Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm Writing With A Joyful and Heavy Heart..Both At The Same Time!!!

Aren't these blooms lovely?  This were on a tree at a local church in my neighborhood. So I had to snap a photo.

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a good week so far.  Today's post is just a collection of random things that happeneed this a prayer request!!!

I posted about some things that I bought at a few yard sales last weekend. Well, I decided to take a photograph of the front cover of that 1935 cookbook on home baking. It's really cute. It's chock full of tips and menu ideas for various parties. I absolutely howled with laughter as I was reading the beginning of this little gem.  This humble baking book asserts quite STRONGLY that baking skills are NOT NATURAL AND MUST BE funny is that? I thought it was funny..and that's why you need that book :) :) :)

During this season of unemployment, my dad and I have to rely a few times on food pantries for things to eat. Yesterday we went to a local food pantry that was near our home and we were blessed with a nice variety of things. The best part was that WE were able to pick and choose what we none of this good food will go to waste.  We've had experience in the past where certain pantries pick out the food for you...and alwayss there was something we couldn't eat.  I don't know about you, but one of the things this season has done to me is...I dislike wasting food. Wasting food...well, you might as well throw money in the trash I really try to use everything that's available in my kitchen!!!

Anyway, one of the things we got was a really nice generic box of cornflakes...except I just had to laugh when I saw this box. It looks vintage and the name on the box is really cute. Check out the photo below...

I am loving me a good bowl of "hospitality" cornflakes :) :) Every bowl full makes you more hospitable :) :) :) Good...I need some of that :) :) :) OH I love this and I enjoy cornflakes...I just thought the box was so cute!!!

I think that little house pictured on the upper left hand corner of the cereal box reminds me of Tara plantation from "Gone with the Wind" and The White House :) :) :) Yep, gotta love hospitality cornflakes :) :) OH, that black thing in the upper right hand corner of the photo...that's a sock hanging from my clothes rack..Why? I'm not sure...but I will line dry clothes there, since it's right in front of the screen door. Our apartment complex will not allow us to line dry clothes the workaround is to put it in front of the screen door. It's inside and it's "legal" :) :) :) with the glass door open, the breeze/sunshine come through the screen door very nicely!!!

There was a table at the church food pantry with various items like cups, plates, water bottles etc. I didn't really look around since there were a bunch of woman surrounding the table like vultures at a 100% off table at the favorite department store :) :) It was really quite funny actually..I waited until most of the people had left and I decided to check out what was left. I found this little treasure of a plate hidden under a really ugly pleather bag...Here's a sneak peak...You'll have to wait till Teatime Tuesday for the full reveal :) :) :) It's super cute and a real treasure. This was absolutely free...

Here's a sneak  peak of the freebie I found at the local church food pantry. Even here, in a place that requires you to have a measure of humility, God still blessed unexpectedly :) :) :)

Today I decided to try my hand at baking something. I used this fluted ceramic tart dish that I've had for at least 15 years now...ever since I lived in Germany. Anyway, a dear Facebook friend in Florida wrote this really great Amish cookbook. Her name is Sherry Gore and she lives in Pinecraft, Florida. It's a very sweet little village near Sarasota...and it's a lovely community of beachy Amish Mennonites. In fact, many Amish love to come here for vacations.  Sherry Gore wrote this delightful and super-chubby cookbook called "Taste of Pinecraft" Click here to visit her website.  You can order the cookbook there. That's what I did...and it's worth every penny. It's full of stories of the locals you really get an idea of the people that inspire all the recipes you see in the book. Oh, the cookbook is "chubby" because it's full of stories, recipes, tips...all the good things you would want in a cookbook. It truly is useful.  It's also a goodly thick size that's easy to hold in your hands :) :)

Sherry Gore also has a blog which you can visit here.  She's a lovely lady. Anyway, the first recipe I tried today is the "baked oatmeal" which you can find on page 97. I used the recipe at the top of the page :) :)
Now this recipe was easy...although I didn't have baking powder, so I used white rice flour instead. It worked!!! OH, skipped the vanilla too...didn't have that in the cupboard either..Yet, it's still super tasty..The baked oatmeal is a really nice mix between hot oatmeal cereal and oatmeal cookies...Yummy, yumm and yummy!!

