Sunday, September 12, 2010

The "Mother Load" of Yard Sales...Especially If You Love Crafty Things.

Hi Everyone....Are you having a good Sunday? I'm having a great Sunday.  My dad and I decided to stay home from church today. He's really tired from working yesterday..and he has another super-early workday tomorrow. 

One of my rituals on Sunday is to buy the Sunday newspaper because it has all sorts of coupons. Today was like hitting the mother load. There were 5 coupon circulars in the paper today...with many coupons for things I can actually use!!!! So cool....I'll save those coupons till the items go on sale.

When I payed for my newspaper, I made sure to get a little bit of cash back so that I could do...what else...some yard sale shopping...and ladies...I hit the "mother load" of yard sales today....I stopped at  TWO yard sales. The first one was a lady who was selling a HUGE collection of craft items. Take a look at some of the items below.

My dad and I happened upon this particular "crafty" yard sale on accident, while looking for another yard sale. I saw this quilt rack. There were actually two of them, but this one was considerably taller. It is as high as my waste. The mahogany/deep cherry color is so beautiful. I have enough quilts now, that something like this will really come in handy.

This quilt rack/stand only cost $7. I almost didn't buy it...but I saw a gigantic SUV pull up and "eye" I decided to buy it right then. I'm so glad that I purchased this treasure. It'll make my home look really nice.

The quilt rack will NOT stay at it's current location. That's where I happened to place it after I brought it into the apartment.  I was particularly proud of this find, because they are expensive to buy brand new.  The lady who was selling this, had literally about two rooms worth of craft items from laces and  embroidery patterns to quilt books and bolts and bolts of decorating fabric. It's  a good thing I was on a limited budget!!!! I asked her why she was selling her entire collection. She said that this was just a tiny fraction of what she has at home. Hmm...this is a woman after my own heart...More is more when it comes to craft stuff!!!!

Here's a close-up view of the quilt rack detail. I really am impressed with this. It's very sturdy. It's not heavy at all. It's actually very light and easy to carry. My sweet daddy carried it to the car for me :) :) :)

"Crafty yard sale lady" was surprised to learn that I was a quilter...well, just a beginning quilter.  I told her I have a quilt I made, a very ugly yet super comfy quilt that was given to me, a yard sale quilt and a yard sale comforter that I plan to hang on the quilt rack. We both had a good laugh over the "ugly" quilt comment. It was a quilt that a friend of mine had received as a wedding present...but she gave it to me shortly after the wedding...because she didn't like it. I didn't like it either...but ladies, let me tell you something, never judge a quilt by the cover, it's the most comfy quilt ever...In fact, the same friend, gave me other free stuff...which in my household, Postulate Number 1 is never turn down a free meal....or free stuff.  Below are two quilts...the one in the front, that is the very first quilt I ever made...and the blue one in the back, that's the yard sale quilt. It was super I had to wash it...but now it's fresh and clean :) :)

I'll be moving this to another spot in the apartment...probably my bedroom as a display/storage area for my quilts!!!

Below are some of the other things I picked up at the "crafty lady's" yard sale...specifically the "Cross Stitch and Country Crafts" magazines, the index cards and the crochet cotton. The glass jar on the right was from a different yard sale. Everything else was from previous forays....

I purchased all FIVE "Cross Stitch & Country Crafts" magazines for just $1. There are some really useful patterns in there that I plan on making during the winter. The magazines range from 1986 - 1990. So they are definitely older, but still very cute. Oh, that's an embroidered  pink kitty cat on the front cover. The index cards were $0.25 and the crochet cotton...almost a full spool..also just $0.25. The glass drinking jar was $1

This mercerized crochet cotton is the real deal...and very high quality..and it was only $ I snapped that up right away. I'll definitely use this up...for sure!!!

The case is falling apart. I was really after the index cards with the tab dividers.  Now to look for a cute wooden box to store these.

Okay....I hope you don't think I'm cheesy for showing these old magazine covers. The projects on the front cover really drew my attention...and inside, there's all sorts of extra craft projects...and the price...well, all five for $1...can't be beat.

At first I thought this was a's actually a kitty cat. There's a blue version, too!!!

I love the sweetness of the mother praying blessing over her little baby. So this one, the year on the photo will have to change when I make it up...but it's adorable!!!!

CHRISTmas is a favorite holiday. This stocking has really sweet vintage details when you look really closely!!! Did you notice the old sewing machine?

Family tree....

The colors in this blue embroidery project reminded me so much of another pattern I had unfortunately given away. Plus I love this particular sampler.

This glass drinking jar was purchased at a seperate yard sale. The lady running this sale was using the money to donate to the American Cancer Society. My sweet grandmother passed away from cancer. So this would make a perfect "drinking" glass for me...oh, no alcohol because I live in a "temperance household"...but I'm thinking nice clean water, milk, or cold iced tea or coffee (iced).

This jar says "Golden Harvest" above the fall image...and underneath it says "drinking jar".  Now if this only had a lid to go with it...

