Saturday, August 21, 2010

Who Knew Peaches Have a Siren Call That No One Can Resist :) :) :)

Hi everyone.....Happy Saturday...oh my goodness...what a day it has been today.  I found some more great stuff at a couple of yard sales..some of which I'll show you today, the rest on Tuesday when you stop by for "tea" :) :) :)

Oh, and I stopped by the Harry and David Country Store here in town. It's the flagship store for the company and it was crazy busy...imagine a really good sale at a department store and the people were buzzing around like flies..I'll talk more about that at the end of this post ;) :) :)

In an effort to find more fun things to do that don't involve television, I picked up this really cute 500-piece jigsaw puzzle for just $0.15. When you look at the photo, it's really cute. I loved the vintage label you can see in the backround on the right hand side of the picture.

I think this puzzle should be relatively simple to put together.  I do like puzzles !!!!

Our neighbors gave my dad and I a rocking chair. It's nice and reminds me of the one my mother had when I was a little girl. Oh, and the back is nice and sturdy...which feels like heaven on my back :) :) Anyway, I saw this really cute green brocade seat cushion at the same yard sale. The lady only charged me a $1...and it's practically brand new.

Here is the mint green brocade seat cushion already in use on the rocking chair. It fits perfectly...and even though you can't see it, there are lovely satin ties in the back, so it won't slide off. I even sat down to test it cushy tushy...very comfortable :) :) :)

Do you remember the post from yesterday where I bought the Ralph Lauren cotton flat sheet, the lacy table runner and the light switch cover? Click here if you want to read that post. Anyway, I actually put it on the wall today.  I was able to use a flat-head screwdriver to take out the screws..but I had trouble prying the old cover from the wall. So I asked my dad for help. He just popped it off, like it was a sticky note. Go figure....I think my dad is to cranky vending machines and light what I am to yard sales...amazing :) :) :)

Here's the light switch cover already happily ensconced on my wall :) :) :) You can see part of my messy bookcase on the left...and a miniature clipboard with vintage Victorian designs for Valentine's Day. That's actually a great little pl ace to write yourself messages or make a list of stuff to do for the day...whatever. It's fun and creative!!! Just about everyone I know owns a clipboard of some size. Try it out for yourself :) :)

Here's a close-up view of the light switch cover...again :) :) Don't you love the frilly femine detail!!! This is so cool.  Slowly but sure, my room is starting to look more girly!!!

The family I bought the mint green satin cushion and the jigsaw puzzle from...were a sweet family. It turns out the husband used to work at the same company I work at now. He was on the janitorial staff.  He has this beautiful cedar chest that he put together himself and lined the inside with red velvet. I would have dearly loved to purchase that, but it was way out of my budget at $80...but for a cedar chest, that was a screaming good deal. I asked him why he was selling it...and he got a little I didn't press further. I do hope that the person who buys that, will love it and give it a good home...and will cherish that piece as much as that man obviously did!!!

Oh, so I went to the Harry and David store today to buy a gift for a friend.  She knows this gift is coming, because we've been emailing back and forth...but she doesn't know what part of the gift is here :) :) :) SURPRISE!!!!  Anyway, when my dad and I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed all of these customers literally swarming the front of the store. I thought I missed something and there was a huge sale going on. Well, as it turns out, I wasn't totally wrong. There was a sale on homegrown Oregold peaches...fresh-picked from the orchards...for just...are you ready for this....$0.10 cents a pound...that's practically giving them away for free. I mean, some people just had bags...Others had pallets...and I mean pallets with at least a hundred pounds worth of peaches. I think it was the siren call of a good deal...and I"m guessing that most of the customers will can them!!!! Here's a couple of photos I took of the event...and let me tell you...this does not do justice to the swarms of consumers there today :) :) It was so funny!!!

Those boxes are about the size of small jacuzzis...and people were able to take as many peaches as they could carry...and pay for them of course :) :)

While I was staring in amazement at all of this, I noticed a woman I hadn't seen in years. It was my former German professor :) :) :) So I went over and said hello. It was so wonderful to see her again. It's because of her that I went to Germany and now speak fluent German :) :) :) We got caught up on a lot of things...and I helped her carry some of the bags of peaches she had gathered!!!!

