Saturday, August 14, 2010

365 day photo challenge from Saturday, August 7th, 2010 till Friday, August 13th, 2010.

Hi everyone, I'm back!!! Yeah...I'm so happy to be here!!! Really and truly. I've missed blogging. I started back to work at Harry & David last Monday. This whole week has been retraining and learning some new things too. It's been exciting, but also busy and tiring...but a good kind of busy and tired :) :) :)

Here's the next installment in my photo series.  This week I have more "bonus" photos for the days I wasn't able to photograph anything. This upcoming week I'll have more time. I'll explain as I go :) :)

BONUS PHOTO Saturday ~ August 8th, 2010  This is "verbenia".  It was such an intense blue, that it was "glowing" and I literally couldn't get a clear photograph, no matter how hard I tried. Isn't God great with colors? :) :) :) :)
It was really good to see everyone again.  There was a small group of 20...18 ladies and two gentleman...and I've been working with these wonderful people for just over two years now. It was almost like the first day of school. We are all excited to see who would be there. We had a lot of fun chatting and getting caught up. Of course, we are all very grateful to be back at work.

Sunday - August 8th, 2010 This was a teeny tiny little yellow flower peeking  through all that bark-mulch in the parking lot at Albertsons grocdery store. This was the only living thing in that entire island in the parking lot.  I had to snap a photo because this little flower was struggling for life and clinging on with every ounce of strength. I love this little flower..struggling but still beautiful!!!!

Monday ~ August 9th, 2010 This is an old-fashioned smudge pot used for keeping orchard fruit warm. This was actually redecorated by someone at Harry & David. I love the vintage feel to it..and it's what it very typical for this region of Southern Oregon...the Roayl Riviera Pears..some of the trees are almost 100 years old and still producing tasty fruit. Yes, I do love pears!!!!

Tuesday ~ August 10th, 2010 Some ducks over at the duck pond at work.  I love it that my job provides this beautiful pond for ducks and humands alike to enjoy!!! I tried to get a photo of all the ducklings..teeny tiny duck babies...but they got scared and swam it's just the adults today!!!

BONUS PHOTO Wednesday ~ August 11th, 2010 This was a photo taken at the phone museum in Jacksonville, Oregon.  I just added "sepia" tones to it, to make it look vintage.  I really love the old typewriter. It's got some class and style!!!

BONUS PHOTO  Thursday ~ August 12th, 2010 A beautiful orange flower in a softer focus!!!!

BONUS PHOTO for Friday ~ August 13th, 2010.  I added some "glow" to this photo, although you almost can't see it..but it does make the colors come alive a little bit more :) :) I love hyndrangeas.

I didn't want to go into too much detail about work...mainly because I'm one of those people who loves to keep my work life and my private life seperate!!  I will say this, that I'm excited about some of the improvements in the computer system. It will enable me to take better care of my customers and to make their shopping experience a happy one. It's so fun to talk to so many different people.  Every day is literally so different!!!

The one prayer request I would have is for hours.  The one thing that is certain in this business is change.  So my co-workers and I were counting on full-time hours every week. It looks like it'll only be about 16 hours for the next few weeks, until it draws closer to the CHRISTmas season :) :) :) Yes, we do say "Merry Christmas" at Harry & David :) :) :)  So, all my "plans" went out the window...but then I'm reminded of a couple of things... 1) If you want to make God laugh, than tell Him your plans...and I'm thinking He's having a gentle laugh at me...I know I'm laughing at myself right now :) :) :) 2) God will provide and this will be another great opportunity to see what God can do in a situation where I'm totally incapable..especially now!!! I'm going to bloom where I'm planted...and I"ll use this as an opportunity to be even wiser with the resources God has given me. Hopefully I can use that to encourage someone else later on down the road. In any case, I would covet your prayers because many of my co-workers, while they understand the "why's", it still puts a strain on everyones budgets. Thank goodness we all know how to laugh about it all :) :)

WELCOME TO: Holly at Banner Haus News. Click here to visit her site. She has some great free images and other cool stuff to look at!!! I don't remember which blogger friend directed me to her site...but today's post has a great image for cute. Check it out!!!

