Saturday, January 21, 2012


I'm working on changing the look of my blog. I'm trying to upload a personal photo to the background template, but for some reason it's not working. Can any of you help me? Until then, I'm going to have a really plain blog :) :) :)

Hi everyone,
It has been awhile since I posted anything, let along give an update on how my dad is doing. The good news is that my dad is alive and doing very, very well. He is recovering nicely.


I wanted to start with that photo first, because, my daddy is so handsome :) :) That and the fact, that I was so happy to see him doing so well after all that he's been through.  This photo was taken last Wednesday.  My father is a veteran of the Army...and because of that the VA payed for his entire hospital stay. However, the doctors determined that my dad would need intensive speech, physical and occupational therapy and that could only be found at the VA facility about 1.5 hours north of where we live.

At first Dad didn't want to go, and I didn't want him to go, either. There were so many unknowns. However, everyone that has had any experience with this particular VA has had nothing but high praise. It's the most modern facility in the entire VA system AND more modern than most hospitals in the private sector.  So the free medical transport came to take my dad up to the VA rehab facility.  The hospital was really sweet and brought my daddy a bagged lunch for the ride up there.

He "graciously" let me take this photo of him with his lunch in his lap, and the driver taking him up north.  That driver is rather good-looking. As he was wheeling my dad out to the van, I started singing the "Leave It To Beaver" theme song. My dad rolled his eyes and started laughing. I say he "graciously" let me take his photo. In truth, I told my father he owed me one, because I saved his life :) :) I got a really nice photo. My dad is shy with the camera. Isn't he handsome and looks so healthy :) :) :)  His anticipated release date is sometime this coming Friday. I'm praying so hard for his safe return home.

Here are a few pictures from when he was still in the hospital, that I wanted to share with you.

Our next door neighbor brought these jumper cables as a "get well" gift for my dad. He said that "For the man who has everything, I brought you these.  If your heart gives out on you again, I'll hook one end to your chest and the other end to my car engine. Then I'll give you a boost" My dad started laughing so hard...and that made me laugh. Laughter is really good medicine :) :)

These are my daddy's precious hands...more like the size of bear paws...but stil precious, all the same :) :)  He was using my aunt's computer laptop.  He was still having some trouble with hand coordination and getting his fingers on the homerow of the keyboard.  He's gotten so much better since this photo was taken. He LOVES doing Bible studies on the computer. Having this computer with him in the hospital was really good for brain stimulation.

This is literally my dad's favorite Bible. He made the leather cover himself years ago.  He likes to insert his own notes inside, between the verses and extra page inserts...sort of like his own personal Bible commentary. It's really sweet. This was one of the first things he asked for when he woke up out of the medically-induced coma.

This is one of the pages inside my dad's Bible. He made this page insert himself.  That tiny photo at the bottom, is a photo of me and some friends at a Christian retreat when I was in college (in Germany).  This is the same Bible that my dad carries everywhere with him, even to the grocery store. His reason is "You never know when you'll need a Bible...even at the grocery store" :) :)

My father's anticipated release date is this coming Friday.  He's getting a minimum of 4 hours  day of combined physical, speech and occupation therapies. That's so awesome.  He's got his own personal flat-screen a giant iPad, that hovers above the bed in his room.  He's so occupied now, that he hardly ever calls. Now in our family "no news is good news" I'm so happy that they're keeping him busy. I'm so thankful for the VA, because they are covering the entire bill for my father. Without that, we would have been in a world of financial hurt. God really provided for my tiny family in so many different ways.

There's so much to say, that I have forgotten. Feel free to ask questions. If you need prayer, for anything, feel free to email me. 

It rained so hard last night. So much so, that I was afraid the water would come through the ceiling.  Now it's wet outside, but sunny :) :) My next door neighbor, Lisa, has been so good to give me rides when I need them, till my dad gets home.

Thanks so MUCH for all of your prayers and good thoughts coming our way. My dad and I have appreciated all of them :) :)  That's the news from the ocean shores of California today. Love and hugs, Heather :)


Sue said...

Awesome! Heather, Your Dad looks great, what a very encouraging report! I am so glad that the VA is taking such great care of him. We will keep praying.
Thanks for the update.

Sheila said...

