Friday, September 10, 2010

I've Knitted My Very First Samples of Victorian Knitted Lace Edgings & Work Update

Hi everyone...I pray that you all have a really great weekend. I have to to work today (Saturday) I'm working on this post early to make sure it gets published on time :) :)  I mentioned awhile back that I'm making some lace edgings for my bookcase. I like lace and all sorts of beautiful vintage things. So in an effort to beautify my home and make it more feminine and romantic, I thought lace edgings would be a good place to start :) :) :)

A couple of years ago, I purchased this book at a local used book store. It's written by Nancie Wiseman and published by Interweave Press. The book might be out of print now. You'll have to check that on-line somewhere. However, I'm sure there's a copy to be found in a used bookstore somewhere. I purchased this copy at Smith Family Bookstore in Eugene, Oregon. It was about $9 and worth EVERY penny.

At the time I didn't this was just perfect and it reminded me so much of Victorian/Edwardian things and Anne of Green I just had to HAVE the book :) :) :) In short, this book is a really nice collection of genuine Victorian era knitted lace edgings by Blanche Beau...the woman you see pictured on the front cover.   She kept everything in a really neat notebook, that was eventually inherited by the author of this book!!!  So I thought I'd make up some samples in various patterns and colors to decide what I like best!!!

The first two samples I knitted in dark red...because I LOVE red.  The third sample is knit in pink..which now upon reflection, is much brighter than I originally thought it was ;) :) :)  I do have white crochet cotton...but I decided to start with some color!!! There will definitely be some white samples to choose from as well!!!

I've completed two different styles of lace edging and am working on the third (in pink)..Here is the first one, it's called "Mrs. R's Diamond Lace" on page 41.  This one was the most difficult since it was my first. I literally started and ripped it out about three times, before I finally got the rhythm right.  I haven't "blocked" this yet. I'm not sure if I will.  I'll definitely press it with an iron to make it lay flat...The scalloped edging should be a little least according to the photo in the I'm not sure what isn't being done correctly. No matter...I LOVE it..and it's definitely homey/vintage looking :) :) :)

Next is the "Rose Point Lace" on page 46-47. This definitely will need to be blocked or pressed or both...Still, I'm very happy with the result and although I LOVE the red, this might look better in white. The plan is to knit up some samples, display them on my bookcase and then let you decide which style of lace looks best. Then I'll knit a bunch of that!!!

Last but not least....because I'm still knitting is this really nice "Maple Seed Lace" on pages 70-71. So far this has been the best one in terms of the look as it's knitting. There are quite a few YO's (yarn overs)...that is part of what helps create those lacy parts...but the overall affect is really beautiful!!!! Somehow I think I was born in the wrong generation..but then again, no, God's timing is perfect...and how that and my love of vintage stuff fits together...I'm not sure yet, other than to help make my home a haven!!!

Pictured below are all my samples together...with the fabric in the backdrop that I'll use as the shelf liner fabric. This was formerly my fitted sheet on my bed. I did wash it first...but I don't believe in ironing...well, only if I absolutely have to :) :) This is part of a Shabby Chic bed set...called "Cherry Blossom" You won't even see this fabric once I attach the lace edging.  I don't want to use tacks on my bookcase, so I thought this would be a good alternative. It's part of an idea that I dreamed up of how the overall project should look when it's finished. So we'll see if this turns out or not. Oh, I also included that wire/rose ribbon I purchased at a yard sale last weekend.  I'm not sure what I'll use this for...Any ideas?

That's my Victorian knitted lace edging project thus far...I hope you like it. Do you already see a lace edging that you like best? My bookcase has 5 shelves plus the I'll be knitting or crocheting three more styles of lace.

Tales from the Pear Tree
I have some sort of sad news to report. Today was my day off and a coworker called me during her break to tell me "They completely shut down our department today"..WHAT?????  That's so bizarre since management told our supervisors only YESTERDAY that we'd have more work and we were doing a great job. I did receive a call from one of my supervisors today about is very discouraging.

Well, I can't really comment more on it at this point and I WON'T name the company I work for...but I will say that I feel like something smells really rotten here in terms of integrity. Many of my coworkers feel the same way, too. We're going to be split up and some will go into the business division setting up phone appointments. Others will stay in inbound/customer service calls. I am choosing to stay in the latter...doing only inbound calls/customer service.

Arrgghh..I won't complain anymore...Just pray for me to not lose heart in the face of what seems like a lack of integrity.  I still have to do a good job as unto the LORD regardless of what goes on around me!!! So pray for a good attitude. I am grateful to still be working, because it's keeping a roof over my head :) :) :) Okay, enough "pears" today!!!

So I've been busy working on my knitted lace edgings. I do need to get my quilt out and start working on that too. It's been I'll be working on some time management help me towards that end!!! Life has once again thrown me a curve ball...but that's okay...God is good...and somehow He'll use this for His glory...I'm sure of it!!!...the how, I'm not sure about...but I know that HE is faithful!!! That's the news from Oregon today. Love and hugs, Heather :)


Becky said...

Your Lace is AWESOME! I especially LOVE the pink with the fabric you are planning to use and the ribbon closest to the front of the photo work best with both.

Integrity is a lost Art Form I do believe - it's all about the bottom line now. I've seen it every where that I have worked as well as where my husband has worked. It doesn't really matter how well or hard you work anymore in the long run as Companies look at all of us as replaceable entities I'm afraid. I try to stay positive and optimistic but then I hear about another Family that is loosing their livelihood. I will Pray that your job will continue and that you find stability there.

A Hopeful Heart said...

Oh, Heather, you've done a fabulous job on the lace!!! It's you've been doing it for years. I like the pink best (of course!!)

I want to thank you for your lovely, encouraging comments to my daughter.

I'm so sorry about your job. How very strange. Maybe you will get more details about it today...the why's and what-for's.

Finally, I too, often feel like I am in the wrong time period. Although I KNOW God doesn't make mistakes and that he put me in the late 20th and 21st centuries, I can't help but feeling like I would have fit better in the mid 20th century. I am all about the late 1930's and the 1940's. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have lived then. Maybe that's another of the reasons I love old movies so much...they allow me to live viariously in the decades I love best.

Well, have a lovely day.


Vicki said...

Heather, my friend, your lace is absolutely beautiful in every way. My hat is off to you to be able to create so many lovely patterns. I have trouble getting a button sewn on without getting the thread in a thousand knots!!! Keep up that beautiful work~and I am praying that things go better at work~I love your positive attitude, and yes, we do know that God has that perfect plan for our lives always~Enjoy your weekend, sweet one~Vicki

Rebecca said...

What beautiful lace you are creating! I have never learned to crochet but seeing your work, I THINKING about it :)

Sorry to hear about the challenges at work.

Happy to see you won a give-away from Linda!

Dorothy said...

Heather so sorry to hear of your work situations but you are right to keep your eyes on Jesus - your source for sure!

Now about this lace - wow! wow! wow! You are a very talented young lady and I sure envy your talent. I love the pink one especially - such a soft sweet color and the pattern is nice. Can't wait to see what you choose for your bookshelves and how it will look.

Hugs and blessings to you from AZ,

Doni said...

Heather, I'm so excited to see your edgeings!! They are gorgeous! I know you love red, but oh the pink...that pattern with that pink is so sweet! You've done a marvelous job with your knitting! It will take people like you to teach others to knit so that it doesn't become a lot art...
I haven't learned to knit yet...but I own my mother's knitting needles and lots of patterns. I'd love to learn, but don't really want to take the time just yet. Perhaps on a cold winter's day I'll pull it out and see what I can do. I've been busy with crocheting some doilies, and that has me busy and happy lately!
Remember too, and I quote R.C. Sproul, "there are no random molecules" in this universe we live in...God is in control of each one, each atom, each Star, Constellation, the whole universe. He knows your dilemma, and perhaps He's fixing to do a huge work in your life...whether it be staying where you are or moving you on to another place. Just be that shining light He desires you to be wherever you are, and He will guide you!
I'll be praying about your job situation...

aimee said...

You are SO talented Heather!! I probably have said this before but my grandma crocheted---I still have some of the items she made and how I wish I would have asked her to teach me!
Re: the choice--do you have a photo of the place you are going to put the lace? Also, what are the main colors in that area? Is it dark in that area so you will want to put a lighter color or is it light (sunlit)?
I LOVE red but right now I would lean more towards the pink or a white because we are going into a darker season...
Sorry to hear about the situation at your job. Things like that happen ... prayers going out for you. Remember our biggest job is to serve God and be a witness to those who don't know Him. I wish I had practiced that more in my former job. I know you already do that though:)
Hang in there-remember He loves you!

Beth said...

Heather, So sorry about your job situation. I'll pray for you and your coworkers.
Your lace is just beautiful! How talented you are, Heather!
Thanks for the kind comments you leave for me. I really appreciate them (and YOU)!!
Blessings, Beth

Laura said...

Wow, your lace is beautiful!! What a wonderful skill you have.


Regina said...

hi heather,
your lace looks so wonderful.....
i think you are very talented.i like the color that you have used.
have a nice day,

Anonymous said...

Kintting Lace -- I've kinted many small projects but yet to try my hand at lace .. Seeing your lace project makes me was to do the same..

Just looked back at a few post on my blogg and I feel sorry I had not looked before and hurried on over here - you are a delight and love what I am learning from you here - thanks greatly - I'll be back..

thehomespunheart said...

That lace is gorgeous!!!!! I tried making a doily one time and was not very successful - but, wow! That's amazingly beautiful! Great job!!

Marie said...

Your knitted lace is beautiful! I have crocheted edges but have not knitted any.