Monday, November 22, 2010

My 19th Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday & Tea Time Tuesday for November 23rd

Hi everyone.....
Oh goodness the weather outside is C-H-I-L-L-Y.  It's  a fine day to be I can only imagine how cold it must be for all my friends who live further north from me ;) :)
Here's a little taste of what I saw yesterday....the snow level continues to there might be snow on the ground soon....although not tomorrow...because I do need to get to work...I'm putting a special request in with God....You'll have to stay tuned tomorrow evening to see how He answered :) :) Oh, here's the photo of what I saw yesterday (Sunday)
Sunday - November 21st, 2010 This is what I saw yesterday. Early morning it was covered by clouds...but different then what I normally see. When the clouds lifted this is what I saw.  So far the snow is sticking...I hope it will last for a little while longer yet. It's so beautiful!

One of my friends had put in a special request with the meteorologist for some snow :) :) :) So when I saw this I had to take a photo and share it with her :) :)

German demitasse teacup and matching saucer.  Isn't it beautiful and dainty at the same time?

I took some new photos of this teacup and saucer. You might recognize it from an earlier post. This was something I had  purchased at a yardsale a couple of months ago.    I was contemplating what I wanted to share with all of you this week.

The view from the top...even the inside of the cup is decorated. This is totally awesome because most of the time I wouldn't even see this....I'm too busy enjoying my tea ;)

Well, I kept thinking of Mr. Angel Man...who's that? He shall remain nameless...but he was a guy that went to my church in Germany. He was part of church staff I think...and not that much older than I am. There might have been a slight crush at the time...not sure why...

Here's the backstamp on the German demitasse.   Does anyone know what the "41" signifies? I don't think it's referring to the year, because that would have been war tim e...However, does it refer to the 41st cup in  a series of how many? Not has a bit of mystery :)

For the life of me, I can't figure out why I had a crush on Mr. Angel Man :) :) He LOVED Jesus Christ....and he worked at one of the local tea shops in the city I was living in. This tea shop was could go in and pick from all different varieties of fresh dried teas.

Here's the matching saucer. Both the saucer and the demitasse have these creamy white and peachy undertones. It is almost as if they are "blushing" :) :)

So it's a mystery how I discovered Mr. Angel Man worked at this local tea shop. However, I passed this teashop on almost a daily basis after university classes were over or just when I had some free time. Now this shop had tin upon tin of fresh teas lined up against the wall....almost like an old-fashioned apothecary shop. All the tea shop associates wore these white lab coats....not sure why...but  tea is a very serious subject :) :)  So one day I made an "excuse" to go in the store...ahem..

This is the backstamp on the saucer. Everything is exactly the same with one noticeable difference. The china pattern name only appears on the saucer and NOT on the demitasse...although it's clear that  they are "married"...

So I asked Mr. Angel Man for some tea recommendations. All I remember was buying a nice loose tea...probably orange or something really simple. I'm not sure if he was ever aware that I had a secret crush on him...but he was such a nice gentleman!!! The crush faded, of course, but it's still a very good memory!!!...So just when you think that tea is only for drinking...think again. Sometimes tea can be romantic or inspirational... who knows!!!

I hope you enjoyed your visit with me today!!! I'll look forward to reading everyones  tea posts...and just all of your blogs in general!!!!

Work was AWESOME today...we're doing a little bit of a different job for the next couple of weeks. There's more to it's much less boring...and the day flies so quickly. The people I work with are very nice...but I think today we were all feeling the desire to just be home. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It'll just be my dad and myself. We'll be keeping it simple and semi-homemade this year!!! I did get some I might try making little mini-;pies...the size of the palm of my hand... For some reason cheddar cheese and apples sound really good right now.  I'm thinking a little cheddar cheese on the crust with an apple filling. What do I know about baking? Does that sound eccentric? Fresh apples and cheese is a great why not enjoy it in pie form ?

