Monday, September 6, 2010

Party/Give Away At Prairie Flower Farm & Super Cool Yard Sale Finds!!!!

Happy Monday everyone....I hope you all are having a great Labor Day weekend..and for my international friends...I hope your weekend is also a good one :) :) :)  Oh, there's a really fun party/giveaway over at Linda's Prairie Flower Farm.  I posted a link to the giveaway on my right sidebar here...right at the very top, so you won't miss it :) :) :) Check it out and join in on the fun..There are 5 different ways you can enter, so check it out...and ladies, if you've been following Prairie Flower Farm for any length of time, you know that Linda always hosts a good party. She knows how to make any occasion special!!! I've already should, too!!!

Oh, I found some really nice yard sale things last Saturday, plus one item on Sunday.  So let me show you what I found. Oh, yes, I do promise to show you all these items in action and all decorated one of these days...but I figure, I should snap up these items while their available and so inexpensive. The decorating/painting can always come later ;) :)

My dad and I were going to the grocery store for something Saturday morning and we saw a yard sale sign, so we stopped.  It was mostly childrens clothing and baby things, which if I had either, would have been a real score...but I'm still single. However, there was one item that caught my eye. It was a pair of twin white sheer panel curtains...not very long...but long enough and wide enough to cover the living room windows. These only cost $1 for the two panels TOGETHER. These will give my dad and I a measure of privacy, while still allowing us to open the blinds and let some light in!!!

Awhile back I talked about how my dad and I had to get the car battery replaced. That resulted in us eventually stopping by a yardsale where I found a lovely white cotton/lace table runner thingy..which I used to top my dresser drawer. Click here to see a photo of the cotton lace thingy. Well, I went to another yard sale last Saturday in a nicer part of town and saw this table cloth that matches perfectly. I'm not sure what kind of lace this is. I don't think it's very old, since I do see this quite a bit at various department stores..but it's PERFECT and I love it!!! This is a rectangular table cloth and it only cost me $2.  It smelled like a dog had done some business on it, literally.  So I did wash it BEFORE taking a photo and posting it here. Now it smells really good!!!

There are a couple of yellow stains, which I'll need to treat with some sort of oxygen bleach.  Most of it came out when I washed the table cloth.  Some of the lace needs to be repaired, but all in all, I really love this style of cotton lace...I mean LOVE it!!!

Next you see a close-up photo of some more of the treasures that I found at some of the other yard sales that day..Here's a close-up of a yellow shelf with hooks, two hand-painted wooden hearts (so cute and reminds me of Donna Dewbury), a pad of writing paper, a vintage small canning jar with a super cool latch hook thingy on top, AND this lovely teacup/coffee cup...In the background you see my Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Tin propping up the yellow shelf...AND you see a glimpse of this powder blue fabric. That's a quilt with matching pillow sham that were also purchased at a yard sale!!!

Let's see...Here is the cost for the various items...I probably should have grouped them by what was purchased at each yard sale, but  I here goes...

$3 - for the yellow shelf, the two handpainted wooden hearts, AND two spools of beautiful flowery wire ribbon (not pictured here)...purchased at one yard sale

$1 - for the vintage small canning jar with latch-hook metal thingy. It was the only thing at this sale that I thought was really interesting and cute. I'll either use it for spare buttons or spare change. Not sure which,yet...

$1 - for the teacup/coffee cup. I'll share more about that on Tuesday..

$0.25 - for the pad of writing paper. So cute...and I have just the perfect friend to write letters to with this paper :) :) Oh, the lady at the yard sale where I purchased the stinky, but now clean/beautiful white tablecloth wanted $0.50...and I said I'll give you a quarter..she said okay...

This next item is just a little round tin.  I bought this at the same place I  purchased the craft ribbon and yellow shelf. It was only $0.10. This would make a cute storage tin for buttons, too. If you have any other ideas for this, please let me know!!! I have no real "use" for this...but it was so cheap and I LOVE vintage anything...including vintage vegetable advertisements!!! Or maybe this looks like seed packets...

Here's another wooden shelf I found at another sale.  I don't remember which yard sale I purchased this at...but it was cute and really cheap. No wait, this was at the same sale where I purchased the round vegetable tin AND the craft ribbon. So now I'm wondering where I got the yellow shelf at...yikes...I'll make sure and take better notes for next time...In any case, this shelf was about $2 I think.  It's unfinished, but polished wood.  I do plan on painting it at some point...but for now, it'll need some good hooks or l-shaped thingies to attach it to the wall!!! You also get a glimpse of that wire craft ribbon and a better peak at the powder blue quilt with scalloped edge.

I thought that wire craft ribbon was so lovely...truly beautiful floral prints and both spools were practically I just had to have this.  There's a perfect craft project just waiting for some of this ribbon :) :) Here's a close-up of this cute pad of floral stationary, too!!! I really do love letter writing and receiving actual letters in the postal mail....!!!

Here's a close-up of the two handpainted wooden hanging hearts that were purchased at the yard sale where I found that floral wire ribbon.  They're beautiful. The lady who was hosting this particular yard sale was a really talented/crafty lady. I think she painted these herself. In any case, I'm a huge fan of Donna Dewbury's One Stroke Painting show on this reminded me of that. I'd love to be able to paint like this one day!!!

Here's a better picture of those two hearts.  I realized the lighting in the previous photo was just a tad too dark. Don't you love the paint strokes and all that pink?  It's pretty and feminine!!! This was part of that $3 deal with the shelf, the ribbon and the tin.

Here's a close-up of the yellow shelf with the hooks.  I thought this might look cute in the bathroom...but I'm thinking of putting it in my room...not sure yet.  Oh, I'm definitely going to paint this. The yellow is nice, but I love pinks and blues. This shelf looks like it's got a finish on it. Can I paint over this or would I need to sand it first and THEN paint it?

