Monday, August 16, 2010

My Sixth Tea Time Tuesday & Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday for August 17th, 2010

Happy Monday everyone !!! Here are my tea things for today....enjoy :) :)

Now this first cup is one that I purchased a few weeks ago at Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul. It was only $0.69..I can't remember now, but it was really cheap :) :) In any case, I snapped it right up because it's so beautiful. This would be perfect for tea or coffee. Oh, and when you see the other two cups, you'll understand why I had to purchase this one.

There's a beautiful design of pears on this side. Notice the ring of leaves at the base and the inside rim of the cup? How beautiful is that? I love those "secret surprise" details !!!

I seem to really love all sorts of tea things...I especially love tea cups that have beautiful detail on the inside of the cup!!! It's like a special surprise!!

This is the design on the other side of the teacup.

Okay, here's a photo of the backstamp. I have to be honest here, the backstamp did make me laugh a little...but it's such a beautiful teacup!!

You don't see many tea cups made in India...but that would make sense, since some teas are grown there!! I think it makes my cup even more special :) :) :)

Now this next photo will show my recently acquired tea cup/coffee cup along with the other two matching tea cups. The other two cups I purchased at a TJ Maxx back in 2004. So when I saw the first cup I was like this "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy...This is cool" :) :) What are the odds that I'd find a matching cup 6 years later? That's awesome!! Have you ever had experiences like that?

The two tea cups in front are the ones I purchased at a TJ Maxx back around 2004.  Notice how they're a little more straight up and down, while the one in the background has more a vintage tea strainer :)

Here's that same vine detail on the inside rim of these tea cups!!! It's the same beautiful design. In fact, when I purchased these originally, I bought them for the vine design on the inside rim and no other reason :) :) :)

This is the front of one of the teacups. It matches the tea cup/coffee cup cute is that?

The front design matches perfectly.....

.....and so does the design on the other side of this tea cup :)

Here's the backstamp on the bottom of the tea cup. It's just like the first backstamp I showed you, except it's in red. There's also a date missing...normally found right above the icon of the tree...saying that this particular line was established sometime in the 1700s...

Here's the "sibling" tea cup...related and very similar in style and tone..Now I do have tea cups that have slight imperfections in them...this one has a couple of chips...literally...but I still think it's very beautiful :) :) I'll show you later what I use this cup for...HINT, it's not for tea...

I don't remember  how the "chips" happened.  I just know it was something I dropped on it while trying to wash dishes one day. I was a bit sad...but I did find a new use for it. Don't you love those purply plums?

Here's the detail on the other side of the "plum" tea cup :) :)

One of the things I used this cup for was a pretty container for my pens and pencils!!! Lately I've used it for some of my earrings.  At the time, I didn't have a jewelry box for my earrings. I still don't...I prefer this. It has more style!!! Here's just an idea of what you can use a tea cup for besides tea...especially if it's not suitable for drinking anymore...

I made that blue bracelet that's surrounding the tea cup along with the matching blue earrings. It wasn't easy since I was a beginner...but it was fun.  I wear those earrings quite a bit!!! I like sparkly...a LOT when it comes to earrings..OKay..enough...back to tea :) :) :)

I love everyones tea different and ALL are beautiful, girlie, feminine, romantic etc...all the good things :) :) Here a couple of my own attempts at "styling" a tea cup :) :) It was quite fun. So I may have to try that some more in the future :) :) :)

Those are my tea things for today :) :) :) I pray you enjoyed your visit.I can't wait to see what everyone shares today :)
Oh, my friend Gerry at Gerry's Soap N Stuff sent me the loveliest gift of homemade soap. Oh, it's luxury, nice and smells so GOOD. I'll share a photo of her nice gift on Wednesday :) :)
This morning, I felt like I was going to throw up. I was really nervous today and NOT looking forward to getting on the phones. Sometimes making outbound sales calls can be challenging. It's not the rejection...that I can handle. It's a normal part of the job. What makes me sad is when people yell at me for no good reason..anyway, I had some concerns this morning...God worked a miracle today. My first "official" day back on the phones went really WELL.
It's been since April 2009 since my co-workers and I have done the outbound calls...but it went so WELL. Customers were nice and no one yelled at me. God answered my prayer for nice customers today :) :)
Oh, I could go on and on...and remember, I do try and keep work life and private life seperate...but I thought you'd want to know about my "first day back at school...oops, "work"...but you understand :) :)
If you're experiencing hot weather where you're at...I'm sorry. It's so hot here in Oregon at ca. 104 F/'s almost beastly. Literally these high temperatures are wiping me out. It makes having an air conditioner at home...two air conditioners (one upstairs and one downstairs) a double blessing from God. It's wonderful!!! Stay cool everyone!!!
That's the news from Oregon today. Love and hugs, Heather


Becky said...

Good Morning Heather!
The Pearl necklace draped over the cup.... I HAVE THAT SAME NECKLACE!!! Small world. I'm thinking about getting some memory wire so that I can make a seed bead bracelet like Julia Roberts is wearing in Eat,Love,Pray. You really must try to see it - such a wonderful movie.

