Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spiritual Sunscreen & the Funny Little Things That Dad's Treasure!!!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before or not...but I'm single, in between jobs, no kids etc...and all of a sudden life got really busy.  Gosh...if it's busy for me, I don't know how all of you with families etc manage to cope :) :) :)...It's only because of Jesus Christ that I'm able to do what I do.. :) :) Just had to throw that thought out there :)

Feel free to borrow this Scripture picture and share it with your friends and family!

My dad was cleaning out a box of stuff in his closet yesterday morning. I was sitting at the computer checking Facebook and my blog. All of a sudden he starts dropping stuff onto the keyboard. The first thing he handed me was this Scripture you see at the top of the blog here. It was something I had written out quite awhile ago..and called it "spiritual sunscreen"...because that's what these verses made me think of :) :)...The LORD is the best protection...hands down!!!

He really keeps everything that I give him...even those things that I wouldn't consider worth keeping...but because I'm his only baby and a girl..he keeps it all!!!! So I'm typing away...and here comes the next thing...

....an old six-pack of Coca-Cola.  You may remember a few years back when they brought back the old retro-packaging. My dad liked it so much he bought it and kept it.  This is really cute. To be honest, I'd buy this if it was sold in cute vintage packaging like this!!!  At this point my dad is all smiles and giggles...

Next up are these two little specimens.  The one on the left was a guage swatch that I had knit prior to making one of my French bath mitts. I just cast off and wove in the ends..and voila...a drink coaster out of handknit cotton yarn for my dad!!! The piece on the right was made out of flannel scraps. I was trying my hand at paper-piecing for quilting..and made this little sample out of flannel scraps.  It's really tiny..and it's a heart.. I gave that to my dad,too!!!

This is a handmade dishcloth that I knit from a pattern I found in a book called "Mason Dixon Knitting". The book is really funny and full of great patterns. It would be worth your money to buy this..Click here to view their blog.  I'll write to them and ask if I can reprint this pattern only here. It's so cute...so easy peasy to make..and when it's done..well you can see for yourself how cute it is!!!!

Last, but not least, are these two items...the Santa hat and the wooden serving tray.  The Santa hat...my dad and I each won these after receiving 100% quality assurance scores when we were monitored on the phones at work. This must have been around Christmas time. There was a balloon attached to the hat..and inside it was filled with chocolate covered bing cherries :) :)

The serving tray belonged to my grandmother. She would serve tea and cookies, or pastry danishes, or cinnamon rolls on this.  It's gotten a bit dusty over the years from sitting on my dad's bookshelf. Does anyone know how I can clean it up and make it look pretty again? Is there an oil I can use to condition the wood?

So that was a lot of fun to see my dad's face light up everytime he found some new thing in the box!!! He was so happy and he was thinking of good memories attached to each and every object...good stories, funny stories!!!

Oh, did I mention that I won a secret blog give-away from Red Pine Mountain...specifically from Mountain Woman. Her blog is a great read. Check it out here.If you want to read Mountain Woman's blog click on "daily diary" or click here. I won this beautiful set of two 4th of July towels. They're really cute. As it happens I wanted to add some more Americana to my home, too!! I love them and my dad really likes them. 

Here's the link to the lovely, talented artist who made these hand-towels for the giveaway.  I included her business card with all the necessary details in case you wanted to order some for yourself or check out the other lovely things that she makes :) :) :) Or you can click here. I just received the towels in the mail earlier this afternoonn. What a beautiful gift to come home to. Thanks Vickie for making these towels.!!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the funny story from yesterday.  My dad and I went to Staples. I had to get a copy of a PDF file that I'd saved on my USB port.  So we went to Staples, and this very nice guy behind the counter helped me.  Then he helped my dad with his printing needs. While the associate was working on printing my file, these two older gentleman came into the store. One looked to be in his 40s and other one in his late 50s early 60s.
The older gentleman started to huff and puff about having to wait "three hours" to get his job printed out. My dad and I both looked at them..and my dad smiled and said "That's life"..besides that, the associate was all by himself that morning and was doing a great job all on his own.  We weren't in any hurry and weren't going to grumble over having to wait a few minutes. There are bigger fish to fry for sure!!! So my dad told the associate to help the two gentleman first.  As it turns out, the older gentleman was only getting a wallet sized business card laminated.
The associate, Mr. Cool Guy I'll call him, printed out my dad's file, too.  When my dad went to the register to pay, Mr. Cool Guy said "You're money is no good here. Don't worry about it. It's free today" :) :) My dad was surprised at first, and then he smiled so big!!! What a blessing... Mr. Cool Guy is a fantastic employee...and Mr. Huff 'n Puff and his friend saw this whole transaction take place. I wanted to say something to them, but held my tongue.  I'm not afraid of a grouchy old man, but what I had to say wasn't nice,...so I just kept quiet instead. Later, my dad told me that Mr. Cool Guy has helped him before...and he's been there when Mr. Cool Guy had to deal with other impatient customers. My dad and I made sure to thank him profusely, in front of those two gentlemen, for taking the time to make sure our files were printed correctly...and for doing such a fine job!!!
Sometimes we just don't know what's going on in peoples minds when they are mean to store associates or don't treat them kindly.  Maybe something really bad happened. Who knows?  Or maybe they don't realize that if they're nice to people they'll still get some attention... However, I do try to be nice to them at all times...because I've been behind the counter and been the undeserving recipient of someones rude treatment. So I try to be the best customer I can be...and you always get better service that way, too!!!
I'm thankful that we have a Savior who treats us right all the time. He is an example of how we should treat other people in the home and outside of the home!!!
Thanks for stopping by and paying me a visit!!! I really enjoy reading your comments, too!!! That's the news from Oregon today. Love and hugs, Heather :) :)


Parsley said...

Hey...you busy person! Must just be the season for BUSY. LOL

Just wanted you to know I enjoyed reading. 'HUGS'

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Parsley... so good to hear from you again :) :) :) Yeah, it's crazy. It's like there's NOTHIN' happening..and than all of a sudden out of nowhere there's all kinds of busy going on :) :) Thanks for reading!!! Hugs right back at ya...from Oregon, Heather :)

Vixen said...

I am glad you dad like the towels too.

To get grama's wooden trade back into prime condition there are two things. One if its really dirty (not just dust but years of use dirt) clean it with Murphy's Pure Vegetable Oil Soap. The only soap that is really safe for wood (it's usually at the grocery store). If it's not too dirty, use some Old English polish on it. This will bring back it's luster and oil it to keep it moist.

Have a great day!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Vickie at Vixen :) :)
Yeah, those Snoopy towels are great. My dad loves them and he smiled really big when I showed him what came in the mail...for ME today :) :) The tray was used often when my grandmother was alive..since she passed not so much. so it is very dusty from just sitting on top of a bookshelf. I'll try some of that Murphy's PUre VEgetable Oil Soap to clean it!!!! Hugs, Heather :)

Camille said...

Good evening Heather! How fun that your Dad kept all those treasures! I agree...God's WORD is so wonderful and we ARE protected by HIM...no better place to be!!

I have a wood rub that uses both beeswax and mineral oil...it works great to freshen up wood. Mineral oil would work I think.

I used to knit TONS of dishcloths...they work great don't they? :)

Have a lovely evening!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Camille,
What do you use to clean dusty wood?..the beeswax/oil combo sounds really good for freshening up. Is it store bought or did you make it at home?

I love knitting...and those dishcloths are so easy...It's unreal...Yeah, I like knitting them because it gives me quick knitting fix!!!! Also, my dad will use an unholy amount of paper towels if I let him..and it's driving me nuts..so I 'm trying to knit bath mitts and dishclothes to accomplish the same job. They can be washed and reused over and over again :):) :)

Just a random thought today..but I've been thinking about God's provision and how He always does great things in our lives if we'll trust Him to do it!!! :) :) :)

Have a great day CAmille!!! Thanks for paying me a visit. I love it when people leave comments on my blog :) :) Love and hugs, Heather :) :)

Linda Stubbs said...

I am home!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!!
Precious post! Love how your dad turned a quiet answer and the Lord blessed it. You and your daddy are so precious! Love all your little goodies you found. That verse is so wonderful! Especially because Mr. Phil and I were under direct sun for days and the last two days were in the 100's. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Heather. Give your Daddy a big hug from the Stubbs family. He is a wonderful testimony!
Blessings, Linda

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Anne of Phamily Blog :) :) I got your comment and sent you an email..in case you read this first...I haven't published your comment yet. I didn't know if you felt comfortable with me posting it because your address is on there. Please let me know either way if you have a chance!! I'll make sure to mail in my postcard!!!

@Linda...I'm so glad you're home and Mr. Phil is okay!!! Thank you for your kind words. You're always a delight!! I told my dad "big hugs from the STubbs family..and I'll go give him a big hug for real, just as soon as I"m done here :) :) Today is double-punch Wednesday at The Human Bean...a drive-through coffee stand...really GOOD...so I'll get coffee and my dad will probably have a Sierra Mist.
You're a wonder, Linda!!!!..and a beautiful example of a godly woman!!!! Love and hugs...