The cup was a real deal and I literally just happened to see it all by it's lonesome. however, the rest is a secret...wait until Tuesday :) :) :) You can see that this canning jar is not much bigger. I did do some research online and saw similar canning jars. It is missing a rubber ring or something that should be layered inbetween the jar and the lid. Oh well, this won't be used for canning...that's for sure :) :)

Now for some reason I forgot to post a photo of the whole entire quilt...but here's a glimpse of the detail. it's beautiful. I think it's a queen-sized quilt...or maybe king-size. In any case, I purchased this at the same yard sale where I found the white table cloth...and it too smelled really bad, like a really bad dog smell. There was a matching pillow shame...and both of this lovely scalloped edging. So both of those I washed promptly on  Saturday before photographing them. I'll make sure and post a proper photo later this week.  I wasn't looking for bedding...but when I saw this and realized it was good quality and the price was outstanding, then I bought it. Why? Like flowers, you can NEVER have too many this beautiful quilt and pillow shame were only $8. This would have cost quite a bit more if it had been purchased new.

Sunday rolled around and my dad and I went to the grocery store around 8 a.m. to pick up the Sunday paper. I always look for coupons. This is what the skies looked like yesterday morning. This photo in particular reminded my dad and I of when God spoke to Moses on Mt. Sinai....:) :) :)

On the way home, my dad noticed a yard sale sign. He tried to hide it from me because he didn't want to to stop there. No luck, he graciously turned the car around. This was a yard sale in a nice neighborhood, which meant the items for sale would be nice and indeed they were :) :) I found this lightweight comforter for just $5...with satin trim!!! This is GREAT. It's a mix of 100% cotton shell with polyester lining...normally I dno't like polyester...but this will be very easy to care for!!! LOVE IT!!! So does my dad!!!

Phew, this was a really long post today. Thanks for hanging in there and letting me share all this super cool yard sale stuff :) :) :)  I've really developed a habit for nice things at inexpensive  prices...Oh, and I just discovered Craigslist.  Lots of yard sales are advertised there. So next time I go shopping, I'll make sure and map out a route!!!!

Have a great week!!! I'm cleaning up my room and getting rid of more junk...mostly unnecessary paper etc...and getting back into doing regular Bible study along with my Bible reading :) :) That's the news from Oregon. Love and hugs, Heather :)


A Hopeful Heart said...

I can see it now...the bumper sticker that says, "This car stops at all garage sales" belongs on your car!!! Actually, I have become somewhat the same way. When I see a yard sale sign, I simply MUST stop by. Sometimes, I make it a point NOT to go out on Friday or Saturday mornings, simply because I can't always afford to be buying stuff...even little one dollar items add up. And since I bought those Switch Flops last month, I REALLY need to watch my pennies.

Anyhow, you got some GREAT things. I think the lace is Battenburg lace, but I'm not 100% sure, so maybe one of your other readers will make that label official.

I LOVE the teacup...I'm sure it will make a lovely Teacup Tuesday post.

And I love the little painted hearts, especially the one with the roses. I love roses painted like that.

Well, my dear, have a lovely week.


aimee said...

Congrats on your garage sale finds!
Loved the mt photo--I love it when low clouds or wispy fog obscure part of the mountains! That is one reason I love early autumn--more days like that:)

Parsley said...

Wow. You have a way of finding some lovely treasure to enjoy!

You really should consider my swap. ;-)

Pioneer Beauty said...

Dear Heather
Wow What great finds..I have to say the Glass canning Jar and Tea Cup are my favorite...And I am happy to hear that the White Thingy isn't stinky anymore : )
In Christ

Jill said...

Hi Heather!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm a little behind on visiting. Trying to juggle life and schoolwork now, LOL

You find the most adorable things! Great deals. I love the stationary, I too enjoy a handwritten letter. Everything was delightful!

The sky picture was beautiful! You should blow that up and frame it! :-) Hope you have a wonderful week!


Doni said...

Hello Heather! Thanks so much for your sweet comments at faithgracecrafts!! I always smile when I read them!!
I love your finds for this weekend..I think the quilt is wonderful! And the price was right too! You asked if I'd be sharing the square shaped tea cup soon, and yes I each week until I get them all done! I have so few that I need to spread them out a bit so I can keep on joining the parties!!! I sure hope I can find some more soon...I hunt and hope, but usually don't find any at yard sales around here for some reason. I guess most Texans drink coffee and not tea! Hope you have a wonderful week!!
Blessings, Doni

BECKY said...

Hi Heather! It is great to meet you! Patti and I used to be prayer partners when she lived in Florida, and we reconnected through blogging!! How cool is that??!!

I think this shop will be a lot of fun and will generate some additional cash for us to pay down our debt. We are working on being debt free. So far, so good. The Lord is over it all so we will see what He does with it. There are a lot of little details, and two that were the most important to me is that Paypal charges you each time you make a sale and etsy charges it % on the gross of your purchase price and shipping--something I didn't know. I have to get ahead of the learning curve, but think it will be good!!
I encourage you to try it. Look around and see what other knitters are doing and what is selling...I am always looking around...not to copy but to get an idea of shopping trends., pricing, etc.

Have a great week!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Heather, Good Golly Miss Molly!! Did you ever hit the mother load of treasures!!

I love the old canning jars with the old latches on. Perfect to display lace and buttons in.
And that yellow shelf would look so very wonderful in my guest room.

Great score for this weekend!!


Camille said...

What wonderful finds Heather! Isn't it amazing what there is to be found at yard sales and thrift stores? I have some battenburg lace placemats and a tablecloth too...they are pretty, aren't they?