Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hi everyone,

Okay, so I'm late with this post, but late is better than "never" today.  Here is what I purchased this week.

A sweet friend called me up and asked if I needed a ride to the store.  I didn't "need" to go, but when a ride/opportunity presents itself, I've got to take it.  I told my friend that I didn't have a lot to buy, which was true. Would that be okay? She said "Yes".  So off we  went to the store. Oh, it is raining today, too.  We went to Whole Foods, where I love to shop.  That place has a lot of good stuff and a lot of culinary temptations, too. So you have to be careful when you walk into this store. 

Purchase on March 24th, 2012 - Saturday at Whole Foods: $21.04

- 20 oz. drip coffee with cream & sugar - $1.90 "want, not a need"
- 2 pastries (one croissant and one nutty sticky bun) - $5 "want, not a need"...and WOW, the price went UP.  It used to be $2.39 per pastry. So the "oodle" factor just went down, when the price went UP.
- Applewood smoked bacon, 18 oz.
- 1 Izze sparkling "grapefruit" drink (for Dad) - $1.49 plus $0.05 bottle return deposit "want, not a need", but Dad really likes these. I read the ingredient label and I was not horrifed by the ingredients...but it is a "treat", that's for sure.
- 1 Bar Gelato, coffee-flavored - $1.99 "want, not a need" My father and I saw these in the store the other day. They looked interested.  In terms of ingredients, these are fantastic. It's made with all real ingredients and things that a third-grader can easily pronounce.
- Local newspaper $0.75 "iffy" I think a newspaper is okay, since it's good to keep up with local happenings.

The bacon that we eat looks like this. It's a Whole Foods brand, and I trust it. Otherwise, I don't buy any other kind of bacon.  Although I've been on a bit of a bacon-frenzy lately. So I'll probably not buy bacon for awhile yet. It doesn't have nitrates or nitrites. I AVOID all meat that has nitrates or nitrites in them:

Oh, this bacon crisps up really nicely when cooked on a flat pan on a grill/barbecue outside. It's much nicer than frying it inside a pan in your home. That and it doesn't smell up the house like bacon.  It'll make your neighbors want to come over and have a meal at your house. 

The gelato bar was awesome. I just had a tiny taste of that and wow, simple ingredients make for the best tasting stuff.  This is what we bought.  Then take a look at the second photo and read the ingredients. It's so ultra simple and all foods should be made with easy-to-pronounce ingredients:

So this was just one of my purchases for the week of Saturday - March 17th to Friday - March 23rd. I didn't include all the other purchases I made this week, because it was more of the same stuff/junk.  I think this is my "low" for the week. That's okay, because that's what "tracking" my spending is all about.  It's about learning where my money actually goes, and what needs to be changed.

Here's another "purchase" that I made at Whole Foods last Monday. These particular items were FREE.  I was in Whole Foods, when a lady with long brown hair, pushing a shopping cart, stopped me in the store and asked: "Do you like Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products?" Why yes, yes I do like them very much. She handed me two coupons, each was good for one FREE Mrs. Meyer Clean Day product, up to $5.99.  So I went over to the aisle that has all the nice soaps.  I wasn't planning on buying more soap, because they're expensive. However, I like Mrs. Meyer's bar soaps, because they're made with good ingredients.  The soaps are normally just over $6 each. As it happened, they were on sale for just $5.19 each...and since I had two "FREE" coupons, both bars of soap were absolutely FREE. That was a 100% savings. Isn't that the coolest.  Here are the two scents that I "purchased":

Just as a side note, Mrs. Meyer Clean Day products have some of the cutest, vintage-style labelling of any cleaning product I've ever seen. So they get a lot of "points" from me for good packaging. Oh, that and the fact that I've got personal experience using these products and they work very well.  So out of this entire week's worth of mostly unnecessary spending, this was the BEST item.

In other news, I'm working on knitting a pair of custom socks for my father. He wants a ribbed cuff that goes to his knee. So that's presenting a bit of a challenge for me. Okay, it's a HUGE challenge. I'm just "winging it" with the pattern to see what happens. I'm also taking notes as I go along.  If any of you know of a good on-line resource that specifically states how to increase and decrease while knitting a "Knit 2, Purl 2" rib pattern, I'd be greatly appreciative. I'll share that project with you in the next few days.

It's raining today.  Not right now...but earlier today it was really coming down. I read that Watsonville was going to have a 90% chance of rain today, so when I saw that, the chances are really 100% good that it would rain here, too.  The rain is such a blessing for everyone, especially the farmers.

That's the news from the ocean shores of California today. Love and hugs, Heather


Hibiscus House said...

I like the way that soap looks we don't have that around here. I must try to find some. Do you use that for laundry?

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I have used this for making homemade laundry powder in the past. However, these two bars will be for use in the shower. I like this soap because it doesn't irritate my skin. Plus it smells really good. The "lemon verbena" scent is really nice. The "geranium" is a new one that I wanted to try out.

Love and hugs, Heather ;)

Lisa said...

You are a great shopper! Enjoy reading about all your neat finds!


aimee said...

