Monday, August 2, 2010

My Fourth Tea Time Tuesday and Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday for August 3rd, 2010.

I'm just playing around with making collages and I think I used one too many photos here. What do you think about this as a possible new header for my blog? Let me know what you think!!!! I can also make it black/white with a hint of color...I think I'll play around with this for awhile :) :) :)  Feel free to borrow this photo. Please link it back to my blog :) :) Thank you!!!!
Hi everyone, I can't wait to share a couple tea things with you. Actually, there's one item that I'm not sure if it's used for tea or something you will have to help me out.

Oh first things friend Miss Antoinette over at Practical Simplicity Photography made me a really nice blog button. If you feel led to post it on your blog sidebars, I would love that!!! Click here to visit her blog site :) :) :) She takes awesome photos!!!! Thanks Miss Antoinette for the lovely gift. What a blessing!!! You are such a sweet friend!!! Thanks bunches!!!!

This first photo is a teapot I found at one of the thrift shops that I frequent. It was super I'm into buying super cheap, but also super cute items these days :) :) This is a Harry & David limited edition teapot. I didn't photograph the backstamp because it was on a piece of plastic. Harry & David is the company I work for when I'm in the holiday season....:) :)

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. ~ Proverbs 24:3-4

I came across that Scripture today while I was flipping through Emilie Barnes' book "Welcome Home" It is chock FULL of ideas for making each room of the house a lovely place to be ;) :) She also has tons of teacups and tea things everywhere!!!! Click here if you'd like to visit her website :) :)

I think the teapot is cute and it actually is functional, too!!! Now, I don't know if this is really truly a "limited edition" or if another company somewhere has the same teapot. However, one thing I can tell you is that Harry & David has not sold things like this in YEARS...They are primarily a luxury fruit gift it does make this teapot a bit rare :) :)

Now the next photo, I'm not real sure about. I believe I found these at the same thrift shop.  I thought it was a miniature pitcher and bowl used for tea..Remember, I'm still new at this tea thing :) :) :) I bought it and took it home. The cashier gave me half off on this set ..I think I ended up paying $1.99. There was also a matching mini-bathtub which I did NOT I took it home. I LOVE it..I love the roses design. It's perfect and fits me to a "t"...Now that I think about it, I'm not sure what these were originally used for. Can any of you help me out here?

There is no backstamp on either item.

This is what I'm currently using this pitcher for...and you'll see how small it truly is!!! At the moment it's a lovely container for my antique silver spoons,....which were purchased at a yard sale :) :) That's no surprise for this lady :) :) :) Does anyone have a good recipe for cleaning/polishing silver?

My friend Stephanie from California came to visit me today. She's going on vacation to Seattle, Washington.  Stephanie and I went to the same public high school together. When my dad lost his job in June 1991, we moved to Oregon. It's been that long since we've seen each other. Of course, we've kept in touch over the years.  Today she was able to stop by for a precious hour and we were able to chat and catch up :) :) :) We also had some coffee at Starbucks.  Stephanie brought her two super cute dogs with her...and that was fun..I love dogs!!!

In any case, I had a really great morning...and I have to say that Stephanie and I both have aged beautifully :) :) :) I'll post a picture, but I want to ask her if it's okay first!!!

WELCOME TO: Valrie of Poems My Way.  Click here to pay her a visit.  She's a really sweet lady who has  a son serving in the Marines in Afghanistan. Please pray for his safety..and for all of our loved ones in uniform!!!

WELCOME TO: Linda of Simple Blessings :) :) Click here to visit her. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better :)

I've been thinking of switching my font to "Papyrus" If you go over to Regan Family Farm you can see what it looks like there. I really like it a lot. What do you think about me switching my font? 

This photo belongs to Prairie Flower Farm AND Peace Creek Collections. Please click on the links in the paragraph below or on my sidebar to visit those sites. This item is super cute!!!!

This is cool. I just had to sneek this in here. My friend Linda of Prairie Flower Farm also makes and sells super cute patterns that are available for purchase. The latest one is a Buddy Bear Snuggy pattern available for download in PDF format. You can also purchase a ready-made version too. Click here to check it out. It really is super sweet :) :) :) Or you can click on the Peace Creek Collections Store button on my sidebar ;) :) :) Linda is a really sweet lady with super cute things :)

Thanks for stopping by for tea and a visit with me :) :) :) Have a great week everyone!!! I'll be praying for all of you this week!!! That's the news from Oregon today. Love and hugs, Heather :)


Jill said...

