Friday, August 27, 2010

Everything is coming up peaches.....:) :) :)

Hi everyone...:) :) :)

How are you? I'm doing well. My shoulder feels so much better. There's still some soreness when I try and raise my arm above my shoulder. However, for work I should be good and it's bearable. Thanks for all the prayers, because I really needed them. Continue to pray that it'll be completely pain free. I'll be keeping all of you in my prayers, too!! Oh, I did post the final two days of the mystery dishcloth knit along. Those are at the very bottom of today's post :) :) :)

Here's my next installment in my 365 Day Photo Challenge.  Miss Antoinette of  Practical Simplicity Photography inspired me to take this challenge. It's been a lot of fun and very challenging.

Saturday ~ August 21st, 2010 Teacups aren't just for tea anymore. This is a German demitasse with an even tinier ball of crochet cotton.

Sunday - August 22nd, 2010 Everything is coming up roses :) :) :)

BONUS for Monday ~ August 23rd, 2010 I forgot to get a photo today. The only solution for roses is MORE ROSES :) :) :)

BONUS for Tuesday ~ August 24th, 2010 I didn't forget to take a photo this day. There wasn't anything I liked, so I posted this, taken at work on Wednesday (August 24th).  It was just a random flower that I thought was a beautiful shade of pink.  I'm glad to be working. It does cut into my photo-taking time :) :) :) That's okay...I like a paycheck :) :)

Wednesday ~ August 25th, 2010 This was an interesting flower that I took a photo of at work.  They're a nice light purple color, but when they shrivel up, they turn an interesting bluish-lavender color before falling off the bush.   You can see just a hint of this in the photo.

Thursday ~ August 26th, 2010 This came in an envelope with a letter asking me to subscribe to "Highlights" magazine. Oh my goodness, I LOVED that magazine as a kid. Does anyone remember Goofus and Gallant? Goodness...I LOVE visiting my dentist, because he ALWAYS gave me a "Highlights" magazine to read. Apropos fun kid magazines, does anyone remember "Ranger Rick"? Now that's a blast from the past!!

Friday ~ August 27th, 2010 This was in recongition of the day that I was one of the top TWO peach sellers :) :) :) These are some yummy peaches!!! 

Wow, what a week so far. There are a BOATLOAD of changes happening at work. Some of them are very, very good. The other ones aren't bad, but it'll take more time to see how things pan out. I'm feeling a bit whipped by all those peaches I've been selling the last few weeks. Oh my goodness, they are GOOD!!! Yes, I do get samples in the company breakroom from time to time :) :) :)

I found out that so far, I am the number one seller AND number one in overall performance for my department. Let's just say I was stunned...but that's good, because I've been working very hard this season..not just for myself, but for the whole team. All the jobs in our department DEPEND on us doing well.  The whole company, especially marketing, is looking at us to see if we can make this work.

Short recap, the department I worked in was eliminated about 1.5 years ago...and we all continued to work, but just taking inbound calls/customer service calls.  One of the things we were told was that we weren't doing good enough...However, I KNEW that wasn't true and so did all the rest of my co-workers. Let me tell you something...I work with some awesome people with some amazing sales skills!!! I NEVER would have thought I'd be a good saleswoman :) :) NEVER...but here I am and it's working...Thank you Jesus for making this happen!!! Now I have no idea how God will use this in the future...but I'm learning some valuable skills...that's for sure!!! Needless to say, for my part, I'm working like work is going out of style...because I want all of us to have jobs through Christmas.

It was a good day today...but I'm tired and feeling a little "peach" whipped :) :) :) Ooops...I said that already...I really do have peaches on the brain, thinking about all the different ways to enjoy them. Soon it'll be time for those super yummy pears!!!! I have one more working day tomorrow, then rest on Sunday...than back at it again on Monday :) :) :)

Here's the rest of my knitting project...and you can see what the finished product looks like. Click here to visit Rachel's Knitting Corner to see some of the other mystery dishcloths. It was a fun project...and now I'm waiting for another!!!!

Day 9....almost finished....

