Friday, June 18, 2010


Here's the second part of my trip to Jacksonville. My digital camera and I are becoming fast friends...and I just went wild taking photos...well, maybe more on the conservative side. I stayed within about a 4 block radius and took over 70 photos. No worries..I'll just highlight the best of the best. There are only 16 here and this will conclude my visit to Jacksonville, Oregon today :) :) )  There are other parts of Jacksonville I have yet to explore. There is so much beauty and history surrounding this little town :)  Hang in there with me!!! There are more photos in this post. Although I think you'll agree that all the photos are beautiful.  Every place has something unique that makes it special.

I just love the color contrast between these flowers. I don't even know what they're called...but they sure are pretty, arent' they? (update on 6/19/2010 - Amy told me these are called "Bachelor's Buttons". Thank you :) :) :)


I love a classic car...and this definitely fits right in there!!! It's funny...but there are actually quite a few classic cars that you'll see on the streets of Jacksonville... It must be something about the town that attracts really cool older cars!!!


Jacksonville City Hall.....


I'm not sure what type of store this is now. Back in the day it was the butcher shop. All of the historical buildings in Jacksonville have little signs stating what it's original purpose was and the year!!!

There are so many shops here that really do cater to a wide variety of interests and for all the tourists, too :) I like this photo because of the gum ball machine standing right in front of the white building you see on the right.

You can take a trolly ride through town.

Oh, here's that same building I showed earlier...but this time from the front. Notice all the detail that went into building this. They don't make them with such beautiful detail like that anymore.

Another view of Jacksonville :)

Occasionally you'll see random plots of grass in between the buildings. I'm not sure if there was a building there at one time or not. Instead I saw this sweet sculpture of three children sitting together.

Alright, I don't think the colors are authentic...BUT it sure is pretty, isn't it?

Here's another one of those random spaces. This time there were plants in galvanized tubs and a bench in the background.

OH if you ever want to mail a letter in Jacksonville, this is a good place to go :)

I turned the flash off on my camera and went right up to the display glass window to snap this shot. This is in the old telephone building. Some of the original telephone equipment used here. When the regular telephone service was finally established, there were a total of 10 subscribers.

This is the side of the old butcher shop. Again notice the old ads painted on the fading away, but still very beautiful.

I'm not sure what this building was originally either. It's very old and very small. When I was still in high school this used to be a doll hospital. You could bring your dolls here to be repaired and brought back to original condition...:) Now it's a Christian discount bookstore. By the way, the guy who owns this shop now...He can find any book!!

Here's another lovely bloom. Thanks for visiting with me. I hope that you enjoyed your time here :) :) :)

I had a fun time showing you all of these photos of some places here in Oregon that are so very beautiful :) :) God has been good to me in allowing me to live in the beautiful state of Oregon. When I look all around, I'm continually amazed at the detail that goes into every flower petal, every building, and every person for that matter :) :)

Thanks for spending time with me.  I'm not sure what I'll be doing for Father's Day weekend...other than spending it with my dad....big smile :)  That's the news from Oregon. Have a great weekend everyone!! Love, hugs and greetings, Heather :) :) :)


Amy said...

Those blue and purple flowers are Bachlors Buttons. I love them, they are some of my favorites. I pick them and put them in my old looking vase with the wire top.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

It must be picture day, as I put a bunch of pictures on my blog too.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Amy said...

The pink flowers on my blog are bougainvilla. I don't know what the purple ones are. My SIL bought them without a label.

We also got Moss Roses. You will also know them as porchalocka.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Amy...thanks for that info. I did update the photo :) :) I also "googled" them online and found out they also are called "cornflowers" that right? Once I saw that I remember why I like them so much. In the movie "A Room with a View", there's a hotel scene where the room is decorated with blue cornflowers. So simple and so beautiful :) :) God creates beautiful things!!! Love and hugs, Heather :)