Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hi everyone,

Okay, how are you all doing today? I decided to move my "It makes "cents" to me" posts from Friday to Saturday. That's my natural week, anyway from Sunday through Saturday.  So here goes. This is what I spent my money on this week. 

First was a Sunday newspaper from April 8th for $1.61.  It costs $1.50 plus tax. 

Next stop was at Trader Joe's on Monday - April 9th:

Total spent was $33.06:
- TJ's organic dark truffle chocolate bar
- 2 packages of applewood uncured bacon
- 2 packages of Applegate organic beef hotdogs. This is a great product, 100% organic and it only costs $4.99/package at my local Trader Joe's store.
- TJ's "Simple Cashew, Almond & Cranberry" trail mix
- big bag of "Cuties" citrus fruit
- 4 bottles of TJ's sparkling mineral water "lemon" plus a $0.20 return bottle deposit

Then on April 12th (Thursday) we shopped at Whole Foods:

Total spent at Whole Foods was $27.86:
- 20 oz. drip coffee with cream and sugar
- 2.19 pounds of organic Navel oranges
- 1 package of applewood smoked bacon
-1 Dagoba organic dark chocolate bar (54%)
- 1 croissant
-1 bagel
-"Natural Home" magazine

Oh, I stopped at the store on Friday the 13th to get some raw milk.  I incubate it for 24 hours when I make yogurt. It's the only form of dairy that my body tolerates well.  I've done lots of research and feel it's okay to drink this. However, I realize that's not for everyone.  Whatever milk you drink, make sure it's ORGANIC that comes from cows that haven't been treated with hormones or anti-biotics...but that's just my opinion. You have to take charge of your own health. Okay, I'm over my health "soap box", back to what all this cost:

$10.78 for two glass bottles of milk I didn't get a photo of this, but normally there's an addition $1.50 bottle deposit per bottle. However, since I returned my glass bottles, I didn't have to pay another deposit.

I also made a stop at Whole Foods...again. Hmm, I should buy stock in this store. I shop there a lot. I love this place. I spent a total of $24.59 at this place:
- 20 oz large mocha
- 1 package of applewood smoked bacon
- 1 Dagoba organic dark chocolate bar
- 2 nutty sticky buns
- 4 gallons of spring water with a total of $0.40 cents in return bottle deposits

Later that afternoon, my dad and I got the crazy idea to "walk" to Trader Joe's and back.Yikes..and we live up in the hills. In any case, it was a really good walk. Here's what we bought there:

Total spent at Trader Joe's was $15.53:
- 2 packages of frozen berries (for smoothies)
- Half gallon of unsweetened coconut milk
- 3 bananas
- 1 big bag of "Cuties" citrus fruit

Oh, I also spent $4.99 on another bag of TJ's "Simply Cashew, Almond & Cranberry" trail mix. This is good stuff...plain and simple.

Today I went to Rite Aid and Whole Foods.  I found a nice package of blank cards.  There are some people I want to thank for all the help they've given to my dad and I. In any case, here's what I bought at those two places:

Total spent at Rite Aid was $5.35:
1 set of blank cards (qty of 10) for $4.99 plus tax

At Whole Foods I spent a total of $31.24:
- 1 bagel
- 1 croissant
- 1 can of wild pink salmon
- 1 pound of organic lean ground beef
- 1 Dagoba organic dark chocolate bar
- 1 package of applewood smoked bacon
- 1 dozen organic eggs
- 20 oz. drip coffee with cream and sugar

OH, and I almost forgot,  my dad and I started participating in a local CSA program here in the area. We ordered a box of fresh, organic fruits/veggies plus 1 dozen organic eggs. We received all of this for just $27 dollars.  I'll write another post on this next week. This is pretty cool:

So that is it for this week.   I spent a total of $174.91 on food alone. That works out to $87.46 per person (between my father and myself). That is higher than I wanted, BUT remember a lot of this we're going to freeze and it will last awhile. So I'm hoping that this coming week, we'll spend a little less.

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That's the news from the ocean shores of California today. Love and hugs, Heather 


Vicki said...

Heather, I want to go shopping with you. You always buy the most delicious and healthy foods of anyone I know. I hope you have a beautiful weekend full of the promise of spring, my friend~ Vicki

Lil'Suburban Homestead said...

Heather you do make shopping look fun and healthy! I am so envious of you we cannot get raw milk in our state of North Carolina. I guess they feel we are not educated enough to make our own choices as I know raw milk is what my body would prefer if I had the option. :( Thanks for your post!

Jenn said...

I would like to join Vicki and go on a shopping adventure with you too LOL :) Dark - sounds like my kind of shopping trip :) AND at Whole Foods!

Jill said...

Great deals and a little exercise too, what a great combination :-)
I read recently about fresh produce being sent to your home as well. I'll have to look into this for our area :-)
Have a wonderful night!


Jessica Heights said...

You always round up the tastiest looking groceries!!

Jennifer said...

I am always so impressed that your chocolate makes it home and into the photos. I don't think I would last that long!

Debbie said...

What wonderful food! We don't have choices like that here in Minnesota unfortunately. I have NEVER been to a Trader Joe's and am just dying too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and dropping a line.

Kristi@LetThisMindBeInYou said...

You got some great deals, Heather, and I agree about the chocolate! Usually my daughter and I are all over the chocolate in the car on the way home! :D

It looks like you are in Monterey, CA, am I right? My daughter is stationed there at Presidio of Monterey (DLI), so we've visited a few times. We loved our stay at Lover's Point Inn on the peninsula, and our time spent at Cannery Row. Lovely place!

Anyway, thanks again for visiting my blog. Good to know another blogging Cali girl! :D

Rebecca said...

Hi Heather,
For some reason your comments aren't showing up on my blog ;( I get the email saying you left a comment, and can read it from there but once I check my blog they aren't there.
Anyway I didn't want you to think that I was ignoring you or your questions!
The dimensions for the cover photos are 851 pixels by 315 pixels. Hope you have fun making some of your own!
much Love,

Aledia said...

Thank You for stopping by and leaving me a comment!

Wow!, your food looks wonderful! I just love shopping at Whole Foods!

Your pictures are really great to, the second one is my favorite.

Have a great day!


Sue said...

How refreshing for me to find a younger person like you Heather, that is not only money conscience but buys healthy foods. You are so blessed to have a Whole Foods and Trader Joe so near by, the nearest one to me is about 70 miles away. You are truly an inspiration! Thank you for sharing. I will now go and join your giveaway!

Doni said...

Hi Heather!!
How are you doing? Well, I can answer that've been busy SHOPPING for some LOVELY items! That fruit/veggie picture of all beautiful food is so tempting...Just want to go and grab those!!
Give your father a howdy for us from Texas!
Blessings, Doni

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Good for you!
I can't shop at Whole Foods - it's too far away and for 6 people on one blue collar income... well, it's not happening.
But I love me some TJ's. I just can't believe how affordable it is. We are coming into a good season between our garden and TJ's - it's all good.
I do shop at Costco too. I buy their uncured nitrate free bacon - 3 packages for $11. We do love bacon in this house!
I want one of those drying racks! I always have!
Have a lovely weekend my dear! Thanks for your loyalty!
Parisienne Farmgirl
Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh, and you stay on that ole soap box1! More people need to wise up to Rbst and other bovine hormones!!!! That is the main reason I shop at Trader Joe's!

That stuff is just plain SCARY!!!!

Annesphamily said...

Your photos are so fun and colorful!