Friday, February 24, 2012


Hi everyone,

Oh, I just wanted to let you know that today's post is a L-O-N-G O-N-E today. So feel free to make a pot of  coffee, some tea or a sandwich or something. I'm making it  a purpose to blog a little bit each day, as I think of things. Why?  I'm seeing if this will save me some time AND if it will help me to be more regular in my blog posts.  So here's what I purchased this week. This is just some of what I purchased. I wanted to get the fresh meat into the refrigerator right away. That's why it didn't make it into the picture. Neither did the dark !!!!

February 18th, 2012 - Saturday: $98.21 at Whole Foods
- 4 dozen organic eggs
- "Whole Living" magazine $4.99 - a "want, not a need" I do LOVE magazines. The March issue has some articles that I was interested in.  Again, though a "want, not a need" If there's a magazine that you find yourself buying EVERY month, then SUBSCRIBE. I do that with a couple of magazines that are "front cover to back cover" excellent.
- 20 oz. drip coffee with cream/sugar $1.90 - a "want, not a need" Oh, I've decided to list the prices...because I have this crazy idea of tracking how much I spend on "wants"..and seeing what "need" those "wants" could have paid for. Sound good? We'll see. It's not about being way. It's about living withing my means.
- 1 pound bulk dry rub applewood smoked bacon
- 2 pounds organic, grass-fed beef Now this is a NEED in my opinion, because we (my father and I) believe that we are what our animals eat. There are certain things we have decided will always be purchased organic, whenever possible, like meat. We stretch it out by eating a bit less, and supplementing with lots of healthy veggies etc.  So far it's working well.
- one small square of dark chocolate. This was for my neighbor, who likes dark chocolate. She gave me the ride to the store this morning.
- 0.93 pounds of trail mix from the Whole Foods trail mix bar $5.57 - this is a "want, not a need" It does make for a really nice snack. It's healthy, no added salt or sugar on any of the items. However, Dad and I reached a compromise and from now on we'll only buy this once a month.
- 0.69 pounds of organic Granny Smith apples These were for my friend's hubby who likes apples. It's my way of thanking them for all the rides that the wife has given me to things like appointments, the store etc. I always make sure to buy a small something for them.
- 5 lb. bag of organic carrots, grown in California.  This was a fair price at $4.59. That works out to $0.92 cents a pounds..that's a definite BUY price for any produce, and for organic it's a DEFINITE BUY price.
- Griffin Remedy voluminizing shampoo, 8 fl. oz. This is a gluten free shampoo. I checked the back label. I'm doing a mix of shampoo and the "no shampoo" method on days where I don't have anywhere to go. That involves a mix of baking powder to wash/apple cider vinegar to rinse.  I'm still in the "trial" phase, so the jury is still out on what I think about the results.  The decision to go gluten free definitely applies to my diet, and when I can, to everything else in my life, including the shampoo and make-up that I use. So far, it's just the shampoo and toothpaste that are gluten free.
- 1.67 pounds of organic broccoli crowns
- 1.91 pounds of Texas royal star grapefruit
- 1.41 pounds of organic Granny Smith apples
- 4 lb. bag of organic oranges, from Mexico At $3. 99 this was also a DEFINITE BUY, because it works out to about $1 a pound. Sometimes the bulk bags of fruit are cheaper than the ones you can just pick individually. It's always worth it to check.
- 1 Dagoba organic, dark chocolate bar It's a "want, not a need" Oh, and for those interested, I buy the 52% dark chocolate bar. They have one that's 79% dark chocolate called "New Moon".  This is more of a treat, but I think this will soon become a "once a month" treat, too.
- 1 pound of ground buffalo meat Now this was a spendy item, even spendier than organic, ground beef. However, this type of animal is not, by federal law, allowed to be treated with hormones etc. They are naturally grass fed..and that's all I know. Again, it's expensive meat, but it's a safe bet in terms of the "health" factor. Oh, it tastes really GOOD, too.
- $0.94 cents was for tax.

I can't figure out what most of that tax is for, since the Whole Foods receipt isn't really clear that way. However, next time I'm in the store, I'm going to ask.  When I figure out my estimates for what I spend on food, I NEVER count the tax..too confusing at the moment. 

Of the $98.21 that I spent at the store today, I'd say $24.08 was spent on "wants" and one NEED, which was the gluten free shampoo.  So that leaves me with $74.13. Split between my father and myself that's $37.07 per person...that's GOOD so far for the week. Oh, when I figure my totals for the week, my "week" is from Saturday till Friday.

Here are a few more photos from my shopping trip today. There's a few small things that I wanted to point out, that you might find interesting. Did you know that the PLU numbers (those annoying little stickers on veggies and fruit) actually have a meaning? Yes, they do. The numbers that start with a "9" are organically grown produce. The ones that start with a "4" are traditionally, farm-grown produce. Anything that starts with an "8" is supposed to be genetically modifed, but I've yet to find a place that openly admits to selling genetically modified produce.  Those are the three that I know about. Here's an example from the organic Granny Smith apples:

This is the trail mix that I normally buy at the Whole Foods trial mix bar. It's a combination of coconut flakes, raisins, sunflower seeds, cashews and sliced almonds. NOTE: The container was half-empty because we ate some of it.  It's actually really tasty. It's also less expensive than buying the "pre-mixed" stuff against the walls in the plastic dispensers:

This is the gluten free shampoo that I'm trying out this time. I'm trying out different gluten free shampoos, to see which one I like the best:

Remember the organic carrots that I mentioned earlier?  Here they are.  Sometimes buying those bulk bags of fruit and veggies are cheaper. Sometimes they aren't. However, it's always worth it to check:

I'm coming to realize this is going to be a LONG POST today...myy apologies ahead of time. This is another reason not to make so many trips to the store. 