It was easy to make and this is what it looked like when it was finished...Now remember, I'm much better at crafting than cooking!!! I like it more..but I was HUNGRY and wanted to bake something to make good use of what I had in the kitchen :) :)...

Baked oatmeal is really yummy. I had just pulled this right out of the oven. The fluted tart dish...has been well-used over the years..It's more than done the job!!!

I did try some right out of the tart dish.  I didn't want to wait for it to cool it did crumble a little on me, but that's okay...I "spooned" a slice into a bowl and poured some nice milk over it...Oh, tasty Pinecraft I come...

It tasted great.  It was just slightly sweet and with the milk, it's the best. How did I like it really?...See for yourself....

I ate EVERY blessed bite of this yummy baked granola. The best part is there are I've got breakfast for the next couple of days. This was easy and very inexpensive to make. All of the ingredients that you'd need to buy can be used for multiple things... :) :) :) Oh, while this was baking, I made good use of the time and "whipped up" another batch of my homemade powdered laundry soap :) :) :) It was perfect timing and I am feeling really domestic...just call me Donna Reed!!

Oh, please visit my sweet blogger friend Dorothy over at "Notes from Mémère". She loves Jesus Christ and she just has a really nice writing style. She shares funny stories, spiritual insights she's learned, yummy recipes etc. Feel free to browse through her blog posts. She's a lovely lady...just like all of you :)  :) :)..I"m guessing only ladies read my blog so far :) :) :) Anyway, if you like her blog, then please join!!! She would love to have some visitors :) :) Thanks everyone!!!

I would ask for prayer for my dad and myself if that's okay :) :) This season of unemployment has been difficult emotionally and financially. My father, when he gets upset/stressed, gets really short with me. Yesterday it was really bad while we were at the church food pantry.  We are grateful for the help because we really needed it yesterday. However, it took 2 hours and 45 minutes from the time we got there to the time we left with food...NO JOKE..It was slower than frozen molasses.

NOTE added 3:46 p.m. I deleted some stuff here because I didnt' want to overhwlem you at all..and I didn't want to be disrespectful of my dad...

He did snap at me quite a bit while we are at the pantry.  Anyway, I won't go into more details...but just pray for my dad and I. Pray that I'll still love/respect him...because quite frankly right at this moment I wish I had my own place.  I feel like my heart is breaking and the argument we had yesterday still makes me cry.

Here's a close-up of some of the hydrangeas I photographed the other day :) :) :) Aren't they beautiful? Notice the two tones of blue and purple :) :)

There is good news to report.  I got a call from my old supervisor at Harry & David. I'll be going back to work on Monday...That whole week will be devoted to retraining and learning some new improvements to the computer system.  The department I used to work in was Outbound Telemarketing..and while not my choice of job, it was steady for the season and regular hours. That department was eliminated two years ago. When the new CEO came in, he brought it back, because he said it was an important part of the I'll be back to my old job!!! It'll be great. It's supposed to last through December. That would be great because then I can get my last two medical bills payed in full...and then the only debt left to pay is my student loans from college.. :) :) more step closer to being completely debt FREE :) :) Pray that it goes well!!!

WELCOME TO: Doni of Faith, Grace and Crafts. She's a new follower to my blog. Click here to see all the lovely things she has. I was really delighted over all the cool vintage items, crafts, really has it all :) :) I think you'll like her blog.

I also have another follower...but you didn't leave your name :( :( As soon as I find it out, I'll update this post ;) :) :) THanks for joining my blog. I hope you have a great week!!!

My heart is heavy and happy at the same time!!! That's just life sometimes... :) :) Thanks for stopping by to visit me..and sorry if this post is a little "darker" than usual...that's not my norm...but I just really need some extra prayer today :) :) That's the news from Oregon. Love and hugs, Heather :)


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Heather,
Wow, I am so glad you are getting your job back--wow--an answer to prayer!
I will pray for both you and your dad and hope that something comes through for him too...
Sending hugs your way,

Flat Creek Farm said...

