Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Thursday & Darn (as in sock darning)...I Need Some Yarn!!!

This photo is courtesy of Prairie Flower Farm. Thank you Linda for letting me borrow this. I love your photos. Click here to pay Linda a visit at Prairie Flower Farm.

Happy Thursday everyone,  Lots going on today. Linda over at Prairie Flower Farm wrote a really sweet blog today. Click here to pay her a visit.  I can totally identify with things that hold meaning and how it's hard to part with them sometimes...but inspite of that, we're reminded about what really matters.  Plus she has some really super cute videos of one of the baby chicks hopping on a computer keyboard AND another that was adopted by Mrs. Puddleduck. I think Mrs. Puddleduck kicked the chicken mama off of her nest... Pay Linda a visit and tell her that I sent you :) :) :) She's an awesome lady with a huge heart!!!!

Oh, also my friend Stephanie (we went to the same school back in the day..) puts out this fantastic travel magazine called "Overland Journal".  Click here to check it out or click on the special photo I posted on the sidebar.  She was really sweet to send me a few copies to peruse..and it's FANTASTIC. It's very well-written and the photos, information and travel advice can't be beat.  It is truly THE BEST travel magazine I've ever seen...literally from front cover to back cover. If you like adventure and travel, then definitely pay a visit to the Overland Journal website. You can also subscribe to the magazine if you'd like...:) :) :)

This is the shopping bag from my favorite knitting shop in the world...The Web*sters. I had to make a special trip to Ashland today...just so I could buy a little bit of yarn here and take more photos of the town. Click here to check out "The Web*sters" site.  The ladies really know their fibre arts here and are more than happy to answer your questions. They will also ship anywhere in the USA :) :) :)
Yesterday, I realized I was running out of yarn..and I was already starting to experience symptoms of yarn withdrawl. Now I don't know about you ladies..(and guys?...not sure if any guys read this blog yet :) )..anyway, I don't know about you, but I am perfectly okay with having stashes of yarn and other fun crafty things in the home. However, it's unacceptable to run out... :) :) :) So I had to buy something. I originally went in for some mercerized cotton yarn by makes AWESOME French bath mitts..very sturdy. I ended up buying a yarn from a company in Chile called "Araucania".  The yarn itself is variegated..and it's made from real sugarcane fibres..yes, I said SUGARCANE :) :) I was I bought it. I'll post a picture of the finished product soon :) :) :)

The Web*sters store front. This is located in the downtown plaza in Ashland, Oregon. It's an upscale knitting shop..but they have something for just about every budget. I love this store and wouldn't mind living here and knitting all day long :) :)

This was another shop a few stores down from The Web*sters...I took a photo because of the sign hanging in the display window of "Gold & Gems Fine Jewelry" shop. The sign reads as follows: "Welcome to our store where women get into trouble...and men get out of it!"...This had me laughing so hard...I'm still having a good chuckle over this...hee hee hee. Thank God for laughs :) :) :)

Here's a couple views of The McCall house in Ashland, Oregon. One of my favorite buildings in the whole town. No, it's not leaning dad snapped the photo and he held the camera at an angle. That's makes it more arty. Many homes in downtown Ashland look like this. There's also quite a few lovely old Craftsman style bungalows and cottages...Lots of detail!!!! I love the detail in this building in particular :) :) :)

This is one of the back roads leading out of Ashland.  It reminds me that Ashland is still very much a small town :) :) :)

Some more views of Ashland, Oregon...

A view of the plaza as seen from further up East Main Sreet in Ashland, Oregon.

I just love the detail on this building...especially along the rooftop.

The following photos are of the Ashland Springs Hotel built in 1925. Originally called the Lithia Hotel. Click here to learn more and see some cool black and white photos. All the buildings in Ashland are no more than two to three stories tall...except for the Ashland Springs Hotel. You can see this from just about any vantage point in town :)

Here are some  more views of Ashland....

This is a very old art-deco...but still very beautiful and much visited movie theatre :) :) :)

I saw this scrawled into the pavement in Lithia Park. It's really faint but if you look really carefully it reads "Remember Love" true..and it reminds me of the Author of ultimate and true love...Jesus Christ (read John 3:16)

Triangle Park...indeed in the shape of a triangle in Ashland, Oregon...very tiny park, but super shady!!!

Before I forget, let me welcome some more lovely people to my blog :) :) :)

WELCOME TO: Jill of Blessings of a Stay at Home Mome. Click here to pay her a visit. She's a neat lady :)

WELCOME TO: Becky of Life for Us. Click here to visit her website. She loves crafts...and who of doesn't? I've noticed that all of you make some really lovely things. In fact, if you visit Gerry's Soap N Stuff..Gerry posted a photo of some really sweet hand-knit dishclothes that she gave to Gerry as a gift :) :) :)

WELCOME TO: LV of Thoughts from Meme's Corner. Click here to pay LV a visit. She's a  lovely lady...just a total delight :) :) :) AND she has the exact same header and blogger background that I have. We both found ours at "The Cutest Blog on the Block" 

So I'll definitely be returning to Ashland one of these days to buy some more yarn. When my dad and I came home, I saw "Stubby"...She actually belongs to a neighbor. I met the neighbor one day and neighbor lady said "She refuses to come inside"...hmm..not sure why, Stubby is still trying, after more than two months, to adopt my dad and I and move into our home.  In any case, Stubby came over and said hello. She let me pet her. I tried to get a photo...but Stubby was more interested in the cat food another neighbor left on the pavement for her :) :) So you'll have to be satisifed with this view of Stubby. She's such a sweet kitty...and thankful to God for the simple joy she brings to my life :) :)

That's pretty much it today. Thanks for hanging in there. This post was extra-long today :) :) :) I"m going to start on this new knitting project with that "sugarcane" yarn tonight :) :) Wish me luck!!!

