Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hi everyone,
Oh, my word, I think I have fallen in love.... with cupcakes.  My birthday was yesterday.  I turned 30-something years old. It's funny, because I stil feel like I'm 18. Anyways, this story today goes back a couple of weeks.  One day my dad and I are out running an errand at the grocery store. I spot this new shop. It's a cupcake shop. So my dad treated me to a red velvet regular and mini cupcake. Here's a photo of what I ate delicious.
Oh, goodness, this is the large cupcake. It's not too big or small. It is the PERFECT size and so tasty.  Ever since I found out that there was a cupcake shop moving into town, my desire was for a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting.  Would you be surprised that there was no cupcake shop in town until two weeks ago? Oh, I'm so glad that they  opened up.  I told my father that I wanted a red velvet cupcake for my birthday.  Today he bought me my cupcake :) :) This is my cupcake on  my red transferware plate. Doesn't the cupcake look absolutely delicious?  Oh, it tastes so good. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cream cheese frosting, too.

Okay, so let me go back a couple of weeks. A little over two weeks ago I noticed that someone had moved into this store front. It used to be a tanning salon. I'm not sure what happened to them. Anyways, I was praying that something good would  move in. This is the store front of The Cupcake Company as seen from the car.  Click here to visit their beautiful website.  There were a lot of cars at the shopping center today, so getting a better picture was a bit tricky. I'll try another time. Oh this place is just gorgeous inside.

Oh, this  place is so beautiful and spic-and-span clean. It's also bright and cheery with lots of windows to let in natural light.  So when my dad and I walked in, my dad immediately asked if I could take a couple of photos. The owners said "Yes"!!! That was really sweet of them. I always feel nervous about asking, but they were so gracious.  My father explained that I have a blog and that I wanted to write about the shop today. This is part of their menu board with  some of the specials that they offer throughout the week. They have a total of 24 different flavors. The display case had about 12 flavors for the day. 

Here are some of the luscious, decadent super tasty cupcakes in the cupcake case ;) :) :)  It is really neat to find out why people start new business ventures. The owners are a husband & wife team. One was involved in construction and the other one was involved in real estate. When the economy made a downturn, they decided to take a leap of faith and open a new business to earn money. They took a leap of faith!!! That is the short version of the story. I hope I got it right. The couple was just so sweet with the most precious, friendly smiles I have ever seen. The same goes for their beautiful, sweet assistant who rang up my cupcake purchase :)
There was something about their demeanor that prompted my dad to ask if they go to church anywhere. They  attend a local church here in Southern Oregon. It's a church that my dad and I first went to  when we moved to Oregon. So it was really neat and a blessing  :) :)  The shop, when you walk in, is absolutely delightful. It's so clean and bright. There are lovely tables that you can sit at to enjoy your cupcakes. They also have  coffee, too.  When you walk in, you can see right into the bakery/kitchen in the back room. Oh, it was so was gorgeous. So I felt really good about what I was buying, because I knew that if they take such good care of their kitchen, the cupcakes are going to be delicious!!!  The owners start baking at 3 a.m. So not only are the cupcakes delicious, they're fresh every day :) :)

I have been dreaming of red velvet cupcakes for a couple of weeks. Here's a close-up photo of these gorgeous cupcakes.  The regular ones and the mini cupcakes. Oh,  isn't that great? There is something to fit every taste.  Not only can you pick and choose which flavors you want to eat, you can get regular and minis. The mini cupcakes are awesome because you can have  small taste that easily pops into your mouth. Then if you find a flavor that you like, you can get the larger one. In this case, my father bought me one regular and one mini cupcake. They were so rich and tasty, that I shared both with my father.  Oh, when you pick and choose your cupcakes, they are lovingly placed on one of these plastic trays like you see here.  The associate than asked us if we'd be eating here or taking them to go. We took ours to go, because we had some other errands to run.

Here is one of their beautiful sticker labels. The associate was very kind to let me have two. Isn't this beautiful? It is so well designed and the website is there, too. So please  pop on over and visit this local business. It's really sweet ;) :) :) Oh, I forgot to mention that one of the cupcake flavors that was also in the cupcake was was a  "Samoa" cupcake. Oh goodness, I'm in heaven. That's the flavor I'm going to try next time :) :)
Here are some photos of my beautiful red velvet cupcake. I ate the mini cupcake in the car. I couldn't wait till I arrived home. So the one that made it home is the regular cupcake :) :) Here are some various plate settings for this luscious tasty treat :)

It was such a gorgeous day today. It was overcast and bright/blue skies today. Oh, what made it especially beautiful was that it was just sprinkling ever so slightly. It was just gorgeous!!!! 

I was not paid to do this review. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this particular business and their cupcakes. So I voluntarily gave this review in case any of you are ever in this neck of the woods. This is definitely a place that you want to come and visit ;) :)

That's the news from Oregon today. Love and hugs, Heather :)


A Gypsy Angel/Stamperbee said...

What cute cupcakes and so very pretty. Sounds like you had a nice visit at the bakery. Sunny here in GA. Hope you have a great evening. Hugs, Kim

Nancy Y said...

