Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My 12th Tea Time Tuesday & Teacup and Tea Things Tuesday for September 28th, 2010

Hi everyone....:) :) :) How was your Monday? Mine was challenging but also very good. Work is keeping me busy and I really like that a lot :) :) Plus, the people I work with are really nice!! Oh, so sorry that my tea post is a little late this morning. I meant to get this all ready last night and fatigue took over :)  So here we are. Here are my tea things for today. They are mixed with a few yard sale finds...because I'm contemplating a way of combining them in my home.

This next photo is a saucer that I've had for awhile now. It's all by it's lonesome. It belong to my grandmother, and her parents before that. I'm not sure what happened to any matching pieces. However, I wouldn't be surprised if my great-grandmother loved mismatched things just as much as I do :) :)

I LOVE the roses...and don't you just love the delicate powder blue around the rim outlined in gold? Oh, the saucer is sitting on top one of the doilies that I had purchased at an estate sale last weekend.

This is the backstamp. I'm not sure who made this. It says "Made in England Bone China"

Since this saucer was an "orphan", I decided to match it up with one of my orphan teacups...Although the patterns don't match exactly the colors in the Elizabethan tea cup and this saucer match quite well. I think they make a lovely "couple", don't you?

Oh...here is the yard sale find I happened upon last Sunday.  There was a yard sale not too far from my home. It was this really sweet 80 year old lady who had some really neat furniture and other items she was selling. One thing I've discovered about Sunday yard sales, people will "negotiate" on the already low prices, simply because they want to get rid of items. She had a really nice electric mixer for $20, but that was way out of my budget. However, I did see this little beauty....It's a "house" for $5...used for displaying birds....However, I intend on using it for something else...:) :) :) :) It still needs to be cleaned...so please excuse the dust :) :) Oh, the lady sold this to me for just $2.

Just for fun I threw a couple doilies on there, a teacup with saucer, and my Foley triple screen sifter...not sure why I did that, but the items were in the neighborhood...:) :) :)

The "house" will go up on the wall soon...and the walls are a sort of off-white and this house is more of a creamy white color...well, very dirty, because it hasn't been cleaned yet. My dad said we should spray paint it...I vote for hand-painting because I don't want to breathe in propellant used in spray paints..Any ideas for colors? I thought maybe some pinks and greens...because somewhere, I will need to paint flowers :) :) :) This house MUST have painted flowers!!!

Oh, the lady who sold this to me was telling me some really neat stories...My favorite is about her and her husband. She said that they were married for 50-something years...and if he were still alive they'd have been married for 60-something years. So I asked her how old she was when they got married. She was 17 years old and her husband was 19....OH, my...romance and fidelity...gotta love it :) :) She  spoke very lovingly of him...and I could tell she was still in love with him :) :) So this "house" will always have that story to go with it.
Below is a close-up of my teacup and saucer sitting on a doilie!!! I really like the lightness of the colors. It's simple and elegant...and reminds me of a summer day...:)

I forgot to tell you about the resident black spider in the "attic" of this house. It was hiding in a corner...and when I saw it I "screamed". My dad, the hero, came to my rescue and promptly "dispatched" the spider. More accurately, he squished it with an empty toilet paper roll :) :) :) Yeah...keeping this house safe from spiders. I know they are God's creatures but they are scary to me.

The older lady told me about this little door. The oval window is real glass!!!! Isn't is beautiful? I'll need to be extra careful when painting around this...any ideas of what to put inside?

Knock on the door.....

....and it will open for you :) :) :)

Okay....so I did manage to find ONE more yard sale...and I bought these doilies...the green ones were $1 and the red ones were $3...for the whole batch...and I norm ally wouldn't buy such colorful ones...but I thought they'd make great plate liners until time allows me to make proper ones. These are great...and the lady that sold me these used to be an airline stewardess for over 30 years. She had some fantastic stories to tell...well worth the price of the doilies and then some.

That's about it for the moment. I hope you enjoyed my tea things combined with my vintage yard sale finds. I had a lot of fun and things are slowly starting to take shape.  I keep telling myself that THIS is my last yardsale. However, there's always something that NEEDS a forever home in MY home....of course :) :) So maybe once winter finally arrives, that'll be my time to stop...and spend winter decorating with all my finds :) :)

Thanks for stopping by to visit me for tea. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Oh, one last thing,  my dad has this Daily Walk Bible Calendar on his desk..and I make sure to change the page everyday. It's like a super mini devotional...which has been much needed lately.  Anyway, the verse for today was Psalm 100:5...in the King James Version reads "The LORD is good; His mercy is everlasting; and His truth endureth to all generations."...and then there was a lovely little quote from Isaac Watts...I have no idea who he is but the quote is lovely: " Wide as the world is Thy command, Vast as eternity Thy love; Firm as a rock Thy truth shall stand, When rolling years shall cease to move."

That's the news from Oregon today. Love and hugs, Heather :)


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Heather,
Lovely little teacup and saucer; they make a wonderful couple! I enjoyed the story of the lady and her hubby; so sweet and very touching! The house is adorable and I look forward to what you do with it.
Issac Watts wrote the words and lyrics of 'Joy to the World,' the old Christmas carol, based on Psalm 98. Beautiful carol! Thanks for sharing today and have yourself a splendid week, my good friend from Oregan.


