Thursday, April 12, 2012


HI everyone,

Oh, there is a super fun giveaway happening over at Homestead Drying Racks. Click here for details on how you can enter and win one of ten fabulous prizes. This is awesome stuff, folks.  I really need a drying rack to use outdoors this summer. So check it out.

Here's the info that I grabbed from their webpage. Click here to pay them a visit. Please let them know that I sent you. There's no bonus entry for that, but it would be a really nice way of showing some blogging love and a huge THANK YOU for making this first copy of their e-zine FREE to all of us :) :) :)

We are sharing the great homesteading emag with you.  The magazine covers many homesteading topics for the entire family, young and old.  There are so many things for us to learn  as Homesteading enthusiasts.    We hope it will be a blessing to all who read it.  Lord willing, we will have an issue come out quarterly.  FREE DOWNLOAD  Click on the link below to view it in pdf format. MY NOTE: I couldn't figure out how to get the link to work properly, but it's available in two different reading formats. Click here for the options for the free e-zine.

For more information about the emag go to:

If you would like to join the celebration, HCP is having a HUGE give away.  Go to:  Homestead Drying Racks - Homestead Store - Blog

MY NOTE:  For more specifics on the giveaway prizes and how you can win one of these fabulous gifts, click here for details.

That's it for the giveaway information.  Oh, if you really like them, check out their Facebook page by clicking here.

That's the news from the ocean shores of California today. Love and hugs, Heather


A Primitive Homestead said...

I was so lucky to find one of these last fall at a yardsale. It had one broken rod but I knew I could fix it. I asked how much. She took some moments. I thought oh boy she will be high. One dollar fifty cents she said. Well yes I took her offer fast. This mag looks good. Thanks for sharing. Blessing!

Under Her Wings said...

Thanks, Heather!

Angie Berry said...

Sounds like a neat new magazine, I'll have to check it out. I'm not into true homesteading but I do love to read the stories of people that are. Thanks for sharing~

Angie said...

LOL I can see the looks of folks who don't use racks--if it's anything like the ones I get for hanging wash outside year round (yes, even in the freezing cold), it'll be priceless. ;) As much as I'd LOVE racks outside, the Kansas winds are rough on anything not bolted down... If you don't get racks, T poles, round umbrella type lines, etc make great hangers too. :) I try to look like the heftier version of that lady on the cover, with long skirts and aprons (most days I pull it off)...and again more of those priceless looks for being "abnormal" LOL. You don't need to have 50 acres and a bunch of cows to homestead, you can do a little bit in your neighborhood, with what is available to you. Like, use the racks/lines/etc to hang clothes. If you're really into it, use a washboard. Grow a garden, if you can raise some chickens or another farm type animal. Sew for yourself, knit/crochet if you know how, cook from scratch...basically do what you can on your own vs buying, and you'll get alot closer to "homesteading"...and you'll feel great about accomplishing more on your own! :)