Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's a lazy Thursday....for sure!!!

Hi everyone....It's a lazy Thursday...that's for today's post is going to be ultra simple...well, you know me...I have a penchant for "type-chatter"..hee hee hee :) :) I'll try and keep it short.

The local power company was replacing the transformer for our entire apartment complex today.  So the power was turned off for a little over five hours. I wasn't able to do anything on the computer, turn on lights...nothing.  It actually wasn't so bad. My dad and I were running around completing some errands.

We did everything in the morning because it's....     H-O-T hot in Oregon now...about 100 Degrees Fahrenheit and humid....although rumor has it, that there might be a rainstorm/thunderstorm combo :) :) :)...oh yes, pretty, pretty please....God send me a rainstorm :) :)

After we were done with our errands my dad treated me...and also himself to breakfast at Sonic...It's a drive-in it. It reminds me of the old drive-in places that were really common when my dad was a kid :) :) Here's a photo that I took from the passenger seat of the car....just a small sample of the car park spots...Mostly empty this morning except for my dad and I and one other car....

I love Sonic. They play the best music on their radio. The food is always good...and you can just pull into a spot, press the magic red button and order!!! Oh, and if you're lucky you'll get a server on "roller skates" roll your food right to your car!!!!

After we got our food, we drove about 100 feet over to this empty "driveway" near Sonic. It has a perfect view of a walking path AND the local airport. My dad loves to watch planes take off and land. Every day is different....but today must have been a good day for flying...we saw 7 little planes (I call them planelets) land...and one plane take off !!!! So cool.

This morning it was nothing but blue skies and already heading towards 80 Degrees Fahrenheit by 8 a.m.  By the time we reached Sonic the clouds were coming in a little bit. I'm praying for that rain'll help keep cool things down for a little bit...and I want I put in my request with God...we'll see what happens :) :) :)..If it rains, I'll make sure and take photos for you all.  The next couple of photos are part of the airport and the skies above the mountains!!!.....

I joined a super fun "Tea Time Tuesday" party over at Sandi's place at "Rose Chintz Cottage Inspiriation".  Click here or the button on my sidebar to take a peek and join, if you'd like :) :)

I've been absolutely overjoyed at the new blogs I've found...lots of "kindred spirits" out there who love tea and pretty fact...every single person who's joined my blog...all have great things!!!!...and great people, too!!!

WELCOME TO: Amy of Vintage P orcelain Art. Click here to view her blog.  She handpaints's such a beautiful art. I wish I could do what she does. Her pieces are absolutely breathtaking...take a will be very happy you paid her a vist!!!  I remember seeing ladies paint china at the L.A. County Fair as a to see her artwork brought back some very precious memories for me, too!!! Thanks Amy!!!!

WELCOME TO: Pam at A Breath of Fresh Air.  Click here to view her blog.  Her post from Tuesday with all the pretty tea things...was really neat...and my favorite was the photo with the Bible opened up.!!!!!  She participates in Tea Time Tuesday just like me...and there's a link on her site if you want to take part. 

I make sure to post links, buttons etc to all the ladies who join my you can check them out :) :) :) That's about it for the moment. The heat is making me wilt a little bit.  I think it's time for a nice cup of cold iced tea....anyone have a good recipe for cold sweet tea? Is there such a thing? I'd really like to make some!!!

Here's the link to my post from quite a few days ago on how I make my French bath mitts. Click here. There's a lot of work that goes in to writing a knitting pattern.  These are easy to make. Mine are ultra simple because money is really it helps stretch my dollar.  Once you learn the basic pattern..knitting it 5 inches wide x 7 inches can manipulate any way you want to!!! Oh...and remember it's actually 10 inches knit in the round...but 5 inches wide when you lay it out flat!!! If you have any questions, please ask. I'll do my best to answer your questions!!!

Oh, thanks again for paying me a visit and leaving comments. I LOVE comments!!!!  Have a great Thursday everyone!!!!  It's a lazy Thursday...for sure...but a good Thursday!!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

That's the news from Oregon.  Love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)


paperbutterfly said...

Thank you for the instructions. Really simple I may be able to do this.
Link up any time. Always can find an extra teacup!
Blessings, Pam

Vintage Porcelain Art By Amy Enright said...

Bless your Heart! you wrote about me! I'm so honored! Since I've started blogging a couple of weeks ago, I've been so blessed by all the warm welcomes and meeting so many beautifully talented blog sisters!
Thank you so much!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Pam/paperbutterfly :),
The instructions are easy. If you have any questions let me know...because I'm sure there are things I left out :) :) :) alrighty...I'll link up last Tuesday's post to your blog then and see if I do this. Do I have eto link up every week? this is fun...tea parties...yeah!!!!

