Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hi everyone,
 This isn't a traditonal tea post today, but I did want to share some of the surprises that I received for Valentine's Day.  How did you spend your Valentine's Day?  I took my father out for breakfast at The Black Bear restaurant.  Click here to visit their main website. As far as I know, they're only on the West Coast. Oh, it's so down home. Do you have any place like that where you live? They make a seriously delicious breakfast, and their buttermilk biscuits are ginormous. My father was so excited.
I also treated my father to a Sierra Mist and myself a coffee from The Human Bean. The Human Bean is my favorite drive-thru coffee stop :) :) You can click here to visit their website. The girls at our local stop know my father and I. The drinks are good and the service is good, too :) :)

Then we came home and just did our usual stuff. When the mail arrived, two lovely surprises were waiting for me in the mailbox. So cool. Here's a photo of what I got: 

Here's what I got in the mail. Well, not all of this. Some of this stuff was already  in my house.  However, what I did receive was the lovely letter with the green and pink florals plus some earrings from Bramblewood Fashion. Then the pastel card with stripes and flowers came from my friend Jennifer. Both were totally unexpected. However, the fact that they arrived on Valentine's Day was so cool. It felt really good to have someone think of me. I suppose I should thank the mailman for delivering those items yesterday, too.

I knew that sweet Ashley from Bramblewood Fashion was sending me something homemade. However, I had no idea what it was. Oh, I was so EXCITED to get a real letter. It's becoming a lost art. So I'm seriously thinking of  reviving this art in my own personal life. Anyways, Ashley sent me this really sweet letter and fabulous earrings. I LOVE them. They're heart-shaped and very romantic. Click here to pay her and Gabrielle a visit over at Bramblewood Fashion. Oh, they're sweet young ladies, both have great photography skills, and Ashley has some serious dress-making skills. Peruse her website, and look for the video she posted where she creates a dress from scratch.

This is how I usually store my earrings. I use a teacup and hang the hook earrings off the rim of the cup.  It's a bit unusual. At the time I didn't have a jewelery box. Now I don't even want one. I like finding alternative uses for my teacups. This is way cuter and it adds a bit of whimsy decor to my life, too :) :) This is a close-up of the lovely earrings that Ashley sent me. She also has an Etsy shop, so you can order some things for yourself, too. The rose teacup is sitting on top of a pillowcase I found at a yard sale on Saturday. I'll share about that another day. It's so cute and has all the right colors.

 Here's the lovely card that my friend Jennifer sent to me. She's a wife and mother now to two beautiful boys.  We've known each other since junior high school. She loves Jesus Christ and has been such an encouragement to me, as have lots of other friends from my Christian school days :)  Jennifer included a surprise in here too, but that I'll keep private just for me :) :)  Isn't it great when those types of unexpected surprises come your way. I'll pray that God surprises you in a way you don't expect this week :) :)  God is so good  and loves us so very much :) :) :)

In other news,  I sometimes sign up for freebies when time permits. I received a free sample of some teeth whitening strips and some foundation. I haven't decided if I'll post photos of that. Maybe I will, since I'm trying to live a more frugal lifestyle.

I went to church last Sunday and it wasn't easy. I LOVE Jesus Christ, but this day I just wasn't "feeling" it. When I'm feeling discouraged, church is exactly where I need to be.  Plus, my father was preaching this day, too.  Well,  after it was all said and one, I was so glad that I went. I was blessed by the message and encouraged by the new friends I'm making at church. My father talked about Peter, the disciple of Jesus... I didn't take notes, because I just wanted to listen. The one thing that really stuck out at me was just how messed up Peter was and impulsive, too. However, Jesus didn't get on Peter's case for messing up. He did ask "Peter, do you love me?" "Yes, LORD, you know I LOVE you." I think that it's so easy to berate ourselves, especially in Christian circles and feed ourselves lies that are just that...lies. Jesus loves us so very much, and it's amazing how that truth can change your life. I choose to accept the truth of God in my life :) :)  

One last funny, our worship leader had concluded worship and was encouraging everyone to get some coffee, treats and greeting one another. The way he said it made me laugh a LOT. Quote "Say hi to someone next to you, grab a donut and rejoice in freedom in America" :) :)

Oh, I've noticed you people new to my blog. Welcome and thank you for following my blog. If you are a follower or a visitor, I love to hear from you !!!!

Well, that's the news from Oregon today. Extra love and hugs, Heather :)


A Gypsy Angel/Stamperbee said...

It sounds like you had a nice Valentines Day. Those earrings are just beautiful and isnt it so nice to get a letter in the mail. I got what you were sharing and thats a lovely post and I hope you are having a wonderful week. Hugs, Kim

Annesphamily said...

Heather you are a gem! I am happy to know you. We like to head to Boulder. There is a Best Western there and the restaurant is called The Buff. They make everything from scratch! Yummy and reasonable! But they sell t shirts and coffee mugs that say "at in The Buff". It makes me smile everytime.
I am very happy I know you! Hugs Anne

Kymberly said...

Dearest Heather,
I am so sorry that I have not been able to stay in touch with you lately! So much has gone on these past few months!

I was happy to get your sweet comments but I had such a problem with my One World One Heart post that I just gave up and deleted it! I am having problems with Bloggers *post editor* and so haven't been posting lately!

This post is wonderful and so encouraging because I know that so many other people are going through the same trials! I have had the same troubles in the past year and have just had my situation turned around miraclously through the mighty work of God in our lives! It's so strange how God brings all of the misfortune we experience to good in our lives!

My husband lost his job last April at Panasonic--he was in a good management position and had worked there for 27 years! Part of the company was bought out by a company called Kemit, which is primarily located in Europe but Kemit's main office is in South Carolina!

He was told before the lay off that he would possibly be interviewed for the new plant that Kemit would be setting up in S.C. but it would be October at best before he would be interviewed!
He had two knee surgeries (one complete knee replacement) which had him down until Septmember and horrible to go through but he finally made it back to optimal health and then we began to wait but nothing came of the interview and so he began to apply for work here in Tennessee! In December they told him that the job probably wouldn't be open and that Kemit was NOT going to hire anyone else until summer of 2011 (and that job was not definite) so they told him to go ahead and start applying for jobs here too! It was looking pretty grim--disaoopointment became our biggest enemy!

He was interviewing for the worst places to work with impossible shifts and low wages. Things were getting worse--his unemployment would be running out soon--with four children and a house payment and bills--we were panicked for sure! Even though he would not express it, I knew he was very depressed that he may not find any work anywhere! I was trying to remain positive but this whole no money/no job situation was working on our nerves and taking a toil on our family and our marriage!

***Ran out of space and will put "the rest of the story" in next comment!