Friday, July 23, 2010

365 day photo challenge from July 17th till July 23rd, 2010.

Hi everyone.  I'm going to keep it really simple today because I have a bit of a headache. Here's my next installment of photos for my 365 Day Photo Challenge.

Saturday ~ July 17th, 2010 Looking at the traditional art of crochet in a new way.

Sunday ~ July 18th, 2010 Super cute vintage trailer.

Monday ~ July 19th, 2010 Bon Ami is Mon Ami.

Tuesday ~ July 20th, 2010 Oregon farmland

Wednesday ~ July 21st, 2010 I was desperate for a photo I just posted all the tea things, heart-shaped rubber ice cube tray for " romantic" iced tea, and three little spools of crochet cotton..all of these for just under $13 all together!!

Thursday ~ July 22nd, 2010 A beatiful orange rose.

Friday ~ July 23rd, 2010 The tea strainer I found at a yard sale today for just $0.50. It's made in England and it's quite heavy.
I bought a package of 10 CD-R's today. I wanted to burn all of my photos to CD before I deleted them off my camera's memory card.  Oh, I ruined three CDs trying to figure it out.  Long story short, I figured it out and it's really, really easy. It was just extremely time consuming because I had almost 1000 to go through and decide if I really wanted to keep them or not.
Needless to say I was very frustrated. I wasn't kind and I didn't trust that my dad could help. Well, lo and behold, he could because he saves a lot of his Bible study notes and journal entries to CD-R's.  So when I got over my stupid pride, we figured it out. Now it's really easy and I'm very happy about the process.
Let me say that worry and stress do no good. I have a headache because I decided to rely on my own ability instead of praying and asking God for wisdom and patience. That's how I look at it anyway :) :) I did apologize to my dad for being frustrated earlier this evening.
In other news, I found some great things at a yard sale today...and some awesome tea things at two thrift stores yesterday.  I'll talk about them as I post them during the week.  Stay tuned to see what comes up..:) :) :)
That's about it for the moment. My head still hurts a little bit, but I couldn't go to sleep without posting something :) :) See, I kept it "short"...just like I said :) :) That's the news from Oregon. Love and hugs, Heather :)


Sheila said...

I'm sorry you have a headache. I hope you are feeling better today. I really need to learn how to burn photos to CD's--well I need to learn how to burn anything to a CD--like my favorites and blog lists!! I wouldn't want to lose all those!! I love all your pictures--that rose is absolutely gorgeous. I surely do wish I could find the bargains you find. I have a few new to me thrift stores I'm going to try to get to in the next week or so. I still need to take pictures of the things I found this past week--thanks for the reminder!!
I really love reading how you have such a good relationship with your dad--it makes me smile!!
Have a blessed weekend.

Nancy Y said...

Beautiful Photos Heather! Lovely tea things! I love that photo of the vintage trailer, I was actually going to buy one of those, I thought it would be fun to decorate it, lol. I'm sorry to hear about your headaches, I hope you are feeling better soon!!

xoxo Nancy

Miss Antoinette K. said...

Dear Miss Heather,

I can be the same way too at times and I am so thankful I have two brothers and a father who are willing to help me out! :)

I LOVE our photos! My family uses Bon Ami ALL the time and I enjoy using it too! It is so much safer to use than today's harsh chemical cleaners! I liked the tea strainer too, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE things like that!

I hope your headache goes away, those are no fun at all (especially if stress, and staring at the computer for a long time is the culprit)!

My mother and I are going to walk around our neighborhood for some garage sales today! Every time we go now I think of you! lol

I will be sending you an e-mail with one idea I had for your blog button!

Love and Blessings in our Lord,

Miss Antoinette

PS. How old did you think I was before I told you? Just curious! :)

Jill said...


I hope your headache goes away soon! I know with mine sometimes laying down in a darkened room helps. Just a suggestion have you ever tried a thumb drive to save your photos too? It's really easy, and they can't get scratched or anything life Cd's. I started doing this instead and buying like 4 or 8 GB. Have a great weekend!!!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi ladies...

My headache is gone. I tried sleeping with the window open last night. No worries, I'm upstairs and there's a screen. I hear this really loud chattering outside. It was three raccoons!!!! I'm feel busy so I do have to slow down a bit this weekend...but who knows, I may get all the posts done that I wanted...Sunday is a definite. So I won't be forgetting that!!!

@Sheila...I just shop at yard sales and thrift stores. Those prices tend to be lower anyway...and depending on where you go, you might even be able to bargain. I do set a limit on what I'm willing to that helps too :) :) Let me know what you find. Sometimes you have to search awhile...but when you find something, post a pic :)

@Nancy Y - that trailer is cute. There's a group in Washington State I believe, but not sure called "Sisters on the Fly". women who decorate vintage trailers. There's also a book by the same name!!! When I start working again, I'll buy it!!

@Miss Antoinette...if you buy something at a yardsale a pic. You're so good with photos, you'll make it artsy cute!!! Oh, I can't wait to see the new button idea!!! let's see..I thought you were in your
20s or 30s. When I was your age, I had older women friends from church. It was a blessing. They were fun ladies and I learned a lot :) :)

@Jill...I use a thumb drive to save photos that I'm allowed to borrow from other blogs. I haven't done actual photos yet. That's a good idea. I wonder if I could just drag and drop the photos that I want from the windows gallery to the USB port? That's what I did when I burned the photo CD. That's a great idea.!!!!

Have a great weekend ladies. I'll be posting on Sunday..and I'm doing a little review for The Girlhood Home Companion magazine. It's wonderful. Lots of great ideas for mothers/daughters to do together. Now I don't have kids, but I do love good ideas..and there might things there you could do with Sunday school kids too!! watching for that this coming week!!!

Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

A Hopeful Heart said...

Oh, a headache...NO FUN!!! I used to be prone to migraines, but after several months of chiropractic treatments AND slowing my life down, I rarely get them anymore. But when I do, I generally just have to go to bed to sleep it off. So, I'm sympathizing with how you're feeling.

I LOVE the new blog background. Very pretty and feminine!!

I'm not very tech savvy. I haven't taken a photo in years, as I just haven't gotten into digital cameras. My kids take photos, or if they absolutely NEED me to take a photo of them (like when they're with their friends), they get the camera all set and then tell me what button to push.

Oh, your photos are lovely. I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE all your tea things. You got some great bargains.

Have a lovely weekend,

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Patti/A Hopeful Heart!!!

You should see if your kids will teach you how to use their camera. I just started using my first digital camera ever, back in May. It's wonderful!!!! There's still lots to learn..but boy, oh boy the photo resolution is fantastic!!!!

Thanks for your compliments on my blog :) :) I was just reading your blog again today. I'll have to double check to make sure I left a comment!!! I always try and leave a comment anywhere I visit...a nice thank you for the work/love people put into their blogs :) :)

My headache is that I know how to burn a CD :) :) A blogger friend (check earlier comment here :) suggested a USB port...those are great too, for saving photos. I'm going to try that!!!

I'll be talking more about tea things on keep your eyes out for that, too :) :) :)

Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Mountain Woman said...

Hi Heather,

What great photos! I'm so sorry you have a headache and isn't it wonderful your Dad could help you. How true it is when we rely on ourselves, we run astray. Beautiful post and I look forward to more of your fantastic pictures.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Mountain Woman...thank you. I just take photos of what I consider to be beautiful interesting etc!!! Thanks for the compliment on my photos :) :) Love and hugs, Heather :)