Friday, February 10, 2012


Hi everyone :) :) :)

It's time for another week of "It Makes Cents To Me Friday".  Right now my goal is to simply track what I spend my money on. That includes anything I spend on items for myself, for my father, for us as a tiny family.  I had a bit of a difficult time this week. I'm still buying "treats" for myself and my dad. These are actually things that are nice to enjoy once in awhile. However, these are definitely not needs for me right at this point in time.  In any case, here's what I did for the week of February 4th (Saturday) till today, February 10th (Friday).

These are just a few things that I puchased yesterday and today.  The Cottonelle wipes and the batteries were purchased at Rite Aid.  The clementines and oranges were purchased at Whole Foods this morning:

Friday - February 4th at Whole Foods:  Total spent $46.82

--- 1.11 pounds of trail mix (from the Whole Foods trail mix bar) This is really nice, especially if you like trail mix. You can pick from all these different things, to mix it to your tastes
--- 1, 20 oz drip coffee with cream and sugar "want, not a need"
--- 2 organic dark chocolate bars "Want, not a need" One for my father & I. The other one was for the friend who gave me the ride to the store. She wouldn't take gas money from me, but she did take chocolate ;) :)
--- 1 Clementine gift box
--- 1 Classic rotisseri chicken, from the hot deli counter "Want, not a need" especially since I have fresh, frozen chickens in my freezer. Once in awhile we just don't want to cook. Today was one of those days.
--- Almond meal flour, Bob's Red Mill
--- 1/2 pound of fresh raspberries
TAX: $0.72

Tuesday - February 7th at Whole Foods: Total spent $32.44
--- 2 organic dark chocolate bars "Want, not a need" One bar for my father & I. The other bar for another friend. Same situation: this friend wouldn't accept gas money, but I could pay her in chocolate ;) :)
--- 1 jar of raw raspberry honey
--- ** Parissa cold wax strips It's a cheaper solution than going to the salon. I prefer going to the salon for waxing, but I can't afford it right now. So this is the next best option :) :) :)

--- Lemongrass deodorant (Tom's of Maine) I bought this, just in case my coconut oil dedorant didn't work. It actually turned out perfect. So now I have two options for keeping myself smelling great :) :) :)
TAX: $1.09

My camera batteries were almost gone, so I decided to buy some more batteries yesterday. My digital camera uses AA batteries. Normally I buy just regular Duracell Coppertop batteries. However, I have found that they don't last very long. At the rate I take photos, batteries that last a long time are a MUST.  So I purchased lithium batteries. They are more expensive, but they last a LONG, LONG  time.  I'm also keeping track of how long they last versus regular batteries:

Wednesday - February 8th at Whole Foods: Total Spent $21.36

--- 2 pastries "Want, not a need". One was for my father, the other for me.  Oh, and did I mention that I'm GLUTEN FREE? Well, I'm struggling with that this week, too
--- 3 squares of dark chocolate "Want, not a need"
--- Classic rotissere chicken from the hot deli counter "Want, not a need".  Oh, I just realized that I bought one of these the other day. I have fresh, frozen chickens in the freezer. So add to my list "learn how to roast a chicken for myself"
--- Local newspaper "Want, not a need"  However, I do like to keep up with local happenings every once in awhile.
--- TAX: $0.78
Apropos chicken, I've got a whole, organic chicken (from Trader Joe's) slow-cooking in my CrockPot. It will be ready in another couple of hours.  This is one of those items that I had in my freezer already, so I didn't spend any money on that this week. The price for this chicken was $2.49 a pound at my local Trader Joe's. The photo doesn't look like much right now, but it's sure smelling good in the house:

Oooopss, looking at that last photo made me realize, I need to CLEAN...sigh.. :) :)

Wednesday - February 8th at Safeway: Total Spent $10.36
--- 4 of those 2.something gallon containers of drinking water
--- $0.40 cent recycle deposit
This I consider a need, especially if you don't have a clean source of drinking water.  Our water here is clean and okay to drink. It's just the taste that I don't like. It's a little too salty for my taste. Plus we also have hard water in our area. So I purchase this for drinking. It's a great alternative.

Thursday - February 9th at RiteAid: Total spent $47.15
--- $19.99, 8 pack of AA Lithium batteries Whenever I load my cameras with new batteries, I ALWAYS have a spare set in my camera bag.  These are expensive, but they last a VERY LONG TIME. I'm keeping tracking of exactly how long they last. The goal is to see if they really do last a lot longer than a regular set of batteries. That and if they do, does it justify the cost? So far, the answer is yes. Only time will tell.
--- $7.99 ea. 140ct of Cottonelle flushable wipes, 3 sets - $23.97 I stocked up on these because my family uses them quite a bit.  That and I want to have plenty on hand, in case there's  time I can't get to the store.
--- TAX: $3.19

Thursday - February 9th at Whole Foods: Total spent $11.23
---20 oz. drip coffee with cream and sugar "Want, not a need"
---2 breakfast sandwiches (from the hot deli counter)
"Want, not a need".  I could classify anytime I buy either of these things as "wants" and not needs, especially since I can easily make these at home. My father really wanted these yesterday. However, it's something I'm working on/struggling with. It's one of those things I LOVE to purchase, but don't HAVE to have.

