Monday, July 5, 2010

Pray For My Computer!!!

Just a quick prayer computer was attacked by a rogue virus last night and again this morning...It shut down EVERYTHING and tried to get me to buy anti-virus software. Everything is fixed NOW...but I'm going to be really careful about emails....etc...If there's forwards, attachments or links, or emails with advertisements...I'll delete those emails, because somehow the virus is attaching itself to something.....If I don't answer it, it's not personal...I'm just trying to prevent this from happening again. Pray that God protects my computer and I'll do the same for you all too!!!

I'll have a post up later today....for sure!!!! Otherwise things are really good today!!!!! My friend Sarah is over visiting.....she's chatting on the phone...I'm on my blog :) :)

That's the news from Oregon. Much love and hugs to all, Heather :) :)

p.s. Everything seems to have been resolved now!!! Thanks for your understanding.  I'll be sharing more later today...not about this ...but my usual fun stuff!!!!


Camille said...

So sorry you had computer problems...nasty business isn't it? Glad everything is back to normal for you now! :)


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Okay, I think computer is slowly starting to work again...yeah, computer problems are a nasty business. I don't like it!!! I just have to keep my chin up and keep on trust the LORD :) :) :)

Love and hugs, Heather :)