Such good news! Your father is a very handsome man indeed!! Prayers for his continued progress and for you too. Take care.

Sharon said...

Thank you for the update Heather! What wonderful news that your father is doing better and thank God for the provisions (VA). Please thank your father for his service, it is MOST appreciated! I LOVE that your Dad takes his Bible EVERYWHERE, that's how it should be :) I'm still praying Heather!


LV said...

It helps to talk and share things like this with others. May your dad continue to improve. You take care of yourself as well.

camp and cottage living said...

Your Dad looks so good.
I'll be praying for his quick recovery. Praise the Lord for the
provisions he's provided through the Veterans. He sounds like a dear man of God.

Suzann said...

Thank you so much for the update on your father and it is good to hear he is doing well.
How are you doing? I bet relieved knowing your dad is doing better.
Take care of yourself and let us know of the progress.
Suzann ~xoxo~

Kim B said...

I hope your dad continues to get better. Hope you have a nice weekend. Love & Hugs, Kim

Patti said...

Your dad looks awesome, Heather! Praise God for the healing touch he has provided thus far. I will continue pray for a return to radiant good health.

Sorry...I can't help you with your blog. I am technologically challenged.

Love and hugs,

Angela said...

A wonderful photograph. He is a handsome Daddy for sure. So happy he is doing well. Hang in there, he will be back home soon and then you can love on him everyday.

aimee said...

Such GREAT news Heather! Thank God for answered prayers!
We have had lots of rain here following some gorgeous snow. Some areas have experienced pretty bad flooding. Fortunately there was a break in the weather today--even saw some blue sky:)
SO happy about your dad and how God has provided for your family.

Under Her Wings said...

I'm so happy that your dad is doing so well, Heather. Thank the Lord for good medical help and facilities. Have a blessed SONday. Love and joy, Gloria

Kristina said...

Such a wonderful post. Glad you Dad is out of the hospital. He looks like he feels pretty good too.

Grandma Becky said...

Thanks for sharing the photo of your dad and what is going on for him. Praying for his continued healing and that his stay at VA won't be too long. That's a long ways to be from you. Hugs! It's raining here again...lots of wind when we left church to come home. Oh least it's not as bad as a few days ago! Have a good week!

Patty Sumner said...

Oh Heather that Bible is absolutely precious. How wonderful to have a Dad dedicated to the Word....and that prayer, Wow! You are blessed. I noticed what I thought was Latin at the beginning. Is that correct? All I can say is Wonderful. Blessings!

Linda Stubbs said...

Precious, God was there for you both! Praise Him!

Please tell him hello from the Stubbs! We rejoice with you!

Hugs, Linda

A Primitive Homestead said...

So good to hear your father is doing well in his recovery. Praise be to God for this & the provisions supplied to cover the medical expenses. Heather take care of yourself & get your rest. Important to keep up your own health as well. Prayer lifted. Blessings!

Mit Liebe zum Detail said...

Liebe Header oh mein Gott wie schnell etwas passiert,zum Glück sehe ich das Bild wo es deinen Vater wieder gut geht.Ich wünsche dir und deinen Vater alles Gute und Gottes Segen.
Danke liebe Header für deine Kommentare sie stärken mich und das tut gut.Ich schicke dir ganz liebe grüße und pass gut auf euch auf.Edith.

Jennifer said...

What a great post, the pics are awesome and moving.

Jill said...

So happy to hear your dad is home and doing well! I like how you added pics throughout! Great header! Do you use Picasa? You can make headers in it with your pictures you'd like to display. That is how I change mine around. Have a great week!


Angie Berry said...

Ok Heather, be honest now... you really wanted a picture of the driver who is almost as good looking as your dad, right?! Haha!! Sorry, just couldn't pass that one up. =]

Praise God, Praise God!! Not only is your dad doing awesome but no financial burden? That is an incredible testimony that you and your dad have so share it proudly! Tell all who will listen... the wonderful things God is doing for your family! So happy to hear this great news Heather!

I adore the pictures of your dad's Bible! How special that is.

Lucia said...

The Bible is such a cute idea (:

Rebecca said...

I LOVE the page you showed from your father's Bible. I once heard, "A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to a person who ISN'T!"

I HATE it that I haven't been receiving notices of your posts. I've missed a BUNCH.

I'll have to check what's up.