Heather, I'm so glad to hear your good news!! And I totally "get" the heavy heart part also... yes, indeed that is just life sometimes! I will pray for you and your Dad. (And I sure hope we will still hear from you when you go back to work ;)) -Tammy

Amy said...

Lots of prayers to you and your Dad. We are in a kind of a bad spot ourselves. So I understand.

Lots of love too.


Dogmom Diva said...

Heather, it' ok to vent. I know as fortunate as I am to still have my parents in my life, they can be trying at times. They don't live with us now but they did for about 3 years and it was very, very difficult and the fact that we emerged from that still speaking to each other says volumes for family love.
Its hard here too, lots of folks are in the same kind of financial bind, you re NOT alone..So glad you get to go back to work and it will be good to have somewhere to go and be able to contribute.

Stop by and say hi anytime!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi everyone...thanks for writing.

@Cindy - yes, definitely an answer to prayer because at least for the next few monts the financial burden has been liften somewhat...although I'll still be living like I was on an unemployment budget. My goal is to pay off the last two medical bills by December...and then I can concentrate on knocking out my student loan debt...DEBT FREE is what I want to be :) :)

@Tammy/Flat Creek Farm - yeah..I love my dad but sometimes it's hard...I'm guessing it's like that for married folks, too? I have to practice forgiveness and trusting God, which surpasses me wanting to assume my "rights" to hurt feelings :) :) :) Of course, you'll still hear from me...but just not as often!!! Not sure exactly how that will pan out yet!!

@Amy - I'll pray for you and hubby too!!! Feel free to send me an email if you want to. Yeah, life is a challenge and it's hard ..and I don't know how people who don't know Jesus Christ do it...but the one thing is that when we come out on the other side, we'll be able to help someone else later on down the road.

Thanks everyone for writing...continued prayers are appreciated because there are some other details that need to be worked out now that only God can meet :) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Annesphamily said...

Heather, I am praying for you and your dad. I am glad you can get back to work. Life can be so tough. But you write beautifully here and you never lose your focus on what is truly important. I need to surround myself with more folks like you. I will be back. I am going to visit your new friends too. I have not felt good for a few weeks. My thyroid, they changed my meds and I feel worse. I need prayer always. I never stop praying for folks and my little prayer journals i keep all full of wonderful answers to pray and some still waiting. Hugs Anne

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Barb/Dogmom Diva - Thank you for your encouraging words :) :) I LOVE my dad..and yeah, it's hard soemtimes...when I moved out of the house at 20, I also move to Europe at the same time. so it's been hard for me to live with him sometimes. He still talks to me like I'm a little girl on occasion even though I'm well into adulthood!!! :) :) Yeah...I'm glad to be going back to work..and so are many of my work friends..Here in Southern Oregon job marke tis hard...It's hard everywhere..but we all hang in there and keep a sense of humor...and we help each other :) :) I'll come for a vist this week!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Anne/Annesphamily - Thanks..I can just see a room full of prayer journals and anaswered prayers written down. How cool is that :) :) I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I'll be praying!!! I took a "radical" decision to stop ALL medicines for my proctitis/Inflammatory Bowel Disease...because they were making me sick and I didn't like that. Medicine is supposed to make you feel better. So instead I'm going the "natural" route and trying to exercise, drink lots of water, and eat as healthy as I can..and staying away from high=fat foods..but not always easy :) :) :) You take care of yourself!! Love and hugs from Oreogn, Heather :)

Jill said...

I love that vintage baking recipe book you found! How neat! I love old books. :-) Congratulations about your job! That's wonderful, so excited for you!!! God has a plan sweetie remember that, we may not always see it at the time, but he does. I am sorry to hear you and your Dad are having some issues. Stress can really do a number on a person. I will be keeping you both in my prayers! It will get better.:-) You know he loves you very much. Many blessings.

Regan Family Farm said...