Friday - February 10th at Whole Foods:  Total spent $33.90
---3.76 pounds of organic navel oranges These are only $1.49 a pound. That's not bad for organic produce, in my humble opinion.
--- 1 pound of lean ground beef
--- 1 pound of bulk dry rub applewood bacon
--- 1 Clementine gift box This was really expensive at $7.99 for a box. I just threw them in my cart, because I know how much my dad loves to eat these. When I got home, I told him the price and he felt bad. I told him it was OKAY!!! I was happy to purchase them. However, from here on out, it'll be oranges, unless clementines go on a super sale!!!!
--- 2 small breakfast sandwiches, from the hot deli counter "Want, not a need".  This is a want and not a need.
--- One local newspaper "Want, not a need"
TAX: $0.41

That's everything I spent my money on for the week. I spent a total of $203.90.  Of that money, $139.63 was spent on food (including the items I classified as "wants" versus "needs") So divided between my father and myself that works out to $69.82 per person. That's way too much. So I overshot my goal by quite  a lot.  Lesson learned...and I'm just going to keep plugging away at this and move forward.

That's about it for today :) :)  It just started sprinkling outside. It's what I jokingly called a "California downpour".  I'm so glad for the rain. We really need it, even here next to the ocean. Lots of farmers in our area, who grow really good food. They need that good rain.

Thanks for coming to visit me everyone. Your visits and comments always make me smile :) :) Have a great weekend!!!  That's the news from the ocean shores of California today. Love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)


femmefrugality said...

I'm really impressed with your numbers...especially on an organic diet and within the Californian economy! Wish we could send some precipitation your way...we're supposed to get a bunch of snow tonight.

aimee said...

I spent way too much the last 2 weeks...and found some food in my refrigerator that had expired so had to be thrown out:(
Have you thought about rechargable batteries for your camera? You might do some research on them and run the numbers to see if that would, in the long run, save you money.
Blessings from the now rainy PNW<

Sharon said...

Hello Heather :)

Tracking really helps doesn't it? You can see exactly where your money goes and what are needs versus wants. Do you and your father have a freezer in addition to the one with the fridge? If you do, you may want to check around for buying beef from a rancher or butcher. It is expensive up front but we save up to purchase half a cow each year (the beef lasts us over a year, there are only 2 of us and we do give alot away to friends and those in need) anyway the price per pound here across the board whether it be ground or prime rib is $2.50 a pound. You cannot beat the taste and knowing where the beef came from and how it was raised. Just food for thought (Ha! no pun intended :))

Have a blessed weekend!

Donna said...

I need to do this myself! Making a list and keeping track of all you spend has to be time consuming but soo worth it! Really looking at needs and wants is what I should do too!

Grandma Becky said...

Good job on keeping track of your money. Sometimes we want something to eat that we don't want to make ourselves. There's nothing wrong with that, especially since it's chocolate. HA! Lithium batteries are great for cameras. Glad you were able to get a good price on a pkg of them. You might also watch sales for a recharger and their batteries, Duracell or Energizer. They are a bit expensive in the beginning but are cheaper in the long run to use esp. for cameras. Keeping an extra set with you is a good thing! Have a good weekend!

Kristina said...

Be careful with buying rotisseri chickens - they pump them with flavorings that include a large amount of unwanted sodium. I know what you mean about not wanting to cook some days.

Camille said...

Good for you Heather! Hang in there...what a blessing you must be to your Dad!! :)

If the batteries don't last as well as you want them to, another option is rechargeables. We have did it that way for years for our camera that required AA's...just have an extra set and charge them all at once and keep the *extras* on hand in your camera case. It worked well. And there is significant savings.

And WHO can resist a good chocolate bar?? Now you know the way to your friend's heart. ;-)

Blessings to you!

Lea said...

Way to go Heather! I loved how you did this and you've inspired me!!!
Did you hear me chuckling outloud over the friend who gave you a ride and wouldn't accept gas money but WOULD accept chocolate? I like her! LOLOLOL

farmgal said...

Hi Heather

Great write up and report, you got some good deals that is for sure, and so nice to have friends to give a helping hand.

For me the surprise was how many different little trips you made though the week, Is that typical thing in your neck of the woods for folks to go out most days?

Having been raised in Canada, and most of the time not in town, most of the time I have either been raised to do a once a month trip or now typically we do once a week trip but really been thinking about bringing that down to once every two weeks..

So just wondering what is the norm in yoru area?

Jessica Heights said...

Mmm, clementines, chocolate and roast chicken...your post is making me hingry! ;)

Clint Baker said...

Thank you for sharing! God Bless!

Jennifer said...

I see you have a chocolate weakness like me. I wonder if you could somehow purchase it in bulk so it wouldn't be so expensive? Just a thought to get your wants for a little bit cheaper LOL.

Eclectically Vintage said...

I definitely need to start tracking my spending - it's always gone is a flash and I'm left wondering what i bought! Thanks so much for liking my kitchen. I need to see your room that looks like Grandma's house!! New follower in GFC and Linky too!

Vicki said...

Hi, Heather,
I really admire you for keeping up with your spending. You are making sensible purchases and eating healthy, too. Thank you so much for coming by for a visit, sweet friend. Your kind words meant so much to me. Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy the rest of your week! Vicki

Jocelyn said...

This is a great idea, and a good way to come clean. I'll definitely be checking it out from now on. Thanks!!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Hi Heather. Wow, you did a great job this week of keeping track. I'm terrible at that kind of thing.

Thank you for visiting with me and always leaving kind words. I look forward to your comments!

Blessings... Polly
P.S. the lace in the window is an old piece of tamvour that I found on eBay recently.

Julie @ Strawberry Adventures said...

I love how you classify a "want not a need". Dear Heavens I would HATE to see my wants vs needs list. I stop at Sonic every morning M-F for my Rt 44 Diet Coke. I know it adds up, but can I classify it as a "need, so I dont beat people up at work?" LOL