Friday, March 9, 2012


Hi everyone,

Wow, my goal was to only go shopping ONCE this entire week...and I went to the store SIX times this week.  Until I learn to drive, which will be in the next few months, I have to rely on the kindness of neighbors and church family for rides to appointments etc.  So when I'm near the store, I'll stop and buy something, because I might not get a ride for awhile. That's just something I've noticed.

I'll give you the break-down of what I purchased this week. I did stock up on lots of organic beef.  The freezer is "full", meaning we've got more beef in the freezer than previously thought. We're also doing really well with vegetables, too. 

I don't have any "food" photos to show you. However, I did take a photo of this Izze glass soda bottle. My father likes to drink Izze. The thought occured to me that this would make a really cute, whimsical flower vase:

March 4th, 2012 - Sunday at Whole Foods: $21.40:
- 2 croissants $4.58 - a "want, not a need"...oh yeah, these croissants are super spendy, but they're super GOOD. They come from a local French bakery here in town.
- 20 oz. drip coffee with cream/sugar $1.90 - a "want, not a need"
- 1 Izze soda $1.49 - a "want, not a need". There was a $0.05 bottle deposit on this bottle.
- Applewood smoked bacon.  We do eat a lot of bacon in our house. It's good bacon, with no bad things in it.
- Whole Foods brand conditioner.  This isn't a food. However, I needed some more, because my other conditioner had run out.
-TAX: $0.40
- Out of this total, I'd say $8.99 was spent on real food and $3.99 on miscellaneous (anything that is non-food right now)

  March 5th, 2012 - Monday at Trader Joe's: $33.95:
- 4 lbs. of organic ground beef 85/15 (This runs about $6.50 a pound and is the BEST price on organic beef that I've found in the stores so far)
- Trader Joe's organic dark chocolate truffle bar $1.99 - a "want, not a need"..but wow, it's some really tasty good chocolate
- 1 bottle of sparking mineral water, lemon-flavored.  My father really likes these.  It comes in a plastic bottle. It's about $1 less expensive than the Whole Food's version in the glass bottle AND it comes with a $0.10 bottle deposit.
- 7 jumbo, sweet onions (these taste FANTASIC when sauteed/carmelized in a pan) These are great with eggs in the morning, or anytime.
- TAX: $0.08 cents.  Out of the money spent today, $31.88 spent on food.

I have decided that I won't include the "wants" in my food totals.  I'm trying to discourage myself from thinking of these things as necessary.  They're not bad...chocolate bars, coffee etc.However, I need to redirect my spending, and it's still a challenge for me.  By laying it all out here for you (which isn't easy to do), it helps me to realize just where my money is going.

This next photo is the bottlecap to the Izze soda that my father drank. I love cute bottlecaps.  I'm collecting them, so be used for a future craft project sometime in the future. Isn't this cute? It has such a lovely retro vintage appeal to it:

March 7th, 2012- Wednesday at Trader Joe's: $9.97:
Now this was interesting because I"m staring at the receipt and it's not listing the items that I purchased. However, I do know that I purchased some healthy trail mix for dad and some organic dark chocolate. So I'd classify both of those items as "wants and not needs"
- TAX: $0.22

March 7th, 2012- Wednesday at Whole Foods: $39.18:
- 1 croissant $2.29 - a "want, not a need"
- 1 classic roast rotisserie chicken
- 1 croissant $2.29 - a "want, not a need"
- Applewood smoked bacon
- 20 oz. drip coffee with cream/sugar $1.90 - a "want, not a need"

$45 - Haircut/style.  My hair was in really BAD, BAD shape. It was so overprocessed from coloring my hair at home, that the ends of my hair were literally falling out/snapping off.  The lady who cut my, that was providence. She was at this meeting that I went to after church last Sunday. I went to hear a former missionary from Russia give a talk.  The rest is history. Needless to say, this woman did a fabulous job with my hair. Maybe I'll post a pic sometime this week.

PEET'S COFFEE: ca $2.60 for a large cafe au lait...a definite  "want, not a need", coffee was OUT OF CONTROL today. 