I love that you don't eat foods made with nitrates/nitrites in it--SO wish I could get my hubby to eat ones made without them.
Love Whole Foods too--it's just a bit too far away to go regularly. I'm hoping that one day (wish, wish) one will open up that is closer to us.
Sorry to hear about the job:( Don't get discouraged--God promises to provide.
Blessings, Aimee

Faye Henry said...

Heather you are being so consistent in your grocery budget.. Good for you.. I love all of your don't needs, too.. smile..

Susan said...

I LOVE your plates! I forgot the name of that pattern and who made it. Would you please give me that info?
I have used their dryer sheets in "Basil" and it smells really nice.
Enjoyed your post, as always :)


Susan Montgomery

Jessica Heights said...

I also like the Meyer's soap charming!

Beth said...

Hi Heather, The bar gelato looks good. I've never heard of it. When our Whole Foods opens this summer I hope they stock it so I can try it. Your photos are really nice. I love your Desert Rose pattern (I think that's what it's called) plate. Beautiful!
Hugs and blessings, Beth

Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Heather, I have Mrs. Meyer's liquid hand soap in the lemon verbena scent which I love! How lucky you were to be given those coupons. I used to shop some at a Whole Foods when we lived in another town. Now we live 2 hours away from one. I really miss it.

Vicki said...

Hi, Heather,
It is raining here in Central Texas this evening. I love your header. I would love to visit California some day. I am impressed with all of your purchases. Everything looks so delicious. I love bacon, and the kind you bought seems very healthful. Good deal (free!!!) on those bars of soap, too. I like the vintage packaging of them. Thank you for your kind visits to Bunny Cottage. Have a great rest of the week! Blessings always~Vicki

Carrie said...

That bacon sounds absolutely yummy!! :-) Shopping with friends is always fun.

Jill said...

Great finds! So sorry to hear you didn't get the job, but I know better things are in store for you.
Hang in there :-)


Justine of SewCountryChick said...

Hi Heather,
Thanks for that tip about the bacon. I will have to try that!

Lil'Suburban Homestead said...

I love your "It Makes Cents To Me Friday posts". I have never seen Bar Gelato coffee very interesting.....but I like that it is pure and unprocessed are so great about finding whole natural foods and trying them. You know because of my thyroid cancer history and some issues with regulating my hormone I may have to make some more drastic changes one of them may be giving up gluten but I will keep you posted. Do you eat white flour at all anymore? Thanks Heather for sharing the way you see the world with me :)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

That's cool that you got those free products! We were in WF last week and they were hiding huge Easter eggs. We found two and got a bag of fresh produce and a bag of healthy chips for free! I'll have to check out their bacon. We eat very little meat but we do love bacon now and then for breakfast.

Abbi said...

I hope your sock making goes well. Knee high socks take a while don't they? Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog.

Jennifer said...

Free is always good, but when it is something you love and expensive it is even better. What a nice lady!

Rebecca said...

Stopping in to wish you a blessed Resurrection Day - filled with beauty and bright hope. Because He lives.....

cindy said...

Heather, thanks for stopping by!

Enjoyed your post.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Heather,
Thanks for your visit and your sweet comment. It's nice to hear from you!
It's great that you can knit your dad a pair of socks. Knitting is something that I never really grabbed hold of.
Wishing you and your dad a wonderfully Blessed and Happy Easter weekend. He is Risen; Hallelujah!


Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

What great finds Heather! Keeping you in my preyers for the perfect job just for you! Happy Easter! Hugs, Maryjane

Susan said...

Hello Heather!
Ooh, I really must visit Trader Joe's (I think that might be a store akin to your Whole Foods) to see if I can find nitrate/nitrite-free bacon. I love bacon on my salads, but should be eating the "good" stuff. :)

I am interested in the coffee too...cold pressed coffee? I've never heard of this and wonder if the decaf would be good for me (rosacea).

Wonderful post!

Terri said...

Happy Easter Heather!
I hope you have a lovely day.

I love WF too. Although I am still on GAPS so I only get the bacon!LOL!!

Annesphamily said...

Hi sweet Heather! I wish you and your dad a blessed and beautiful Easter! You sure know how to shop thrifty! I so love knowing you! You make life so interesting here! I love all your healthy purchases! Enjoy the weekend! Love the soap! I have to look for it! Hugs and Blessings Anne

Gaby Bee said...

Thanks for your kind visit, Heather!
Enjoyed your post.

Happy Easter to you!
Greetings from Germany,
Gaby xo

Sheila said...

Hi Heather,
I'm glad you posted about Whole Foods. There is one opening in Greensboro on Thursday. I think I'll give it a little while before I go though--let the crowds lessen!! I love Mrs. Meyer's lemon verbena products. I've used them for a while now and they are great. Can't wait to see if they have the gelato bars here. YUM!! I've been crocheting more than knitting lately but I so want to work on toe up socks. I just need to psych myself up to get past the gusset and heel turn. I hope you and your dad are doing well. Have a wonderful week. Take care.

Kim B said...

That store sounds neat and how great that you got those coupons! I cant wait to see how the socks turn out. Have a great evening. Hugs, Kim