Snow levels....getting lower and lower. There's a storm front passing through here. Please pray that the roads are not icy tomorrow (Tuesday). I MUST get to work...especially since I have the rest of the week FREE to be at home!!! Pray that the road conditions will be good!!  That's the news from Oregon today. Bonus love and hugs, Heather :)


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

love your teacup! lovely and dainty! thanks for sharing! have a great day!

Becky said...

I hope the roads are safe for you today. Nearly all the Northern Blogs I read are speaking of snow and extremely cold temps and here I sit with temps in the 70's with my windows open. The leaves have finally turned to their deepest of Fall color so at least I have that to remind me that it is indeed Fall here. I hope that you and your Dad have a TREMENDOUS Thanksgiving together.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning Heather,
I enjoyed your post so very much! The demitasse is adorable and must be very pretty up close with the peachy undertones!
We got our first snowfall over the weekend. I don't like getting it this early because we have Winter long enough here in the Maritimes although I must admit, it is pretty!
I love apple pie and cheddar cheese myself! I actually enjoy it more than apple pie with ice cream! Cheese and apples are lovely together!
Thank you for sharing your delightful post and I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Johanna said...

Hello Heather,
what a nice story about your crush on Mr. Angel. I really enjoyed to rea this charming story. Your tea cup is charming as well. I think this number 41 is the code for the person who has painted the golden decoration in that cup. You find on German china often such numbers. Sometimes they are stamped in the china, those are mostly numbers of the shapes, like saucers or cups. And then you find such numbers printed on the glaze, those are mostly for the persons, who painted or decorated the china. May be to count, how many they did on a day or to make sure, who did a good job or not. Any how, this is a wonderful cup, full of memories. Thank you for sharing your sweet story.
Greetings, Johanna

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

Hi Heather, Your teacups are beautiful, but I love your mountain more!!!! Gerry

mo said...

Hi Heather,

Burrrrrrrrr... Stay warm with lots of tea! Here in Arizona I'm freezing with high's at 62 degrees (you can laugh, it's ok) Your teacup is pretty. I really like teacups with a surprise inside of them. I'm visiting you from Martha and Terri's Tea Cup Tuesday. I am your newest follower. Nice to meet you. Mo

Sue said...

Beautiful teacup, and saucer Heather, but I so enjoyed your Mr Angel story. I hope the roads were not icy for you today. Wishing you and your dad the best Thanksgiving.
HUgs, Sue

Beautifully Veiled said...

Oh, Heather! I loved this post! I was getting all into the adorable cup and saucer, then completely quit reading about that to get on with Mr Angel Man....So now I'm going to go back and read about the china!!!
(who thought she was following your blog all this time....where is my brain???)

agypsyangel said...

Hi Heather,
That teacup is so pretty, I love those with the pretty insides, I also love pink. I love your store of Mr Angel teaman. You will have to tell us more about Germany. I would love to go to a teashop like that. SNOW, oh me. I love to look at it but have never lived where it snowed on a regular basis.
Hugs, Kim

Terri said...

Hi Heather, I enjoyed your tea story about Mr.Angel. Lovely to have such memories.
Your German cup and saucer are really pretty. You must really enjoy using it.
I hope you got to work. Enjoy your time off work.
Happy Thanksgiving.

paperbutterfly said...

Thank you for spending time with us during this busy time of year. You presented your teacup beautifully. I love your romantic story. Warm memories go well with hot tea! Thank you for sharing the teacup and the memories.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a lovely teacup. And such a sweet story to go along with it. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.


Annesphamily said...

I love your Mr. Angel Man story. What a sweet share to share. I am glad work is going well and you and your dad shared a wonderful meal together. Happy weekend and many blessings. I have to work tomorrow. Hugs Anne

Lisa West said...

Wonderful visiting you today. The German teacup is lovely. I like how it seems shorter and wider. I believe the number is the "serial" number. Mine have them as well.
We are also starting to get the very cold weather and had our first snow this weekend here in Maine. Blessings to you, Lisa