I was remarking to my father, that his empty Izze soda pop bottle would make a really cute, simple flower vase. Here's a close-up of the bottle. What do you think? What would you use this bottle for?:

March 8th, 2012 - Thursday at Whole Foods: $76.62:
- 20 oz. drip coffee with cream and sugar $1.90 - a "want, not a need" This is the LAST coffee that I'll be having for awhile.
- 4.45 lbs of organic, yellow onions
- 3.86 pounds of sweet onions
- 3 lbs of organic ground beef
- organic, broccoli crowns. I'm not sure what the weight was...but  bought 7 of them. They're perfect for steaming.
- 2 cartons of organic, grape cherry tomatoes
- Applewood smoked bacon
- Izze - sparkling black raspberry soda $1.49 - a "want, not a need" It's one of my dad's favorites.  It also comes with a $0.10 cent bottle deposit.
- 2 breakfast sandwiches $10.30 - a "definite want, and not a need" Neither of us were interested in cooking anything yesterday morning.
TAX - $0.86
Out of the total I spent at this store, $58.02 was spent on real food.

March 9th, 2012 - Friday at Trader Joe's: $29.44:
- 3 lbs of organic ground beef
- Trader Joe's organic dark chocolate truffle bar $1.99 - a "want, not a need" 
- Applewood smoked bacon
Out of this purchase today, I'd say that $27.45 was spent on real food. 

I actually had an appointment with my naturopathic physician and my chiropractor today. So since I was going right by Trader Joe's, I used the opportunity to pick up some more meat. Our freezer is nicely stocked now.

I'm not sure what else I'll be doing today. I'll be looking for a job. The weather is FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL today, a walk outside is definitely in order. I've also been working really hard to finish knitting some socks for my aunt, too. What are you up to today? 

What are you doing this weekend?  I'll be getting together with some ladies in my Tuesday morning Bible study. We'll be enjoying tea, coffee, and muffins together and listening to one of my friend's share her story. I'm so looking forward to this. It will be fun :) :)

That's the news from the ocean shores of California today. Love and hugs, Heather.


aimee said...

Today I am staring out my window at a blue, sunny sky and hoping that we will see a lot more of the same soon:)
PS: I will be praying that you'll soon have good news for us about a job!

Grandma Becky said...

Today was so pretty out and so glad I was able to be out, even if it was driving to visit my friend some miles away. Teresa is recovering from breast cancer surgery and I took lunch over to enjoy with her and some items for a dinner. Did a photo shoot outside her house by an old mill. i will share that soon on my blog. Tomorrow, do some things outside if it's nice, like cut back my rose bush. Clean house. I'm always out and about on my days off, that shrunk by one since I've gained a day of work but I'm not complaining. I stopped at TJ today too, a bit out of the way but made it work on my home from my friend's house. Spent cash today only. Have $5 in cash for me til Friday next week. Got all what we need til then...except hubby buying gas next week. I will be praying you get a job soon. Yes, the bottle would make a nice vase. Hugs from warm Oregon, well for now anyway! :0}

Jenn said...

Today we are going to look at land closer to my husband's work. We are hoping to be building a home in the next year or so (we've been renting for the past 8 years). I would love prayers, especially for direction, where God wants us planted. Where we live now is about an hour away from the town we are looking at. I love the area we live in - our church family is here, my friends, family. But I trust in the Lord's plan. I just hope I don't have a weary heart over it and not be so selfish about it.

Love you sister and all your posts. Wish I lived closer to Whole Foods!



Kim B said...

Those bottles are darling! I hope you have a wonderful week. Enjoy your bible study. I would love to see you haircut :-) Hugs, Kim

Hibiscus House said...

Stopping by to let you know that I am giving you the Liebster blog award. Yeah. Please stop by Dolly Is Cooking
to claim it along with the rules for passing it along.

Congrats and have a wonderful weekend!

Under Her Wings said...

Post your haircut, Heather. I'd love to see an update of my blogger friend!

Justine of SewCountryChick said...

Hi Heather! My daughter is named Isabelle and Izze is her favorite drink. She loves the grapefruit!

Goosegirl said...

Peets is very definitely a need!!!!!! I am out and I NEED to buy a pound tomorrow!!!!!! I bought a cup of Starbucks wheni was running errands today and it made me remember why I switched back to Peets. Happy coffee!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Always interesting to see your purchases. I finally went to get my hair cut today at Super Cuts. What a difference! I really need to stay on top of getting it trimmed. I do drive but we are down to one care for three people so I know how it is to rely on other people for transportation.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I used the Izze bottle this summer with the red label as a holder for some American flags. They made great centerpieces.

Annesphamily said...

I need to look for Izze soda! My daughter Hannah drinks ICE in a plastic bottle! I like the shape of it! But we usually recycle those! I think the bottle you have will make a cute vase! Blessings Anne