This was just a sampling of some of the crowds..There were HUNDREDS of people swarming everywhere...a bit like locusts...but these were happy people getting a great deal on some fabulous fruit :) :)

People had to wait in a line to get their fruit weighed BEFORE they could go into the store to pay for it. At this point, my German professor and I parted ways. She went to wait in line...I went to buy part of the surprise gift for my very sweet friend. When I was finished, I went to search out my German professor.  Let me tell you...the line was near the door you see in the above photograph...snaked all the way around the right hand side of that building...all the way around the back...and ended at the other end of the store..which is where I found my German professor. So while my dad waited near the car, I spent time talking with her in German. It felt good to speak German again..Thank goodness, they let people who just had two bags or so, come right into the store to get the fruit weighed and payed for. My professor had four I just grabbed two...she grabbed two and in we went!!! Goodness, there were people buying up to $10 worth of do the math...that's a lot of fruit at just $0.10 per pound :)

The long line stopped just behind the green awning...oh goodness...but that's the price you pay when those famous Oregold peaches go on special :) :) :)
My German professor's bag had a hole in it...and a couple of peaches fell out...and people were so sweet saying "You dropped some peaches" and picked them up for it was precious diamonds :) :) :)  She had to wait for her husband to come pick her up and I went back into the store to buy her one of the really nice Harry & David canvas bags with the vintage pear logo on the front. They're great market bags and fairly priced and super sturdy!!! Oh I waited in a really, really long line.. I stood behind two ladies who were travelling from Washington state. They had seven bottles of wine between them.  We have a really nice selection here in Oregon...if you like to imbibe wine..I don't...but it's nothing other than I don't enjoy the taste. In any case, they were surprised at the number of people there today. They knew about the peach sale...and we were joking about how this could be so much worse. Actually, it wasn't bad at all. I was just having an insanely good laugh over the whole scene...and so were they :) :)
I did get my German professor's telephone number and I plan on staying in contact with her!!! Oh, it was good to go out today...and I had NO CLUE about the peaches or that God would bless me with a dear person from my past....:) :) :) I did see some of my co-workers there buying peaches...and I know we'll all be laughing about this at work on Monday :) :) :)

This is a really long post today...Lots happening. My dad and I were just sitting down and enjoying the afternoon. I was a little tired...and this loud knock comes to the door. Lo and behold...look at the gift that arrived for me today :) :) This came from Anne over at Phamily Blog. You can find her blog button on my sidebar, otherwise click here to pay her a visit!!  This box was full of goodies from a giveaway she held not too long ago!!! Thank you Anne with an "e" for this lovely gift :) :) :) :) :)

This was the box.  I knew she was packing some things, but I had no idea about this :) :) :)

Here are all the lovely things that were inside the box. Oh goodness...I had no idea about some of these things. I was just hoping to win one of the miniature vases. The lovely card she sent is the only item not pictured here. the lacy table runner was purchased at a yard sale :) :) :) I'm going to have fun with all of this!!!! Did you notice the cute quilt magazine in the lower left-hand corner?

WELCOME TO: Sherry over at Country Wings in Phoenix. Click here if you'd like to pay her a visit!!! Her blogger header has a lady with really, really long hair...and for my friends who know me really well, I'm growing my hair out long..well, I try to anyway. Right now it's about chin length...and then I end up cutting it...but I"d love to have hair really long and flowing.

Phew...lots going on today... :) :) :) I'll post day six and day seven of the mystery knitted dishcloth progression tomorrow on Sunday. I hope you are all having really good weekends. I'm going to go work on some more knitted lace!!! That's the news from Oregon today.  Love and hugs, Heather :)


Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

Another enjoyable post, Heather. I love the way you present your thoughts. Peaches, yum, love 'um. Gerry

Linda Stubbs said...

Hi Heather, enjoyed seeing your place of employment. It is good that we all have jobs! Amazing that we all started at the same time. God is so good!!!!!

Thank you for coming over and saying hi! Have a good week!

Hugs, Linda

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Gerry - Thank you!!!!

@Linda - I don't actually work in the store. I work on the main campus :) :) However, I do visit the store on occassion because the product is fabulous and my employee discount is nice too :) :) :)

Thanks everyone for leaving comments!!! Have a great week. Love and hugs, Heather :)

Annesphamily said...

Oh Heather! I am so glad the package arrived and everything was ok! I was tickled that you won and I hope you enjoy the little minis and such! I thought you might enjoy the extra few things I tucked in! That calendar reminded me of you so I had to get it for you! Then the card matched it so perfectly! I am very glad I know you. I loved this post and those peaches! Yummy! I am learning about you everyday! Take care and enjoy the week! Hugs Anne

Jill said...

I just love that light switch cover! What an adorable find! Lots of little treasures you found. I enjoy reading about your days. Peaches so yummy!