February 20th, 2012 - Monday: $44.04 at Whole Foods:
- 20 oz. drip coffee with cream and sugar $1.90 - a "want and not a need" I wish I could say t his was my last coffee of the week, but I've had more.
- about 1 lb. of dry rub applewood bacon
- 3.90 pounds of red organic onions.
- 3.19 pounds of organic navel oranges These are a DEFINITE BUY because it's still only $0.99 a pound. My father likes to juice the oranges, and then pour it over a cup of cold ice.
- 2  Dagoba organic dark chocolate bars $5.38 for the two bars together. Another "want and not a need"
- 0.89 pounds of trail mix from Whole Foods trail mix bar $5.33 - a "want not a need", but if you need a healthy snack, this is a good way to go, because you can pick and choose what you want in the trial mix.
- 1 classic rotisser chicken from the deli $9.99 - a "want, not a need"...but today neither of us were interested in cooking anything, not even in using a microwave
TAX was $0.72 cents

February 21st, 2012 - Tuesday:
- 2 sparkling soda drinks for dad $2.38 - a "want, not a need" but Dad was really craving this. IN fact, everything purchased today, except for the water, was a "want"
- 0.73 pounds of organic Granny Smith apples
- 20 oz. drip coffee with cream and sugar $1.90 - a "want/not a need", but still fun to drink :)
- 2.5 gallons of drinking water. I don't like the taste of the water in my area. So I buy this stuff. It lasts a long time.
TAX was $0.18 cents.

February 22nd 2012 - Wednesday: $15.46 at Whole Foods:
- qty. 4 of the 2.5 gallon jugs of drinking water
- 20 oz drip coffee with cream/sugar $1.90 - a "want/not a need" This is the last coffee I've had this week. 

I'm feeling a bit lazy and I don't think I'll be adding up any numbers today.  I'm also feeling a bit discouraged about things in general. So I think I'll let "number crunching" slide this week.

I did meet with my naturopath on Wednesday, and it's clear I need to QUIT THE COFFEE.  It's hard, because it is such a comfort food - drink for me.I love coffee, but it's not doing my body any favors.

Here's a photo of some dandelion root coffee that a friend gave to me today.  Her sister brought it from Great Britain when she came to visit here. I haven't tried it yet. However, it's supposed to be a nice alternative to regular coffee. After I've tried it, I'll let you know what I think of it. Oh, and yes, that is a genuine vintage Butternut coffee glass jar from the 1960s.  Earlier Butternut coffee came in tins. This is so appropriate to go with the dandelion coffee:

February 24th, 2012- Friday: $17.36:
- 1 bag of Terra chips, "sweet and beet" (dried sweet potato and red beet vegetable chips) $2.50 for a bag. It's a "want, not a need". They taste GREAT and don't have any added salt whatsoever. However, my body doesn't like these. So that's the last time I'm buying those.
- 1 Dagoba organic dark chocolate bar $2.69 - a "want, not a need"  My dad appreciated this today.
- 1 lb of lean ground beef
- 1 pound of buld dry rub applewood smoked bacon

I realize that not everyone can afford to eat all organic. We don't always do that.  My BIG FAT, VERY IMPORTANT  RULE is to always buy fresh, whether it's organic or not.  Don't buy processed foods, if you can help it.  Any meal that you make at home is, in my humble opinion, going to be better for you and better tasting. Plus, it's the most economical for your pocketbook, too. 

I'm going to brew up a batch of the dandelion root coffee as soon as I'm done blogging here.  I'll make sure and let you know how it tastes.  That's the news from the ocean shores of California today.  Love and hugs, Heather 


Becky said...

It's good that you are thinking about the foods and products that you are putting in and on your body.

Jennifer said...

Hey, if you like the Whole Living magazine a lot, check out this deal here -

My job is to write for this blog and each day there are different magazine deals to be had. You can get a 1-year subscription for less than you paid for 1 magazine. BTW, I love that magazine too! So much good information.

A Primitive Homestead said...

It seems like prices are going up by the week. Looks like your getting into the crunching to save but still eat healthy. I love magazines to but have cut back to just the most liked to save. Mostly ones I can not check out at my library. I picked up some seeds to start in the greenhouse I shared about. Blessings!

Rebecca said...

We ARE what we EAT! Great informative post!


Beth said...

Heather, It's great that you are being careful about what you put into your body. Our eating habits make a tremendous impact on our health, both in the short term and over the long term. Thanks for the clues on the PLU numbers. I didn't know that. Also, if you want to decrease your spending, here is something I do. I make out my menu for one week and then a shopping list based on my menu. We shop for groceries once a week. I find that the more often I got to the store, the more I'm tempted to buy things I don't really need (I call that impulse buying!) I'll be interested to hear what you think of the dandelion coffee, Heather. Also, have you tried tea for a healthy alternative?
Take care and have a great wknd.

farmgal said...

Hi Heather

It was indeed long but it was a great post to read, I like being able to get a understanding of not just what you are buying but why.

I am familiar with the mock coffee root and have used it and made it myself.

I will be quite interested in hearing more about the shampoo, my mom seems to be having more food issues and I will be sure to pass on about the shampoo info.

Enjoy your weekend in your sunny and lovely state, while I deal with a new fresh six inches of fluffy white stuff, need to sweep off all my cold frames so that the sun can get to my winter greens.

Annesphamily said...

Heather I love reading your posts! You are a thrifty and smart gal! My daughter Rebekah loves buffalo meat! I have not tried it!