Another great post and such lovely items! How do you get your name on your photos, and how did you do the collage? I have much to figure out it seems LOL I have to figure out linking too. So glad you were able to catch up with an old friend, isn't that the greatest?! While at the library this evening I did check out Anne of green gables to refresh my memory! I have to finish the book I'm working on first though. :-) Have a great night!!

Nancy Y said...

I love the silver spoons placed in the pitcher!!! Beautiful Idea!!! All of your tea finds are gorgeous, and I love the verse!

xoxo Nancy

Linda Stubbs said...

Hi sweet Heather. Thank you for thinking of me. You are always so kind to our family!!! Beautiful tea pots and such!!!!!
You ARE NOT going to believe this. We had to take a saw down to a friend about 45 minutes away. The car has a leak in the radiator. Ugh!!!!!! We are sad. Have to have our daughter in love come and pick us up.

Tired of car stuff! smile!

Gee said...

Another idea to place our cutlery. Thanks for sharing.

Sheila said...

Gorgeous flowers. I'll have to work on making collages and putting my name on my photos. Love the little pitcher/bowl set and I love how you used it. I do things like that too.
I just reconnected with one of my best friends from high school and it feels great---I know you must feel wonderful to have reconnected with your friend. I'm very happy for you.
I like the "papyrus" font--but then I like playing with fonts--I'm always changing my email fonts!!
Hugs, Sheila

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Hi Heather :) Happy Teacup Tuesday to you my friend! I really like your pretty rose Teacup, and the sweet little miniature rose pitcher is so adorable...just perfect for displaying you silver in!

Hope you have a lovely "Tea" day :)

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Snap said...

I love how you are using the little pitcher for your spoons. The teapot is adorable! Happy Tea Tuesday!

Wanda Lee said...

Wow!~ So very pretty!

I just love your unique and pretty pink/ red teacups and teapots; how exquisite they are!~ What a fabulous pattern and such beautiful colors!..,

Thanks so much for sharing!

I also want to most warmly thank you for partaking with and visiting our little corner of 'Tuesday And Wednesday Teatime In Blogland'!

..,(I apologize that these days I have been unable, due to extreme busyness and fatigue to visit you as often as I would like, yet I love visitng you when I'm able I assure you!).

Please do always feel most welcome to visit our little shared meme that I am delighted to share with my dear friend Pam @ http://breathoffresh

..,and also my little bit @ for our 14th, 'Teapots And Tea Things Tuesday'!~ (This week's theme is Cherry desserts~yum!)..,

~There is also my 42nd, 'Tuesday Tea For Two' blog tea party and the 33rd, 'Wednesday Tea For Me and Thee' to be held @; thanks so much for joining us this week dear blog friend!

*For a complete list of, 'Tuesday And Wednesday Teatime In Blogland' links you are welcome to copy and paste my list of links onto your next blogs posts from either the Silken Purse blog or @ The Plumed Pen blog..,

~(You may well still have to re-type the actual links, whereas you will be just capturing a 'screen shot' of the list of links).

We would simply love to have you join in the teatime fun each and every week!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

Appleshoe said...

Your photo's are lovely and I think the little pitcher you found was meant to have tiny tea spoons in it. Yep, that's what its for. Or how else can you explain how perfect it looks? Smile. Seriously, it is darling with all those tiny spoons peaking out of it. Take care.

Sharon said...

Hello Heather :)

I too love how you placed the spoons in the pitcher, very charming :) I LOVE your flower photos, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing and have a glorious day in Him!

PS Sorry I didn't reply sooner to your question, I forgot to link that pic. Glad you found it :)

Miss Antoinette K. said...

You are so sweet Miss Heather! I am glad you like your button, I so enjoyed making it for you! I just might start making them as part of my business!!!! So you could say you were my guinea pig, and such a sweet one at that! LOL!!! :)

I loved the tea cups! I need to send you a photo of the one I purchased over the weekend it is soooo pretty, and feel free to use it in one of your blog posts if you wish!

