Monday, June 21, 2010

Prayer Request for my dad!!!

This is my latest Scripture picture that I came up with. Feel free to borrow this and share on your blog or elsewhere :) :) :)

Oh, the prayer request. dad has been wearing a pacemaker since 2003. He got a replacement done in 2008. Everything has been good and that pacemaker has been what's keeping my dad alive....and his heart beating at regular intervals. However, lately he has been experiencing some discomfort in the chest area around the pacemaker. I've read that this is "normal" and can occur in pacemaker patients as they get older. In any case, my dad is going in for a stress test tomorrow (non-treadmill). There will be a second test on Wednesday. Pray that everything will go smoothly and he won't need to have any other procedures done!!! My dad and I both agree that it's probably not a "big deal". The doctors just want to make sure. I'm so thankful that they take good care of his heart. However, I'm a little sad right now. I know God is watching out for my daddy...but it's hard not to cry just a little when my dad isn't feeling completely well!!!

Okay, that's all for the moment. I just wanted to get this out into blog-land before I forget!! I love my dad and someday I hope to marry a man that loves Jesus Christ and treats me just as nice as my dad does!!!! Is that silly? I don't know....:) :) :)

Otherwise, I will be starting on knitting a French bath mitt. I'll make sure to post pics. They're so easy to make and you knit it completely in the round!!! They've beautiful and practical at the same time.

That's the news from Oregon!!! I hope everyone had a good Father's Day weekend!!! Love, hugs and greetings, Heather :) :) :)


Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Heather,
So nice to meet you, I apologize for taking so long in getting back to you, but have been off line for a week. thank you for coming by my blog and for taking the time to leave me such a sweet comment. I will certainly be praying for your Dad, and Yes God is taking care of him,. I understand your concern for him, that is a normal reaction, I was very close to my Dad, and like you wanted to find someone like him, and God had just the right one for me. Just as He has for you.
Thank you for sharing the scripture with the beautiful bleeding heart flower this is one of my favorites.
You commented on my music, I do enjoy it so much and I am so glad you liked it. It is very easy to do. I googled Playlist, and went and followed the directions, and it is so easy. Also once you have got signed up you can request your favorite ones and therefore make your own play list. Also if you go to someone's blog, and they have a song you like, just pop the player out and add to your own list. If you like any of the songs on my list, please feel free to grab them. If you have any questions Please email me at I am so looking forward to getting to know you.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Sue/Beautiful Pear Tree Lane ;) :) :),
No worries on the reply. I'm still in between jobs so I do have more time than most..although in addition to job hunting, any other time I'm trying to fill with good that I'm not bored. :):) :)..I"m really enjoying blogging a lot and am so grateful for these blogs that wonderful people are writing!!! Lots of great tips, decorating ideas...everything :) :)
I appreciate the prayers for my dad. He is a really neat man..and my mom too...great woman..but I share an apartment with my we do spend lots of time together. I asked if I could share a little about the procedure and he said that would be okay. He's not doing the treadmill test..Instead he's getting a procedure called something like "nuclear medicine cardiac imaging"...It's supposed to be very safe..and it allows the doctors to see the heart muscle at work to see if everything is working okay. I was joking that my dad is like my own personal glow in the dark which my dad started making really funny faces :) :)
I'm definitely going to consider the music thing. I would just have to make sure that someone wouldn't get in trouble if they are viewing my blog at work...because of the music. is there a way to not have it automatically start playing...but rather a person can click on it to play if they want to hear the music?
Oh, Thanks for joining my blog :) :) :) I'm honored...and you round out my first group of 15:) I've learned some good lessons about blogging from some wise ladies...
1) Give everything in prayer to the LORD, even the blog!!!
2) Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it...and I include the blog in that!!
3) I pray over each an d every "follower" and people who come to stop for a nice visit :) :)
Okay...I do type-chatter a lot!!! It's funny!! I'll look forward to reading more from both of your blogs :)
Love, hugs and greetings from Oregon, Heather :)

Annesphamily said...

Prayers are coming full circle for your dad! I hope Father's Day was a good day for him! Having you near, I imagine it was! Blessings! Anne

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Anne...Thank you :) :)