Day 10...TADA....finished mystery dishcloth :) :) :)
The dishcloth isn't much of a mystery anymore :) :) :) isn't it C.U.T.E. ?  The pattern is really easy...and I'm thinking I have some great ideas for CHRISTmas gifts :) :) Linda over at Prairie Flower Farm says CHRISTmas and I like I've decided to adopt that phrase too :) :)
Well, the only frustrating thing about this week, is that I'm way BEHIND on all the blogs I LOVE to read. I feel cheated, because I didn't get to visit all the tea parties that I wanted to this week. Not sure how I'll catch up...but please don't feel left out if I don't leave a comment on your blog ;( :( :( I LOVE all the comments everyone has been leaving me :) :) They mean a lot, especially all are one of the seriously big joys of the end of my working day every day ) :) :) :) Love ya...and your comments are definitely read by me...loved, appreciated, noticed!!!!!
My shoulder started feeling better. Then today it's hurting again. I'm going to ice it, for sure... My mattress is probably one of the things to blame. It's old and one of the metal wires is starting to poke through. I'd actually inherited it from a neighbor here in the apartment complex who had passed away...before that I'd been sleeping on the floor. Oh, remind me to tell you that story..It's part of the reason why I moved back home to live with my dad...Seriously, remind me, that would make a good post!!!
So that's another reason I'm working hard selling peaches, pears,...fruit, fruit, I can earn enough commission to buy a new bed. I've got one in mind...simple, but super comfy :) :) :)
Pray that God will show me how to be more organized. I think I got a bit lazy after being unemployed for so long. There needs to be a good balance between work, having time for my blog friends, real friends, etc... I'm single and it's difficult. I don't know how all of my married friends do it...Oh, yes I do, you are all superwomen :) :) :)
Oh, oh, Victorian knitted lace edging is coming along nicely. I'll take a photo of that and share it with you. I have an idea for a pattern in my head...hopefully it will turn out well!!!! I'll share that when it's finished :) :)
I'm just going to sit back and relax and enjoy the evening. Some new neighbors moved into the apartment complex today...from somewhere in the Southwest. They have this very sweet German shepherd dog...but the dog is HUGE...I mean huge, like the size of a HORSE...I've never seen a German shepherd dog that big before...but he sure is cute and very sweet!!! He came over to say hello to me today!!!...the dog, that is...I actually said hello to the new neighbor first!!!
That's the news from Oregon today. Oh, my am I so thankful for all of you out in blogland :) :) You are all unique :) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


aimee said...

Congrats on the honors and may you continue to do well! LOVE, love, love the purplish flower photo!!
Your blog post reminds me that it is peach season and time to get some:) Yum!

Nancy Y said...

Heather, Congratulations on being number one in sales and performance!!! I hope your shoulder continues to improve. I remember Goofus and Gallant, I loved Highlights too! I had a subscription to it for my kids, but my husband and I enjoyed it the most!! The discloth looks fabulous! I would never be able to use something that pretty to wash dishes. I would display them! I can't wait to see the next one you create!
Have A Wonderful Weekend!!
Nancy :)

Annesphamily said...

I am praying for you! You have a busy life! I don't know how I get anything done some days! Life moves quickly though. You sound like you need a massage! Shoulder problems from phone work? Take care sweet Oregon friend of mine! You have a peachy keen life! Keep up the great work and keep posting! Hi to your dad too! I ordered some Oregon travel brochures. They arrived today! Anne

A Hopeful Heart said...

Heather, I didn't get a chance to visit any tea parties this week either. And I didn't do a post of my own. I sure did miss it!!

How funny, I got the same mailing for Highlights magazine this week...I kept the stickers (remember, I'm planning to adopt), but I pitched the rest of the stuff. I, too, used to like Goofus and Gallant.

Oh, congratulations on being the number one performer at work!! Way to go!!

Your dishcloth looks great. And your rose photos are beautiful. You are very good with a camera.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


P.S. Thank you for adding my button to your sidebar. I am adding yours to mine too.

Sheila said...

It's so nice to see a post from you. I'm just tired from reading all you are doing!!
I am so happy that work is going so well and I pray that all of you get to keep your jobs. I don't think I could ever be a saleswoman--my hat is off to you!!
Is the fifth picture a Rose of Sharon or hibiscus? We bought one of those to put at the head of Alex's grave a few weeks ago.
Gosh, those peaches look yummy!!
Lovely dishcloth--some day I'll get back to knitting instead of so much crocheting. Have you made any of the hot pads yet? I would love to send you some. Email me if you wouldn't mind me doing that for you. I'm glad your shoulder is feeling better much of the time. I pray it continues to get better. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

Jill said...

congratulations on your achievement at work! Awesome!!
Hope your shoulder continues to feel better. :-) Have a great day!

Karen said...

Thanks Heather for the complement.. I love decorating for Fall and hubby is real good at decorating the outside.. he makes sure every little twinkling light is facing the right way.. :) and then I do the inside.. Im a quite as stressed out about it as I used to be. one day my daughter (grown now) made a comment that opened my eyes..she said "yea, mom never let us help decorate the tree, cause all the bowes had to be in the perfect place, and it had to be just so right" and I learnt from that, even though i made what i though was a perfect ,pretty christmas tree, i stole the enjoyment of tree decorating from my children.. Out of the mouths of babes , huh !!
Well got to run.. but have a great week.. see ya again real soon friend

Mountain Home Quilts said...

O.k. first, I love your dishcloth! Fantastic! :)
Second, we got those smiley stickers in the mail last week too. ;)
Third, love all the roses pretty.
Hope that your Sunday is blessed!

Anonymous said...

Your dishcloth turned out so pretty, Heather :)
Mmmm, peaches sound good right about now.
Have a good week, I'll be thinking about ya.