Happy Belated Birthday Heather!! The cupcake looks delicious - actually they all look delicious! I LOVE cake - it's my weakness, especially the pretty ones!! So happy to hear you had a Wonderful birthday!
Nancy xx :D

Astrid's dragon said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful birthday treat for you! I wish we had one around here!

I can make a mean red velvet w/cream cheese frosting, but that looks devine... especially on your red plate. I really like the idea of the mini cupcakes - having more than one doesn't sound too bad.

Happy belated birthday, Heather!

Carolyn said...

Hi Heather,
Happy belated birthday! The cupcakes do look good.
thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.

Take care,

Patti said...

All the cupcakes look beautiful and delicious!!! While white cake (coconut) is my top-dog fave, red velvet is high on the list of likes too.

By the way, you know that I just turned 50 a few weeks ago. Funny, I still feel like I'm 30, so I definitely hear what you're saying.

I'm glad you had a lovely birthday.


Becky said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER! Oh it sounds lke you had an absolutely PERFECT day! I adore red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Another favorite combination is spice cake with maple flavored 7-minute frosting. MMMmmmmm... you're making me hungry.

Julia said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

I just went here today! I found your blog, and saw EXACTLY what I saw today! This is so weird (but awesomely cool)!

I had the black forest cupcake- delicious. YUM. I think that I could have eaten about 5 more of them... they were so good.

Anyway, it's so cool to see a blogger from where I live! Awesome!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI everyone, thanks for your comments. Oh, I thik I'll be making some more visits to the cupcake shop soon :) :)

@Julia - oh, that's so cool. I didn't see the Black Forest cupcakes...I was obsessed with Red Velvet. Next is the Samoa cupcake. How did you find my blog? That's so cool :) :)

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Heather,
I hope you had a Happy, Happy Birthday!!! and wishing you a beautiful, blessed year ahead that is as sweet as this beautiful post with these precious cupcakes!!!

Jill said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Red velvet is my sister's favorite too! All those yummy looking pictures made me so hungry! LOL What an awesome place! I've never seen a place solely dedicated to cupcakes. :-) I like the plates you set it on and how you arranged everything....although I must confess mine would not have made it to the plate! LOL!

Have a great day!!


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday, Heather! Red Velvet is one of my favorite kinds of cake, too! You made the cupcakes look SO good on your beautiful plates. I hope the shop has been able to visit your blog and enjoy the wonderful review! (Maybe this can be your new career - publicizing local businesses!)

Sue said...

Sending a big hug and A very happy Birthday wish to you dear Heather, i so enjoyed reading of your day, and your new found friends,the cupcakes look so delicious, and red velvet cake is one of my favorites. I am amazed at how God orders our days.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I'm a bit late but...HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That red velvet cake looks DELICIOUS!
Hugs from Michigan!

Julia said...

@Heather- Actually, it was really random. :) I was reading the Aspiring Homemaker blogs questions and answers sections and scrolled down to the comments sections (I like to read the blogs that comment on other peoples blogs:), and I randomly clicked on a few blogs and yours was one of them! Imagine my surprise when I opened your blog and saw exactly what I had seen that day! It was so cool!

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday!!! *blows party horn*

Grandma Becky said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Heather! Sorry it's a bit late cuz I'm just now reading your blog. The cupcake shop sounds delicious and hope the business does well. I love red velvet chocolate cake as well.! Too bad you aren't closer, but hubby and me are headed down south in April. Gas is so high it may be the only trip I take this year! :0_

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Julia...oh, I LOVE "The Aspiring Homemaker" blog :) :) It's so fun. Another one you might like is Prairie Flower Farm. That was the first blog I started following :) :) it's really cute. YOu can find the button on my sidebar!!!

@Grandma Becky - birthday wishes are welcome anytime ;) :) :) My dad and I went back to the cupcake shop yesterday and bought peanut butter cup cupcakes. Oh, so delicious!!!!

Camille said...

How FUN! Their logo design is beautiful and their store looks lovely! I am sure those cupcakes are delish...yum, yum! :)

Have a fabulous day!
Many blessings,

Camille said...

I don't know if my last comment made it to you Heather. But, I was saying that it all looks super duper good! How fun! Yummy looking cupcakes...thanks for sharing!

Many blessings,

Jodie said...

This is an awesome write-up!! I'll have to remember it if I'm ever travelling in Oregon! My favourite place in my town is a little dessert shop called The Dancing Blueberries...they specialize in big Belgian waffles of all sorts of different flavours involving ice cream, whip cream, fruits. nuts, carmel and fudge sauces. They recently added Cupcakery to their sign and now serve cupcakes as well! I bought one for my little 10yr old buddy last week and she LOVED it...she chose banana, and the icing tasted exactly like those banana popcicles :-)

Dorothy said...

Heather you could surely be my daughter!! I love cream cheese frosting too and a cupcake shop - well oh my goodness! How neat and how great of your sweet dad to take you there and get them for your birthday and all. Love you lots Sweetie!
Hugs and blessings from Arizona,