Oh, I just got the latest copy of "Hobby Farm Home" magazine in the mail today.  So excited. I've been going through a Bible study on the book of Ruth called "Redeeming Ruth" by Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church. Anyway, I'm praying for my own "Boaz"...learning lots...and hoping future hubby will have lots of land, so I can actually do some of the things I read in this magazine....most important is that whoever you end up marrying loves Jesus Christ. Okay, I'll step off my soapbox now :) :) There is also a great article on vintage quilts, too!!!

One last friend Gerry at Gerry's Soap N Stuff mentioned me in one of her posts. Click here to read it...also she knows a LOT about feel free to ask her questions. She's been very helpful to me :) :)

That's the news from Oregon today. Lots of love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)


Parsley said...

Sugar cane yarn? Sounds yummy LOL

Aww.. Stubby is sweet. So glad God brought you some smiles through her/him.

I'm having another giveaway. A mini Tea Set.

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

Hi Heather, I love your long blog entries and your Oregon cities tours. I have never been to Oregon nor Washington, but have all of the other western states. I don't know how we missed those two...Good luck with your knitting. I enjoy knitting simple things, but I am not experienced enough to tackle anything hard to do. :) Hugs, Gerry

Jill said...

Hi Heather!
Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting me and your sweet and thoughtful comments! I appreciate them so much! Thank you also for mentioning my blog in your post, how very kind! I really enjoyed the trip around Ashland! I LOVE the McCall house and all the other places as well. Can't wait to see what you do with your yarn!:-) The cat reminds me of my other cat when she was younger. I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow and thanks again for everything!
Blessings, Jill

Annesphamily said...

Hi cutie! I am loving stopping by here. I am leaving town tomorrow for a quick visit to our hometown in Pueblo. My high school I attended for three years (all girl) has a mixer for several classes. I am meeting a couple girlfriends and we will have some fun! The hubby and I have a hotel for the night so we will come home sometime Saturday. I always enjoy your pictures. You write such interesting blog posts. I love Linda too! I joined her daughter Tressa but can not leave a comment. It kicks me out! :(
Have a great weekend! Hugs Anne

That corgi :) said...

its amazing how much Ashland has not changed since we lived up there; I think that is very neat! I remember driving by some of those houses you featured in your entry, Heather!

I think it is so neat you are so crafty with yarn, soap, etc!!! that is awesome!


Amy said...

Thank you so much for sharing your photos. I get to get a short vacation every time that I read your blog.

I am working on a prayer shawl for a lady at church. I hope to get it done by August 1st. Then I want to get started on Christmas presents.

Of course, Bri wants an American Girl Doll for her birthday and her friend for Christmas. Ouch. I am saving my pennies. My Mom and SIL have offered to pitch in. It will give me an excuse to make doll clothes and crochet accessories. Ha Ha

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI everyone,
I've been a bit busy and not had time to respond to comments...but I"ve got a few minutes right now here I am :) :) :)

@Parsley..I entered your giveaway. I'm going to run out of things to display for Tea Time I need to add to my collection :) :) Oh, and Stubby kitty...I think she's a girl!!!

@Gerry/Gerry's Soap N Stuff...I have most of my knitting needles in this carrying case...yet, the ONE set that I'm looking for goes missing. So I can't start my project until I find those special double pointed knitting needles :) :) Simple is good too...remember that!!! :) :)

@Jill...thanks for leaving me a comment :) :) :) Stubby cat is cute and I could hear her outside my bedroom window this morining. Amazing...because my bedroom is on the second floor :) :)

@Annesphamily :)Take pictures in Pueblo :) :) Sometimes blogger is weird, you might have to try a few times before it will let you in. I've had that happen to me before...not with Tressa's blog...but in general..I finished part 4 last night in the "Redeeming Ruth" study. it's so good...and makes me feel good about being single for the moment :)

@Betty/That corgi :)...Ashland hasn't changed and it has. I haven't lived in the town intself in a few years..but I LOVE to go there often. I wish I lived back there again :) There's lots more housing...and business..but everything seems to keep in character with the town for the most part, so that's very good!!! I used to near Tolman Creek Rd..and I remember those condos being built across the way...not very big, but they were spendy. Let's see Ashland has about 12,000 people when I first moved there and now it has about 18,000.. :) :)

Thanks everyone for leaving me comments. I really like them a lot!!!! Love and hugs, Heather :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Amy...I"m so sorry...I don't know how I missed your comment. I didn't forget you!!! Definitely post a pic of that prayer shawl when it's finished!!! Did you see the books with prayer shawl patterns in the latest issue of Mary Jane's Farm magazine? Right now I"m knitting up some really cute dishcloths. That's what's affordable at the moment. Although I'd like to try knitting a market bag someday :) :) :) Oh, many of my friends have kids...especially little girls that are around Bri's age...and they like the AMerican Girl dolls too..I don't know much about them...but I sure loved "Kitt Kitridge..the move that came out not too long ago. Super cute and very clean and family friendly :) :)

Love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)