Love and hugs,

Miss Antoinette

Marie said...

Love the teapot with roses. It is so pretty. Your flower pictures are great.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Everything is so pretty!!
I just love those roses!!
Your blog is so pretty and I love your new header!!
I like your border too!! ( wink, wink) LOL! You know I have the same background!!


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Heather,
I just love your adorable new teapot; love the roses! The little pitcher with the spoons is very cute too. I keep my little spoons in one of my orphaned creamers. Your blog is so friendly and welcoming and I'm so glad for your friendship. Have a delightful week, dear friend.


Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, love the flower collage!!!! And the teapots...and the spoons look so cute in that!!! I'm so happy that you got to see your very special...
and I checked out the print on that blog--I love it...yes, I would change it...I would do that too except I write long pieces and it may be too hard to follow...but it's awesome...God bless..

Rebecca said...

I enjoyed skimming your blog - being a thrift store shopper myself, I had fun seeing all your garage sale finds!

I like the variety of subjects, pictures, and font (!) in your posts and the collages are lovely--I liked that one of hydrangeas especially.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Come again when you can!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, love the mini-pitcher and bowl set. I prolly would have bought the little bathtub, too, and used it to hold toiletries in the powder room :) How nice you got to visit with your high school girlfriend and have Starbucks together.

A Hopeful Heart said...

I am very late making all the tea party's Wednesday.

Anyhow, the photo collage is lovely. I love all the flowers. It could have a bit too many...but then, I border on ADD, so too much stuff always distracts me a bit. (Usborne books really get me!!)

Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for saying you think I am a good blog friend. I try to be. I believe in treating others how you want to be treated, and I believe in being hospitable....sometimes that can pose a bit of a problem. Because I really believe that when people visit your blog, common courtesy says you return the visit...maybe not every day, but a gracious hostess wants her guests to feel welcome. And if you never respond to comments or visit the other person's blog, you are certainly not making them feel welcome. However, it is SO hard to make the rounds and visit everyone...I usually end up being on the computer too long.

Speaking of friends, my longest friend in the world is from when I was in 6th grade. We haven't even seen each other in over 25 years, but we have remained close all those years. She will be going on a cruise with my daughter and me (and a friend of daughter's) in January.

My best friend in the world I met in 1993, and we have remained extremely close since then. Even though both of us have moved and we haven't even seen each other since 2003. We pray together on the phone once a week.

All that to say, old friends are such a joy and blessing. How wonderful that you were able to spend time with your girlfriend.

Have a lovely day.


Beth said...

Heather, I love your collage! Great job! I can tell you are having a lot of fun blogging including experimenting with the look of your blog. Your Harry and David teapot is precious and love your new pitcher too. You have a wonderful day, Heather, and I thank you for visiting!

the country cook said...

Looks like your blog has really taken off...congrats!!! :-) I love those dishes you've found. I've been meaning to go check out some thrift stores to find dishes to plate my food with (for blog photos, of course). Harry and David is such a cool place - so cool that you've worked there!

paperbutterfly said...

You are becoming a blogging queen!
Great work on the collage. I haven't tackled that yet nor the signature. How smart you are!!
Lovely chatting with you Thank you for your kind comments.
You are always welcome for tea!!
Have a blessed week.

Wanda Lee said...

Oooh my!..,Just as pretty as last week my dear friend!

Thanks so much for sharing these absolutely beautiful lovelies with us!

Please know that I always love having you visit and partake with our little of corner of blogland as well my dear lady!.., Thanks for popping by today earlier on; I can hardly wait to see what you'll post for this week's tea parties!..,

It's very soon that time of the week once more for, 'Tuesday And Wednesday Teatime In Blogland'!..,

You are always most warmly invited to attend and also to partake with our little teatime delights for my 43rd,'Tuesday Tea for Two' as well as for my 34th, Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee' weekly blog teaparties held @

..,Last but not least in our little 'suite of tea party offerings' is the delightful, 15th, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday' shared blog tea party meme that I share with my dear friend Pam @

~The other 1/2 of the 15th, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday' meme is my other meme, held also @ blog..,

As I am fond of saying; you can never have too many tea parties in blogland!..,

We'll to see you there!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee