Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Yard Sale Treasures & Thank God for Nice Fathers

Hi everyone,
      I hope that you all have been having a really good weekend so far. I did work this morning and now I have a couple of days off from work. My father and I did some yard sale shopping and grocery shopping today. This post is particularly photo-heavy. So I'll be "few" on the words today...well, maybe I'll use a smaller font to make up for my talkative nature :) There were four yard sales that yielded some very nice items today.

This is a comforter that I purchased for my father. It said "twin -sized".  However, I think it's actually a full-sized comforter. My dad will be able to use/enjoy this come winter. This is like new and was only $5.

These are two more "quilted" pillow cases. I can never have enough of these, especially when one set is being laundered, I have a clean set to put on. These are "dirty"...clearly they need a good washing...but check it, These were only $0.25 EACH!!!!

Here's some close up detail of the pillow cases. I love the used of flowery fabrics here :)

Here's a bunch of other the teacup is not part of today's yard sale finds. That was a previous yard sale!!! You'll notice that metal pail and the little "light" house...both a very cute French shabby chic. There was a LOT of that type of thing today at yard sales...interesting..but these two will work for me :) Take a closer look below....

This is a genuine cast iron baking mould/pan. Isn't it cool? There's one just like it pictured in Maryjane Butters "Ideabook - Lifebook - Cookbook"  The lady that sold this to me didn't even know it was actually meant to be used. She just had it hanging on her wall...Well, lucky for me :) :) This was only $3.

This I found at  a HUGE yard sale near a local bank.  It's a scone cozy...for $0.50. I'll keep this for a tea someday....

Here's the bottom side of the scone cozy.  I didn't have scones to put in to demo this ...BUT I think you ladies can figure it out :) :) :) Can't you just imagine some delicious scones here at a tea all decorated in pinks and whites?

Now this is a china piece missing a lid...but it'll be a nice container for some flowers. I purchased this at the same bank yard sale...and it was only $1.  If anyone knows what this is, please let me know.  It looks like a super-sized sugar bowl. It's really large....

.....and the backstamp is a recognizable name...and super cool looking, too.

This pail will be cute for holding flowers.  Dad says "artificial" flowers...not sure why, but it only cost $2 and the little French shabby chick house with battery powered tea lights was only $1. It'll look cute on my shelf!!! The pail was from the same lady who sold me the cast iron baking mould. Oh...and check out the close-up photos  of these tins...also from her...

This is part of a set of four...for just $10...a little high...but super cute!!...and yes, I actually do use these :)

My dad saw a lady pull up and eye them...get out of her car...and my dad realized she was going for the cans. I had already told yard sale lady that I'd buy my dad made sure to grab them all...and the lady saw my dad grab them all, and she went back to her car and left. That's part of yard saling...if you are interested, you have to snap it up, before it goes away.

Here's the cute little "light" house with battery powered tea light candles for $1. This same lady gave me a whole stack of "Victoria" magazines for FREE!!!!

....a stove-stop "Whirley-Pop" stove top popcorn popper for just $1...also from the same lady who sold me the cast iron piece and the super cute storage tins. I LOVE popcorn...but I don't like using an electric popper. This is better....

...and more fun to operate...popcorn kernels...a little oil....a medium-heat stove top burner...and a twist of the handle and voila...popcorn...nice and  popcorn lung from the microwave :) These are spendy to buy new.

This is just a cute little storage container for water...It was $0.25. My dad loves cold water and this will fit nicely in the refrigerator.  This was purchased from the couple who also sold the comforter at the top of this post.

The lady who sold me the French shabby chic "light" house...gave me all these  "Victoria" magazines for FREE. She didn't want to throw them away, but was hoping someone would come along who would appreciate them...AHEM....hello!!!! I will go through them and see what I can add to my decorating/homemaking scrapbook :) :) :)

I've been wanting a curling iron for awhile and didn't ahve the money to buy one. The couple who sold me the comforter and the water container, also had new for just $1. What a blessing.

Okay, that's my yard sale finds for today. All good things...and once winter rolls around I'll be decorating my home. My dad and I will probably stop by our local Fred Meyer and buy some mounting hooks and nails to put some of this stuff up on the walls!!!! Do you remember that "house" from a previous post? What kind of paint would you recommend? I want to paint this by hand because of it's delicate detail...

I would ask prayer for work. It's been really challenging the last few days...and my dad and I are going through challenging days...and just pray that God would continue to provide for our needs!!! I'm thankful for a job that helps to keep a roof over my head!!! My coworkers are really nice, too...and they're a HUGE reason for why I make it through the I was just thinking about Scriptures as the calls were coming in....anyway...please pray!!! Thanks!!!

That's the news from Oregon today. Extra love and hugs, Heather :)


Becky said...

Way to go Dad! Watching out for his girl! I know what you mean about yard sales and picking up what caught your eye immediately. You snooze - you loose.

agypsyangel said...

I will pray for you. I love those tins for 10 however those quilted pillow shams are wonderful. I just started a fascination of old pillowcases. Oh me...they are so useful though....You got lots of great things. I want to find one of those corn bread pans..those are so cute. Great finds. Have a wonderful sunday, hugs, kim

aimee said...

I will be glad to pray for your job situation--hang in there:)
God bless,
PS: Love the canister (tin)set--cute!

Angela said...

First off, I will be praying....((hugs))

Second off..I'm forcing myself not to scream (everyone is still sleeping in the house) ,lol..girl, you got some awesome deals...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..ok,,screamed in my head. I wasn't able to find anything yesterday..SIGH. Went to about three yard sales but a first for me with not finding anything..oh well...

Blessings to you and yours this day.

Sheila said...

You and your father are in my prayers. What finds you made this weekend. I love the canisters--my mom used to collect things like that--wonder what happened to all of them. The pail and the house are so cute--love the light in the house. I would love to have a cornbread stick pan--my mom had one of those too but I'm not sure where it is either.
I hope your arm/shoulder is feeling better. Take care.

Linda Stubbs said...

How fun Heather..........look at the treasures you found. Love the little canisters. Cute!!!! So sweet you bought the quilt for your Daddy! He will be so snuggy this are a sweet daughter.

Hugs sweetie,

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Oooooooh, I love the cast iron! What great finds! :)