What great news, Heather! The economy is so difficult, isn't it? We're struggling over here in Michigan too. Praying for you and your dad ironic that my husby is having father/sibling issues too.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Kathy...I'm excited to be working again and have a more regular paycheck, for sure!! If I work hard, my goal is to knock out my two lingering medical bills by December...:) :) I LOVE my dad..but sometimes he forgets I'm a grownup among other things :) :) Please continue to pray for us.. :) :) Thanks...I'll pray for your husby..(husband, right?).. Yeah, I know how people are struggling everywhere...a lot of my friends who'll be returning to work with me on Monday...have all been feeling the pinch, espeically now as unemployment draws to an end..for me at least, I'm really trying to make that phrase "Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do. Or do without" a day to day realit in my life...oh that would be an idea for a blog post :) :) Thanks for writing me, Kathy :) :) I really love your blog and I"m obsessed with that "Papyrus" font...I've been thinking about switching to it for awhile, but still not sure :) :) Please come visit again!! Have a great day tomorrow. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Karen Long said...

Heather,, prayers coming your way..
Stress doesnt always bring out he best in us.. especially for men,, we have to remember that they are responsible to provide for us, physically, mentally and spiritually, that is the desire God gave them, and when they feel that they are not doing that,they cant help but feel bad,,and they are not the best communicators so some times it comes out in anger..
I am sorry for that , and im sure he is too. but just pray for him.
It is very hard for a man, i know my husband when through along time of unemployment,,and it was very stressful..but once you get a few hours of work under your belt,,thing will start to lighten up a bit..
God Bless you and your Dad,, and you are in my prayers..
Talk to ya again real soon

Anonymous said...

You're just keepin' it real-right, Heather? :) I'm so glad for you that you've gotten your job back! The Lord surely does answer prayer. Maybe your seasonal work will turn into something more permanent, too.

Beth said...

Heather, I love your blog. You're so genuine, kind and sharing. I'm so glad you will be returning to work. Saying prayers for you and your dad. Life can be difficult, but when you have Jesus as your personal Savior, you can make it through the hard times.
God bless, Beth

aimee said...

I was just talking about you last night with a friend that works at Harry & Davids; all along I've been thinking and hoping you could work there and now this wonderful news! I celebrate and thank God with you for this awesome answer to prayer!!!
Will be praying about your dad and you--I know from our recent challenges that great stress can sometimes bring out the 'worst' in people. I also know God can heal your relationship and take away both of your pain.
Blessings always--wish you lived a lot closer! We'd have a cup of tea together:)

Sharon said...

Dear Heather,

I am praying for you and for your Dad. I know it is a difficult and stressful time (especially for him being unemployed and I'm sure he is feeling like he cannot support you properly - just how men think)
I will be praying for your dad to completely trust in the Lord (here's a favorite verse of mine: Isaiah 26:3) and I wil also be praying for the Lord to show you how you can minister to your dad during this time. Maybe you can start each morning with prayer together or ask him how you can pray for him today. Try not to be discouraged, God will work it out.

And look! He is working: you have a job starting Monday! Congratulations! God is good :)

BTW, If I saw that cereal box at the grocery store, I would have bought it because it is so cute! Once it's empty, save it and use it for a vintage decoration in your kitchen :) I have done that with vintage reproduction packaging :) It looks cute!

Have a blessed weekend Heather! You are in my prayers sweetie!

Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ Such a great way to get around the line drying thing with your screen door solution! How wonderful that you are able to have the clothes in the sun and breezes...don't they smell lovely dried that way?? :)

So sorry about the struggles you have been having. I will pray for you today. Try to get outside for a nice walk each day and just enjoy the LORD and HIS creation as well as some fresh air. Good for the soul. You can pour your heart out to HIM in prayer as you walk along.

Pslam 138:8

Sheila said...

I'm so glad you got your job back. I'm sorry for the stress you and your dad are suffering. I pray that things are looking up for both of you. Take care of yourself and each other.

Heather said...

Dear Heather,
Sweet heather! my fellow heather, whom I have not met in person but feel like I have - as you have so often commented on my little blog (so encouraging, thank you thank you!) and we frequent some of the same few blogs, so I see your comments and sweet encouragement to others just everywhere, it seems. :O)
Thank Heaven that you got the job! I'm sorry you are going through a tough and hurtful time with your father right now. That is so hard.
I will indeed send up a prayer for you. Love and hugs from Pennsylvania,
Heather at Hearthside

Parsley said...

Life is full of ups and downs but at least your still leaning on the Father. Praying for you Heather. God will direct you. HUGS