@Amy/Vintage Porcelain Art,
You are welcome. I love your artwork. It's amazing...and I posted the button to your blog as well on my sidebar. You may have to scroll down a bit!!!!...but it's there. Do you know how to create a button? I should try making one for myself. That would be cool!!!

Amy said...

We have plenty of rain to share. LOL

I have been working on a prayer shawl. But I set it aside last night to try a pattern called Baby Bubble Blanket. Will post when I have it done. You use two strands held together. I wanted to use up an apricot I thought was a bit too bright. So I also used a lemon. George and I laughed because we think it looks like macaroni and cheese. Ha Ha

Have a wonderful day.

Dorothy said...

Thanks for visiting me Heather you are such a sweetie. I just realized how to change the backround - duh sure took me a while but anyway. It is not quite what I want but till something better is found I will keep it. There is a button on my site and it takes you to free backrounds. My top part is on blogger and called etheral I think. I like the faint hummingbird. Have a wonderful and blessed day Heather.
Hugs from Arizona,

Flat Creek Farm said...

Yay! I love Sonic! And we have one right here in the small town I work in :) Great post, as always. And thank you ever so much for the mention (below) of my giveaway. Have a wonderful weekend, Heather!! -Tammy

Miss Antoinette K. said...

Hello Heather dear! I just wanted to let you know that I commented on my blog responding to your question! :)

Love you!

Your sister in Christ,

Miss Antoinette

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Heather!

They just opened a Sonic close to us that is quite popular! Love the good old days! I have a daughter who lives in Bend, Oregon. Oregon is such a beautiful state. We love to come in Fall!


That corgi :) said...

hi; found your blog through Parsley's; enjoyed reading about your visit to Sonic; isn't that the best place? we finally got one here where I live this past November and it is always a pleasure to go and eat there; I always am amazed at the servers who can roller skate and bring orders to people!!

saw the Segway of Jacksonville graphic you have on your sidebar. We lived in Medford years ago and enjoyed visiting Jacksonville. I'm sure it has grown quite a bit since then (we moved in 1992)

looking forward to getting to know you more :)


Camille said...

What a fun time you and your Dad had! That drive-in looks great...I'm sure my kids would love it. :) AND my husband loves to fly and watch planes just like your Dad...what a great spot to watch you have. OH...we have had a heat wave too and us "North-West people" have a difficult time with it I think. It's cooler today....

Have a lovely weekend!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi, so exciting to see what Sonic does to everyone :) :) :) I LOVE Sonic...chili cheese fries...but I can't eat those very often.

@Amy...We didn't get that rainstorm I was hoping for :( :( s some areas did see thunder and lightning. I definitely want to see pics of the mac & cheese...ahem, I mean Baby Bubble Blanket when it's done :) :)

@Dorothy...I went to a website called "The cutest blog on the block" for my free background and header. I found a tutorial on youtube from "Tips from a typical mom" on how to change to this background. It was easy..changed my blogger background to "Minima" first..then added the new background. Someday I'll make my own, but that's for another day...

@Tammy/Flat Creek Farm....You're welcome about the giveaway mention!!! I love giveaways..:) We just got Sonic here a couple of years ago...before that I'd have to drive a couple towns over if I wanted to go. I love SONIC...can you tell :) :) The music is fun too!!!

@Miss, I read your response...and now I know exactly what I"ll do...give me a few weeks yet. I'm still trying to recover from paying rent ;) :) :) cool, that your daughter lives in Bend. If you ever come this way, you'll have to give me a ring..on the phone!!! Yeah, I think Sonic is the best fast place in definitely has the best atmosphere :) :)..and the best chili cheese fries :)

@Betty/that corgi - welcome to my blog :) Thanks for joining and leaving a comment :) Sonic is the best...I mean the's always good and I love ti listen to eat..most of the servers at my sonic can roller skate, but not all of them..They're all great though...and it's always good service :) :) You should check out the Segway shop if you are ever back here in the area. It's a great place and the people who run it are awesome. They're my friends!!! My dad and I moved to Medford in 1991..and it has changed a LOT...They built a new library...very nice..the old one, which I like better because it's got that old 1910s being used for community stuff I think...

@Camille - you're kids would go crazy at Sonic. They'd love it for sure...and they have a really good dollar menu and kid's menu, they still get treats and the portion size is good :) :) I see adults buying from the kid's menu too. When adults do it, you know it's good :) :) I'm glad you can identify with the heat...a lot of older apartments in not have air conditioners becausei t's only super hot 2 months out of the year...:) We have air conditioning, but we use fans instead. Oh, the planes...some days we don't see anything...but last Thursday...that was so much fun!!!...lots of planes everywhere!!! all are so awesome. Thanks for visiting and posting comments!!!! I really LOVE it a LOT!!! Have a great weekend...lots of love and hugs to all, Heather :)