooooooo sweet in person and quite funny!

Oh having silly arguments like that are normal I have them with both my mom and dad every once in a while and they always end in laughing and forgiving for being so..... well.... silly! lol

I hope you get that comment thing fixed up, and just encase you don't get this one, I will copy and paste into Word so I can e-mail it to you later! :)

Love and Hugs in Christ

Miss Antoinette

paperbutterfly said...

You are a delight! Love your blog and all the news you share. I am not a knitter..what does a Frech bath mitt look like? Do show and tell.
The white tea set is so sweet. Love white because it goes with everything!
Thank you for joining us for tea.
Hope to see you soon.
Blessings, Pam

Amy said...

I left you a comment yesterday, but I don't think it went thru.

I wish that you lived closer so we could have tea.

Love ya

Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ Blogger was doing some weird things on my blog too...sometimes it happens, but it usually gets resolved. :)

I *love* the wedgewood china on your previous post...SOOOO pretty!

How wonderful that you are meeting so many sweet ladies. There are many many lovely blogs out there. Thanks for sharing your finds with us here. :)

And I think the LORD teaches us many things throughout life and that would include those we live with. How precious that HE patiently leads us along.

Blessings to you today!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi ladies.....the power was OUT for about 5 hours today. The local power company was putting in a new transformer down the street. So I'm just now getting to my blog and stuff :) :)

@Pam/Paperbutterfly of Breath of Fresh Air,
So cool...thanks for joinging my blog :) :) When I write my next post, I'll make sure and post a link to the bath mitt. It's so super easy. I knit them simple because it it's quick and it makes my dollar stretch further :) I'm excited about Tea Time'll be fun!!!

@Amy....tea would be's pretty hot still...but there were rumors of a thunderstorm if that happens, it'll be cool...and I might have some tea then!!! are right about Blogger deleted comments being nasty business. It did that to me AGAIN yesterday!! Everything seems to be put to rights today, anyway :) :)
Thanks for your sweet comment :) :) You are definitely a treasure who loves Jesus...that's awesome...Oh, and you love tea..:) :) :)
The Wedgwood china is beautiful...and I will use it all the time...:) :)

Love and hugs to all, Heather :) :) :)

Annesphamily said...

You know at my house Sonic is quite a tradition. My two nieces Karla and Holly started working there in high school. Then my hubby's nieces Sherri,Staci,Jamie and Leah all worked for Sonic in high school. My two girls Rebekah and Hannah work there putting themselves through college as well as Rebekah's beau Phil. I love their chipolte burger but that is a rare occasion that I can eat one! I love their cheddar peppers and I like their Cherry Lime Ade as the lime helps my migraines somedays. Great post and always fun to visit you! Hugs Anne

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Anne...that's so awesome to see all your family working at Sonic...that place is great. If I'm in a sour mood before, it ALWAYS makes me smile!!! Chili cheese fries, onion rings, and their steak/egg breakfast burrito are my favorites...and they make anything you could have breakfast for dinner if you wanted to :) :)

Have a great weekend. Love and hugs, Heather :)