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

Good morning, Heather. Your tea time entry was beautiful. You "styled" your cups very well. thank you for the nice compliments on my gift.

I pray your job gets easier and the temperature gets cooler. It will. :)


natalyK said...

Your teacups are a wonderful collection. I love how they are all just a little different. Ihope you get relief from the hot temps out there in Oregon. Here on the East coast it has been a hot summer. Everything is parched and brown instead of lush and green.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning my dear friend,
I love the first mug because of its shape. It's amazing, isn't it, after some time has gone by how we find the mate to something we love? Wonderful collection! I have the same pearl choker! Neat, eh? Thank you for sharing and for joining me for tea today. I always enjoy my visit. Wishing you a lovely Tea Tuesday, Heather.


Snap said...

How lucky to find that teacup to go with the others! I enjoy the surprise on the inside, too! Thanks for inviting us to tea!

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Hi Heather :) These are some really sweet cups, and how wonderful to have found a couple to match the first after so many years!! That's so cool :) Speaking of cool, we here in Michigan have been having a couple of much cooler days, which is such a relief. Sadly though, the humidity is suppose to come back tomorrow :( So I have been enjoying the cooler weather and working on one of my landscaping's, planting some new Peony plants.

Have a wonderful Tea Tuesday!!

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Jill said...

Lovely tea cups and presentation of them today. We are basttling the heat here too, I'm looking forward to Fall! It's my favorite time of year! Hope things continue to go well at your work. :-)

Msartist said...

Hi Heather! Wow what an unusual design on your cups I just love them! What a lovely tea~ I hope you can drop by for a visit and there is still time to enter my giveaway!
All my best,
Msartist Sew Crafty, Theresa

Sheila said...

I love how you use your teacups for different things--very resourceful!! I hope each day at work get a little easier for you--I well know the "first day of school" feelings!! Love all the earrings--wish I could wear them but my ears have closed up each time I have had them pierced--they only last a couple of years on me then I have to go again.
I hope you have a blessed week. Take care!! Sheila

Parsley said...

I never do this, but last week went into an antique store. I saw some lovely cups and guess who I kept thinking of?....YOU!

Have a great week!

Terri said...

Hello Heather, I am so glad that you found a matching cup! How delightful!
Your cups are the first I have seen from India. That is soooo cool!
They are very pretty with the pears on them. Your jewelry looks amazing draped on your china, how fun!
I am also glad your first day back on the job was a good one. Let's hope that is a trend.

xinex said...

How neat that you find a matching teacup 6 years later. IT is so beautiful too. And I love what yOu used the chipped one for, very clever!..Christine

Lavender Cottage said...

I can just imagine having a fruity herbal tea in your new cups.

A Hopeful Heart said...

I am really late making the tea party rounds today. It's been a busy day with taking our entries down to the fairgrounds...complete with road construction which delayed us!!

Anyhow, your teacups are beautiful. I have NEVER seen any teacups from India, so that makes yours very unique. How wonderful that you were able to find a mathing one several years after the first acquisition...even if it is slightly different in the shape.

Also, I love the white plate/saucer you are using with the cups.

Finally, I LOVE your idea of hanging your earrings onto the teacup. What a unique and totally lovely idea.

I'm glad you're having a good week.


Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Heather: I have found that I look forward to your visit every week. You are so full of life and things to say. It is refreshing. I love the cups your shared with us today. I will also pray that you will have good days at work. Phone work is hard. I would say a prayer before each call. Have a wonderful week dear friend. Blessings, Martha

Camille said...

I'm so glad things went well for you on the first day back on the phones Heather! Yaay! The LORD is so good to us, isn't HE?

Your tea things are pretty...I do enjoy a good cup of tea. :)

And the HEAT...oh dear me...yes!!! It's been HOT here too! We are not made for this sort of weather here in the Pacific Northwest.

Have a wonderful week!


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

What a cute tea cup set. We have a set of Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns glasses, no tea cups at our house.

Wanda Lee said...

Hello there dear Heather,

This is just so exceptionally lovely and just 'tea-lightful'!..,

I love all of your exquisite details with the tea mugs and especially the jewellery so prettily displayed with your lovely porclain; the set is beautiful!

Thanks so much for partaking with our little corner of, 'Tuesday And Wednesday Teatime In Blogland' once more dear lady!

Next week will be my 45th,'Tuesday Tea For Two' as well as Pam and I will host our 17th, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday'; where does the time go?!.., Hope to see then as well; we always love having you join us!

Thanks so much and have a marvelous and blessed week dear Heather!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

CIELO said...

Very pretty... especially lovely is the cup on the second photograph... ;)

Have a blessed day...


Anonymous said...

OMGoodness, your first mug that was made in India says "Hooker Fruits" on the bottom. Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker was a great British botanist and horticulturalist. He is in my family tree. My maiden name was Hooker. He and his father before him operated Kew Gardens in England and he was a close friend of Charles Darwin. I have some botanical prints of his. I 'bout popped my cork when I read that on your cup!