Sunday, June 20, 2010


This is my first photo with Scripture. Feel free to borrow this Scripture picture that I posted.I was inspired by all the lovely photos (especially the ones that come with Scripture) that Linda at Prairie Flower Farm posts on her site. Click here to pay her a visit or click on the Prairie Flower Farm button on my sidebar. She's a lovely lady and you'll feel better and have a huge smile on your face after paying a visit.
I went into my local grocery store to snap a photo of this. I had to ask the manager first. She said that normally they don't EVER allow photos to be taken in the store, period! However, she told me that as long as I take it quick, she wouldn't say anything!!!! She's cool. I took the photo and then showed it to her!!! She loved it!!!  I "googled" purple yellow flowers and found out via a similar photo...this flower is called a "Dark Blue Iris". God is really into details. He spends all this time on a simple flower...think how much more He spends on us :) :) :) That's an awesome thought!!!

Since it is Father's Day today (June 20th, 2010) I thought I'd post a few pics. This first one is really grainy. I don't have a all of these photos are literally snapshots that I took with my digital camera of actual old-school photographs. In this first one, I'm about 2 years old. My dad and I are going for a walk. You can see that my love for the color "red" started at a very early age :) :)

This is my dad with his older brother in 1951. My dad is the super cute little baby in this photo.

Here's my dad again in 1953. He's around 2 years old here.

This is another photo of my dad circa 1953. He's the little itty bitty fella standing in front of his older brother. His older sister is standing to the left. I love all of these people!!!...but am especially thankful that God chose my earthly daddy to be my father!!!! He is a wonderful parent and a great friend!!! An interesting sidenote on the photo, this is literally only about 1.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall. This photo is teeny tiny.

My dad led me to Jesus Christ when I was 8 years old. I've been walking with Jesus Christ for 28 years now. It's been a long journey, but He has never disappointed me :) :) :)

Thank God for our heavenly Father and our earthly daddies...those living and those who are now in heaven. Also have to thank the people (men and women) who step into the role of father figure for those that need a daddy!!! You all rock. Happy Father's Day, everyone!!! Take time to tell the people you care about how much you love them!!!

That's the news from Oregon. Have a great day everyone!!! Love, hugs and greetings, Heather :)


Camille said...

Beautiful photo of the flower Heather! Great job putting Scripture on it! :) The verse you chose is wonderful....thanks for sharing.

What great shots you have of your Dad from when he was a boy. How precious that he led you to the LORD!

Have a lovely day!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Camille,
Thanks!!!! I think I'll start incorporating more pictures with Scripture. It's fun and I love it. If you have a chance, go check out Prairie Flower Farm!!! I have a button as well as a link on my sidebar. Linda Stubbs writes that. She's a wonderful Christian lady who loves Jesus Christ, her family and farming etc. She does those too...and she was my inspiration!!!
I have some really great photos from Yosemite National Park that a friend let me borrow and add Scripture I'll putting those up as well, as time goes by :) :)

Thanks for paying me a visit!!!! have a great week, and your family!!! Oh, there's this product from Canada that I LOVE called "Stoned Wheath Thins". Those are the BEST tasting crackers grandmother got me hooked on those!!!!

Love and hugs, Heather :)

Annesphamily said...

Beautiful pictures and wonderful thoughts! You are one sweet lady! Blessings Anne

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Anne...thank you :) :) That's high praise!!! It's because of Jesus Christ in my life...truly...!!! He's made all the difference and then some :) :)