Thank you so much for all the nice compliments on the Victorian lace edgings that I shared with you. I LOVE to knit...among other things...and your comments really made my day :) :) You can click here to read that post and look at the photos.

Now comes the business of sorting everything. Alhough maybe I'll wait until winter to do that. There won't be many yard sales, if any, during that time. Some of you asked about the bookcase I plan on attaching the lace edgings too. It's light in color...but I'll make sure to post a photo sometime this week, so you can see it...and give me your ideas/opinions about or white or both :) :) :)

Tales from the Pear Tree
I've sure talked a LOT today. Thanks for all the encouragement about work.  It means a lot...I feel like I've been tossed to and fro...BUT remember what I said earlier about how God will work it ALL out for the good...and HE is FAITHFUL!!!! So I'll continue to "bloom" where I'm planted and enjoy the ride!!!! The people I work with are stellar and sterling individuals. You can't put a price on that...and if nothing else, I LOVE my job because of these people I am honored to work with everyday.

That's the news from Oregon today. Extra love and hugs to all of you sweet friends, Heather :)


Doni said...

Hi Heather!!! GREAT finds at the sales!! And get this...I own every one of those same magazines!!! I used to cross-stitch a lot, but not so much lately. I LOVE that magazine!! SOOOOOOO cute...enjoy looking through them, drooling, etc. and let us know what projects you'll be choosing to do. I'm jealous of the ball of crochet thread...I'm looking everywhere for some DMC 100% NON mercerized thread size 10 in blue and pink. Found some on ebay, but price...yuk. May have to keep looking online! Or make a TRIP!!
Enjoy your new goodies and hope your week is blessed!!

Jill said...

Hi Heather,

That quilr rack is just beautiful. That was definitely a great find! I love finding craft things. I did a little yard saling too and I've been looking for years for a basket for my staircase. It actually fits the stairs. We are always carrying things up and down. It's perfect, but I never wanted to spend 40.00 for one. So I found one at a yard sale for $5.00! I was so excited. :-) LOL
Hope you have a great week at work!


Karen said...

Great finds as always..
you need to go into business for your self..
Have a great week..
Talk to ya soon

agypsyangel said...

Looks like you found some great stuff. I saw someone paint a quilt rack white and decopauge a rose on the side and call the quilt rack shabby chic. I am going to do that to mine. I love those old cross stitch mags..I would love to be able to cross stitch. I am a beginner quilter (for years now), crocheter and recent papercrafter but I cant knit and I really enjoy hand embroidery but never can get the hang of cross stitch..perhaps i should give it a try again. Have a wonderful week,

Pioneer Beauty said...

First I want to congratulate you on winning the giveaway over at prarire flower farm,,How exciting is that...I was so thrilled for you..your must post about what you do with your winnings..I love all the great finds but I must say the grabbing of the quilt rack once the suv pulled up an eyeballed it..was the best..Nothing like good ol competition,,: )

Dorothy said...

Fun things you got today Heather! Love the beautiful quilt rack you got. Know you will have fun with it for sure. I too got one that I really like at one of our thrift stores. One of my mom's crochet afgans is on it right now in my bedroom. For the drinking glass you might try a canning lid or qt. mayonnaise lid. I have a bunch of them and it works on mine. They are very sturdy glasses and I like to put a lid on it when I take it out to Precious Husband filled with ice water when he is working in the yard.
Hope work goes better this week. Keep up that godly attitude and you will do great I know.

Hugs and blessings from AZ,

Nancy Y said...

Great yard sale finds! I love the quilt you made, it's absolutely beautiful! I cross stitched for many years, the samplers are my favorite!
Have A Great Week!
Nancy :)

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Heather....GREAT finds! I LOVE the quilt rack and all the cross stitch books....WOWSA!!


Vicki said...

Wow, Heather, you did find some amazing things. Your quilts look beautiful displayed on that quilt rack. I know you will enjoy those magazines because of your love for making lovely items. The drinking jar looks just like the one I love to drink ice tea from. Thanks for sharing your prizes with us. Have a great week!! Vicki

Beth said...

Hi Heather, It's always a privilege to visit you. I love your quilt rack, Heather! You got a great deal! Take care and keep your chin up.
Blessings, Beth

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Heather--Wow, great finds!!! And hope you and your dad are doing well. Hope you are liking your job too and that's it's going great!

I will grab your button and put it on my blog!

Camille said...

What a lovely quilt rack you found...and for such a great price! Yippee!! Don't you sometimes feel like these are gifts from our precious LORD? :)


Anonymous said...

You got some really good finds at this sale!
I like that quilt rack you bought~good deal. They are expensive and yours looks like it will hold quite a few quilts. Good on you for being a quilter! That's something I don't think I'll try to tackle but, I have loads of respect for those who do.
I also really like your Southern tea-drinking jar. I'd like to find one for a good price like you did. I saw one a week or so ago but, they were asking too much for it.