Monday, August 9, 2010

My Fifth Tea Time Tuesday & Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday for August 11th, 2010 !!!

Hi everyone...oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your prayers for work. Today went really well and I was very happy to be there!!! I'll write about it more later this week...but I wanted to get out my next tea post...because well,'s just as important as breathing!!! Oh, funny story, I think I was supposed to be AT WORK at 7 a.m. for retraining...NOPE...I got the time way was actually 8 a.m. so when my team leader saw me she was very surprised..OH, I'd been waiting at work since 6:40 a.m. Well, rest assured I won't be making that same mistake again. The blessing is that I got some uninterrupted knitting time !!

Okay...let's have a cup of tea, shall we? Now this was a lonely little tea cup I found a couple weeks ago at a yard sale. This yard sale was right across the street from the hospital, so there was no parking in front of the house. However, my dad and I just parked across the street in the hospital parking lot. You'll understand why I just had to buy this sweet little cup. It's more the shape of a coffee cup...but you know what...just like there's oodles of different varieties of tea, there are oodles of varieties of lovely teacups. It's "Wedgwood" I figure I earned a pass :) :)

Here's my Peter Rabbit Christmas china tea cup from Wedgwood!!! I LOVE the Beatrix Potter stories and "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" is my favorite.

Now the cup didn't have a price on it...but I had posted a really cute Campbell's soup bowl with matching lid that I'd purchased at the same yard sale. It was only $ I figured I could ask the same for the cup...:) :) :) So now I'm the proud owner of an orphaned Peter Pan china teacup :) :) :) Here's another view of the cup...It had quite a lot of detail on it!!! It's a Christmas teacup...:) :) :)

I really don't know anyone who doesn't love Beatrix Potter. Oh, and her books, she had them designed small on purpose, so that precious little hands could have books that fit and were kid-friendly :) :) :)

Here's the view on the other side of the cup. It says "Merry Christmas" in two spots and Peter Rabbit is doing something different in each image :) :) :)

The backstamp was lovely, cleary and had lots of detail. Check it out. I don't know about you, but now I want to start collecting Beatrix Potter items...this is so cute!!!

Oh, the day my dad and I had to go to this local church pantry was hard. It took us LITERALLY almost THREE hours to finally get some much needed food...BUT that's okay, because it was well-organised, clean etc...AND here's one of the small blessings from that long day. There was a table of random items...all FREE. So I waited until the wolf pack..I mean, ladies, cleared away..and I decided to take a look. Here was this lovely plate hiding underneath one very ugly bag...Oh, I think God meant this plate for me on that day...Look at it...with all the delicate pink roses and vines. Wouldn't this be especially nice with a chubby slice of cake or better, cheesecake? What's your favorite tea time dessert?

I think one of you dear people has a plate or teacup just like this. I thought someone posted something similar to this awhile back..

This is the backstamp. It's very simple and slightly faded. It had a crown at the top and says "Vienna..Austria. That's it. If anyone knows anything more about this particular design, please let me know :) :)

Now the floral design on this plate is unique...because it's not symmetrical or'll notice there's some "irregularities" on purpose...the common element that ties it all together are those lovely pink roses with the green vines!!! It caught my attention. This plate was FREE.  Here's a couple close-up pictures of the detail on this lovely plate!!! I'm going to make this my dessert plate :) :)

Oh, today was my first day back at work for Harry & David. I was layed off in February along with all my friends. There was a small group of us that went back for three weeks at Mother's Day...otherwise, we've all been job hunting!!
It was so good to see everyone again. Here's the blessing...we all worked in the outbound telemarketing department and I know what most people tend to think of telemarketers. However, we are never pushy...NEVER...and besides, I know the product VERY WELL, so it's one I can confidently tell people about, because I use it...well, eat, is a better word...those Royal Riviera pears...yummy!!!
When the department was eliminated two years ago, we all went back to just taking inbound calls and handling customer service issues. Praise comes in the strangest of directions sometimes...the new CEO of the company recognized the value of our department & the money we were able to he brought our department back. It's a blessing in so many, many ways...the first one being a regular paycheck and pretty much guaranteed 40 hours per week of work. Not everyone gets that...
Well, I'm getting ahead of myself and I'm going to talk about it some more later this week.  I'm really praying for a good attitude at work...and that God would keep my heart open to learn something new. I will say this...I don't know where you are at in your working lives, whether it's at home, outside of the home... :) :)...there are skills that are important no matter where you work...honesty, integrity, faithfulness, being on time etc.. :) :) :)
Oh, okay...that's not tea related..BUT Harry & David does sell some lovey tea things in their stores and I'll be adding some of that to my collection soon :) :)
Thanks so much for stopping by for tea and letting me babble on about work :) :) It's been a real good thing for me...and came at just the perfect time...Hmm..God's timing is ALWAYS perfect!!!
WELCOME TO: Teresa of Grammy Girlfriend. Click here to check out her blog. Teresa, thanks for joining my blog and leaving a lovely comment :) :) Your blog is delightful...LOVE the background, too :) :) :)
Love and hugs to you all...I hope you have a great week!!! That's the news from Oregon, Heather :)


Jill said...

so glad your first day went well, even if it did start early LOL :-)
Love the tea cup so adorable! Have a wonderful week!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello my dear friend,
I absolutely adore your little Peter Rabbit cup! It is simply adorable and how wonderful for you to have found it and given it a home! I love Beatrix Potter too and I love the movie made about her life. Thanks for sharing your sweet little cup and your pretty plate. It's been an enjoyable visit.