Sheila said...

Lovely tea things. I especially love the tea cup with the saucer. I just love hearing peoples "life" stories. That is a very cute house--I wouldn't mind finding one like it!! Love the doilies in the last picture--well worth the price. I've tried thread crochet but I have a really hard time holding the smaller crochet hooks. I love that bible verse--I need to write that one down. The quote says it all!! Thanks for sharing. Take care.

Cass @ That Old House said...

I think your match of mis-matched cup and saucer works beautifully!

Love the story of the yard sale and the dear old lady who sold you that charming little "house."

Lovely post!

Terri said...

lovely story about the long and happy marriage. And your tea cup looks good on your very pretty plate. It is a nice match.
I love the house you got for $2. That is a bargain and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Pioneer Beauty said...

Hello Heather..

love the little knock..knock door on the cabinet...I also saw that you stopped by...Yes it is the liquid form....and remember you will sweat but that's how God inteded our bodies to cleanse themselves..so it's not an anti-persperant it is a SMELL REMOVER : ) That's why the ones with aluminum are not good..it seeps into our blood stream : {

Have a blessed night Heather

In Christ

Doni said...

Hello Heather! What beautiful finds this week! Love the new "couple" you've put together, and love the old couple's stories you shared with us! The house is so sweet...maybe a pink?? That door with the window is just crying out for something...maybe use it for a monthly item and just change it out all the time, or pictures...old couple in black and white or sepia...
Blessings for a wonderful week!

Lady Katherine said...

I loved hearing the stories along with your wonderful finds! I just love the teacup and saucer. So, so pretty. The house is wonderful, a tea house. lol Love the little door, I would have to have a special treasure in there. Like your lovely teacup and saucer! Thanks for joining me for Tea Time, and so sorry I haven't visited, but the bed has been calling my name and time lately. Hope to visit more soon.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Hi Heather! Lovely 'tea things' you have.. and I especially adore that house. Too cute! I hope your week is getting better with each day... Mondays are nearly always challenging I think ;) Hugs, Tammy

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I just love reading your blog. Your tea cup couple is so pretty. I just love the the set. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Hi Heather :) What a sweet teacup, and I really love the pretty saucer you've paired it with. Looks like you found some wonderful things while out treasure hunting...the house is so charming and loved hearing the story that goes along with it :)

Hope you have a lovely day, and rest of the week :)

Warmest hugs, Brenda

A Hopeful Heart said...

That's a beautiful story about the lady who sold you the little house. In this day and age when marriages seldom last more than five years, it's refreshing, isn't it, to hear of those who are still in love after 50 years or more of marriage. My grandfather was the same way as that woman was. My grandmother passed away about a week before their 57th anniversary, and he never rebounded from that loss. The year he passed away, they would have been married for 61 years, and he reminded me of that when the day came around. (Though I didn't need the reminder, as I knew it myself.)

Anyhow, I think your orphaned cup and and saucer look fabulous together. And I love all your doilies. I remember doilies and dresser scarves when I was growing up, but by the time I was living on my own, I thought they were hopelessly old-fashioned, so I got rid of about a dozen of them. What I wouldnt' give now to have them back!!! (I do have a few doilies...ones I've bought...but I wish I had the ones I got rid of.

Anyhow, I'm glad you're having a good week.


Nancy Y said...

Hi Heather! Your orphaned cup and saucer look Perfect together! The house was a fantastic purchase, and that little door is so sweet. I love the little hinges and knob, they are so decorative. I'm happy to hear things are going well at work. Have a Wonderful Night!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh, I love it all Heather!!! Beautiful tea cup and saucer--and love the story of the couple--so touching!!! And I love doilies too...what amazing finds!!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Heather,
Thank you so much for stopping by...Now, I have to come to "drool" over your gorgeous lace!!! it's so pretty!!! Please tell your dad that Cindy says "hi" and sending hugs to you both.

Carol Mae said...

Hi Heather, very pretty dishs. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think I'm back in full swing of things now. Have a wonderful weekend. Smiles, Carol Mae

Camille said...

Such a pretty teacup and saucer Heather. I like it that they are "mismatched"...it's "country" to do things like that. :)

Your house shelf is so cute...it will look wonderful on your wall somewhere with little treasures on the shelves. :)


agypsyangel said...

You have some wonderful things. I am spray painting everything pale pink--well its called ballet pink.
Just wanted to stop by and say hello and hope you are doing well.

Rebecca said...

I guess others clued you in to who Isaac Watts was (is)! Your tea cup is a good choice to go with the saucer (I really like the powder blue on it.) Great little shelf too- and I enjoy reading the stories of those who have cherished these items before you!

Beth said...

Hi Heather! What a lovely saucer and tea cup! They look great together. I can tell you are having lots of fun yard saling! You've found some great items. I really enjoyed your post where you showed the quilts and the tins - oh, those tins are precious! Glad you snapped them up! Take care, my friend.
Blessings, Beth