I've been working on a knitting project...just a simple square cloth made from a yarn by Araucania...It's 100% sugar cane fibres. It's like silk and so shiny. I'll make sure to post a photo of it when it's finished. In any case, I'm making the square cloth as a "placemat" for my travel coffee mug when I"m at work. It beautifies my work space and serves as a way to clean up any potential coffee spills..not that I'm a messy coffee way...messy eater, sometimes...but very neat with precious coffee :) :)

Well, that's about it for the moment. It's been super hot weather-wise this week. So the air conditioner has been coming in handy.  Last night was especially warm...even at midnight. I slept with my bedroom window open because it has a lovely screen. That's a small blessing that I'm thankful to God to have!!!!  I was sick last night and went to bed at 9:30 p.m. I feel much better now!!!  My dad made me a special "Daddy Breakfast" that always cheers me up!!!

I almost forgot to mention a very IMPORTANT PARTY/GIVEAWAY over at Prairie Flower Farm. Linda is having a super fun giveaway that ends on the 20th of August. Check out the button on my sidebar for more info on the giveaway. Otherwise you can click here to visit her blog :) :) :) There are some great things AND she's been running this fun "write your own story" piece for the last few days. So you'll want to check that out, have some laughs, be encouraged and just feel really good for being there :) :) I love me a good giveaway and I'll enter anything and everything because it's so much fun!!! So pop on over and tell Linda that I sent you and say "hello"!!!!

I'm off to work on my post for Sunday!!! I hope you all had a great week. You were missed and THANK YOU for leaving so many comments on my blog!!! It really made my day...coming home tired from work and then seeing so many greetings on my blog :) :) :) Way cool!!!!

That's the news from Oregon today. Extra love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)


Dorothy said...

Oh Heather, I really really missed reading your daily blogs. You are just so precious and someone that has quickly indeared yourself to me. Glad you are back to work and I think your attitude about hours is wonderful. God will greatly bless you for having an attitude that reflects Him.

Blessings and hugs from Dorothy in Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, I thought about you this week and prayed for ya and your transitioning back to work. All your flower pix are lovely - especially the glowing reminds me of Lobelia we used to have planted around the base of our mock Plum tree. Gorgeous flowers.
I'm glad you're feeling better after being sick. Hey, did you enter Gerry's wonderful giveaway yet?
Well, take care and know the Lord blesses you and keeps you.

Jill said...

I've missed you! Good to see you back. I am so happy work is starting off well! Those ducks are sooooo adorable! Great shots of everything. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

Heather, I have been missing your cheerful blogging. So glad you are back. Looking forward to your sunday post. Hugs from the 100 + degree SE area. Gerry

A Hopeful Heart said...

I've missed you this week. But I'm glad you had a good week at work and enjoyed seeing all your work buddies.

I love your photos. The floral shots are gorgeous. So many beautiful colors in God's handiwork. And those ducks!! How sweet!!

I love how you made the one photo look vintage just by making it sepia. Too cool!!!

Awhile back (June 2003 to July 2005), my husband was out of work. (We are a single income family). He did some custodial work and some construction work to bring in a bit of money, but it wasn't much. God provided in amazing ways for us...just as I know he'll do for you and your dad.

Blessings and hugs,

Rebecca said...

Your photos were all lovely. I'm going to hold that yellow one in my mind as I think and pray for you this week - blooming in a hard spot.

I DID take a picture of the wallpaper in the drawer "bottoms", but the lighting wasn't right and I didn't have time to try another approach :) You're one step ahead of me!

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Your photos are great, what a fun hobby. I just love coming to your blog it is so pretty!
Have a blessed week,

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I love the Harry and David gift baskets and in better times, used to always get them for friends. Plus we would order the "maverick" pears, lol. Not as pretty but just as tasty! No other pear can match the RR. That's just the truth!

Hope you get more hours soon. In my job the hours likewise fluctuate. These are hard times!

Jill said...

Hi Heather,
Just had to pop back and respond after you wrote a comment on my blog. Have you ever watched the movie super size me? Ugh we did and have not touched fast food since! It's really eye opening on what it does to your health. If you get a chance to watch it , you'll probablly never eat fast food again LOL I tell everyone about it. You don't even want to know how a chicken nugget is made yuck. LOL I just had to mention this... I hope you have an incredible week!!! So glad to see you posting again.