Terri said...

I too am a big fan of B.P. She must have been a lovely woman to have such an imagination. Your Peter Rabbit Wedgewood tea cup is adorable. And what a bargain!
Your new Austrian plate is beautiful! And for free! Perfect!

I am so happy to hear you are back to work. I hope you enjoy your days there.

A Hopeful Heart said...

I'm so glad your first day back to work went so well!!

I LOVE your Peter Rabbit teacup. I am a huge Beatrix Potter fan...all of the little creatures really, but Peter Rabbit, well, there's just something extra special about him.

And the under some other things. Just waiting for you. It IS lovely, and it's the perfect plate for a teatime treat.


Lady Katherine said...

I do love your Teacup! What a wonderful price and find! Oh, the plate is just lovely! So glad to hear you have your job back. I know a lot of people are struggling, with jobs gone. I know your so Thankful! Keep on knitting and sipping Tea! Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday. Have fun collecting!

colonialhomestead said...

As a child in elementry school I loved these little books that as you said fit small hands. As an adult I purchased a paper back set for my children. They have stood the test of time. I treasure them now as I store them in my pie safe. The animals & stories are so unique. I just love the picture in them. I bought a baby dish set after my third child was born of Peter Rabbit. It stays to the side in my kitchen cabinet. As I take a dinner plate out I see the happy bunny looking back. Maybe some day he will speak to me. LOL It is a blessing you have been called back to your work place.

Karen said...

Heather Im glad you had a good first day. I was praying for you, but knew you would do good..God wouldnt of directed you back there if he didnt have a plan for you.
You go Girl !!!
Talk to ya soon

Bookie said...

I love B Potter things...this was a great little find!

Parsley said...

Love it all but I especially love the Peter Rabbit cup. How CUTE!!!

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Hi Heather :) Your Peter Rabbit cup is so sweet, but I must say, I really LOVE that sweet rose plate you found! You were right, you were meant to find that plate; it is truly beautiful :)

Happy Tea Tuesday!!

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Becky said...

I'm so glad your first day back went well - even if you were a bit early - BONUS knitting time is always good. I love the plate - so delicate. I have printed off some Beatrix Potter coloring pages that I plan to trace onto fabric and do Redwork embroidery to make squares for a baby blanket - perhaps in blue instead... still "thinking" on it.

Sheila said...

I'm glad you had a lovely first day back at work. You and your father have been in my prayers. Love the Beatrix Potter tea cup and the dessert plate. I hope you have a wonderful week. Take care!!

Msartist said...

Such lovely cups. I do love Beatrix Potter. The Peter Rabbit cup is so lovely! Happy Tea Tuesday! I hope you can pop by for my giveaway.
MsartistSewCrafty, Theresa

agypsyangel said...

You have to love beatrix potter and peter rabbit. They just make you smile. Your little rose saucer is so sweet. Good luck with work. Have a happy day.

Snap said...

Glad to hear your day went well. I love Beatrix Potter anything! Well done!!!!!

Linda Stubbs said...

Love the floral plate. Simple but very sweet. I do like BeatrisxPotter also, but the pink rose flowers are like what I picture the curtains would look like in Sarah's bedroom, don't you think?

Prayig for you and your work! We are twins!Smile

Hugs, Linda

Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ So wonderful to read here that your first day back to work went well! Such a blessing!! I was praying for you. :)

AND...your sweet, adorable Peter Rabbit teacup is so cute!! I *love* Beatrix Potter's lovely!

Have a restful evening!

parTea lady said...

Your Peter Rabbit cup and pink roses plate are lovely. Glad you are back at your job.

Princesa Nadie said...

I love Peter Rabbit too ,Your teacup is lovely!

Counting Your Blessings said...

I had the Peter Rabbit Wedgewood when I was a kid. I still have the bowl (broken and glued several times now).

Congratulations on being back to work! Blessings... Polly

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: What a beautiful Wedgewood tea cup! I just love it and what a treat! You are one lucky lady. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful treasures with us. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

Vicki said...

Hello, Heather, sweet friend,
Your Peter Rabbit tea cup is cute as can be, and of course, you know bunnies are loved around here at Bunny Cottage!! I love that sweet plate, too. You asked about some china I had shown in one of my posts. It does look similar to your plate. The stamp on mine says "Weimar Germany". I am so glad you are back at work. What a blessing!! Have a happy weekend! Vicki

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Thank you for sharing tea with me today. I am so glad that God has provided a new job for you. I love all the little teacups too. Can you tell me how to create a button for my blog? I would sincerely appreciate it!!!
PS I am a new follower please stop by Grace and follow along with me too.

Barbara said...

Oh that is so cool, I love it, I used to have those too before my fire, have a very blessed weekend, hugs and blessings, Barbara

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Bren/Grace on the Narrow Path..
I actually do not know how to make a blog button. A friend of mine made it for I'm totally clueless...but one thing you can do is add a picture to your sidebar for people to grab/copy and add to their blogs...then they can always add a link to your blog that way. That's the only way I know how to do it. The fancy blog buttons with the HTML codes are too far above me to do :) :) Thanks for joining my blog :) :) :)

Love and hugs, Heather :)