Thursday, March 17, 2011



Hi everyone, How have you been doing this week so far? I've been doing well.  I've been a bit lazy in posting. There was an idea I had for Tea Time Tuesday that didn't quite make it this week. However, it will be ready for next Tuesday. It'll be so cute. The only clue I' ll give is that it's pink :) :) :)

My dad and I were driving around town the other day when I spotted these magnolias.  These particular magnolias are just the loveliest shade of pink and white. Aren't they gorgeous and romantic? I think I want to plant magnolias. These are either "Saucer Magnolias" or "Japanese Magnolias". I vote "Saucer Magnolias" because we do have saucer magnolias, in general, here in Southern Oregon. Either way, these sure are pretty. Wouldn't you agree?

Oh, I'm on this crazy mission to read my Bible in a week. Well, at this rate, it'll be more like a month. However, it was just a spur of the mo ment thing that my father and I decided to do. So we're going for it. It's really interesting. God makes lots of promises. He keeps them, too :) :) Plus, I think God has a sense of humor, because there are certain passages in Exodus that are just making me howl with laughter. What is it you say?  Well, one in particular is after Moses has just led the Israelites out of Egypt. I'll save that for another post. I have this funny dialogue running in my head about this :) :) Isn't neat that since the very beginning God is watching out for us :) :) That's awesome :) :) :)

I was having very serious doubts... well, more like worries, about being able to pay bills. Today I was reminded "not to worry", because that's what God tells us to do. So it's been neat for me personally to see how God is reassuring me that everything will be okay. It will and I'm NOT worried :) :) :)

Have a great Thursday everyone :) :) That's the news from Oregon today. Love and hugs, Heather :)


Nancy Y said...

Hi Heather! Looks like Spring is finally arriving in Oregon! I would absolutely agree ~ the Magnolia is Lovely, and gracious too! Love your Beautiful photo! Hope you and your dad have a Wonderful weekend!
Nancy xx :D

aimee said...

Happy St.Patrick's Day Heather!
I LOVE magnolias too--can hardly wait till ours bloom! Your photo is awesome!
Will be looking forward to seeing your upcoming pink tea post--love pink:)

Sue said...

Beautiful Magnolias heather, Yay! spring is just around the corner. I so applaud you for reading your bible through. I challenged myself in 2008, to read the new testament through in two months, well when I got into reading i became so engrossed that I read the whole bible in 2 1/2 months. The promises of God are true.
Thanks for sharing,

Linda Stubbs said...

Hey Heather. I am still up.........I didn't realize that I needed to have this craft done for Create and Decorate.......I am trying to get the instructions finished tonight. I am so tired, but I need to get it done. Baby Peeps are in the front room hatching away. 4 so far and I bought 5 today I will blog about them tomorrow. It is kind of a funny story.......Mr. Farmer took me to the farm store........wrong.....thing to do. We went for chick feed.......came home with a little more than that. He loves me.

Love your magnolias. I would love that on my farm. I wonder if they would grow here?

I also was impressed that you are reading the Bible in a week.........amazing. I love it!!!!!! God will bless the scripture for sure.

Hugs, Linda

Stina said...

Ahhhh....wish Magnolias could grow here... But not... They are so beautiful...
I haven't seen one in real life!!!! That's bad!

Sharon said...

Good afternoon Heather :)

The Magnolias are lovely! I am reminded of when I was a young girl growing up back east. I was in the second grade and LOVED my teacher. While walking to school I noticed a beautiful Magnolia Tree in someone's yard (:o!). I decided that I was going to bring my teacher a flower. It was so hard to pick not to mention that I shouldn't have. So I always smile and then feel a bit guilty after seeing a Magnolia :)

I am praying for the Lord's provision for your family. I do know how difficult that can be BUT remember that our Lord is ALWAYS faithful to take care of our needs and then some :) When you start to worry just stop and instead of reacting, respond through prayer :)

Have a blessed day Heather!


Jill said...

They are so beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Have a lovely weekend Heather!


Carissa said...

Those are so pretty!!! I love the soft pink in them. Wow! Reading your whole bible in one week, even a month is serious business!!! Good for you!!! Isn't it neat how we can read something once, and then read it again another time and get two different meanings from it. And that it is usually just what we needed! God is so amazing!

I will pray for you regarding your bills.. I know how that can make one worry. God will provide no matter what! Keep trusting!

Have a lovely weekend!
Love Carissa XOXOX

Annesphamily said...

Hi sweet friend! The late Mary Crowley, who founded the now defunct Home Interior company always said "I give my problems to God, because he is going to be up all night anyway." Great food for thought. We are on a super tight budget. Trying to rid ourselves of credit card payments and get into a newer car. Whew! What a week this has been. I have missed seeing you but wanted to say hello. Love and hugs Anne

Annesphamily said...

Nagnolias are such beautiful, rich flowers. I am so happy to see these here. Love to you! Anne

Astrid's dragon said...

That is a beautiful flower, lovely to see for spring. I love your attitude, I should leave more of my worries to God. He knows what's going on better than I do!

Beth said...

Hi Heather! Your magnolia photos are stunning! It is such a magnificent flower. I liked seeing your laundry room finds too. And also of interest, that you are reading through the Bible in a week. Many set that as a goal for a year. I say more power to you!
Thanks for all your visits; I enjoy your sweet comments!
Blessings, Beth

Mit Liebe zum Detail said...

Liebe header herzlichsten Dank für deine lieben Zeilen.Deine Magnolien Bilder sind wunderschön,bei euch ist das Klima doch etwas milder als bei uns.Liebe Grüße schicke ich dir-Edith