Have a great rest of the week everyone!!! You all are real delights to my heart and soul today!!! Love and hugs, Heather :)

Dorothy said...

Heather it has been such a blessing to read your blog since finding you. You are a very wise young woman and it is so encouraging to see your love for the Lord. Your dad sounds like a godly amazing man - you probably don't realize what a special!!! blessing that is!!!!
Hugs from AZ,

MountainWoman said...

Hi Heather,

What great stories. I'm so thrilled to hear about your experience in the store. It always pays to be kind as you said and store clerks seem to get the brunt of people's bad moods. What a nice gift you got when he wouldn't accept your payment.

I love your Scripture quote and I'll remember it.

I enjoyed seeing all the items your Dad found. I love the serving tray and I'll ask Mountain Man when he gets home about the oil to use.

Thanks too for mentioning my blog and Vickie!!!! I really appreciate it. It does my heart good to know such a kind soul exists. You are really an inspiration to us all.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Dorothy...so cool..thanks for paying me a visit. I'm still thinking about those coffee drink mixes from Costco. I actually went to The Human BEan...a local drive-thru coffee stand for some coffee today :) :) :) I love it there.
Yeah, I'm 30-something...:) :) My dad is really awesome..and I realize how blessed I am more and more as time goes on... :) :)I didn't always see that when I was younger... Yes, he really does love Jesus and someday I hope the man I marry loves Jesus the same way...but tells better jokes :) :) What makes my dad's jokes so funny is how he starts howling with laughter after he tells them :) :) Thanks for reading my blog :) :) That's high praise!!!!

@Mountain Woman...You, dear lady, are a sweet lady..and I'm so glad that I found your blog via GRIT!!! It was actually my dad's payment he wouldn't take. The associate took my money :) :) :) That's okay!!! My dad was so cute...because as we were walking towards the main cash register, he's looking at his cash and said "This money is no good here"..with a great big smile :) He bought a Sierra Mist..so that's why he still had to stop at the other register to pay for that :) :) He loves his Sierra Mist!!!

Do tell me what Mountain Man says about the wood. All I know is that it was made in India decades ago. My grandmother had that tray for years and year...and may have very well inherited it from her parents. I don't know if that wood is naturally that dark. I don't think so...because it's not real heavy in terms of weight..but I think it was stained dark!!! No problem about the blog mentions.. your blog is wonderful and Vicki sews really, really well, You both deserve to have people know about you..
I'm stll thinking about the surprise chickies!!! :) :)...big smile!!!

Love and hugs to both of you ladies!!! have a great rest of the week!!! Heather :)

Annesphamily said...

Heather you are a smart young woman. I know you what you mean about grumpy people. It takes more muscles to frown then it does to smile. :) SO I say smile away. I have a friend who wants to go to lunch and I always find an excuse not to go. She is a chronic complainer and I have some favorite hang outs for lunch that I don't like to share with mean people! Life, it is annoying but God never lets us down. The Savior is always there to comfort us and hold us close. am glad you and your dad had a good retail experience. That type of job is difficult. Lots of grumpy people, I know a couple of them were at my office today! I loved this blog. Thanks for sharing. Anne

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Annesphamily, Thanks for your post. Blogger never tells me which post people are commenting too...so I always have to search...That's okay...:) :) :)
Yeah, it's hard when people complain a LOT...I pray for them first and foremost..and depending if the situation warrants it, I'll actually talk to the person about it...because I can't have constant complaining ...It drains my energy and makes me a complainer too..and that's not the type of person I ever want to become....I'll pray that God gives you wisdom to know what to do!!! Mucho love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Annesphamily said...

http://aspotforpatch.blogspot.com/ Heather you need to meet Kim. You will love the simplicity of her blog. She is an awesome mom with the sweetest boys, I know they sent me some cool postcards. I am always thinking of people over here that you will enjoy meeting!

Did you get that virus taken care of? I hate those things attacking the computer! I hate to e mail you until I know it is ok.

I love this post, it is so beautifully written. Your dad must be so proud of you! One cool chick loving Jesus and spreading His gospel. Life isn't any better than this! Anne

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Annesphamily...

I'll check out the blog later :) :) Oh, the virus thing on my computer is fixed!!!..you can send me an email...but it has to be straight up text only...not one that is a combination email/website. I will automatically delete those...nothing personal...I do that with emails...not sure where the virus came from :(..but you can send me just a plain old email..that would be fine :)

Have a great rest of the week. Hugs, Heather :)