Monday, July 25, 2011


Hi everyone,
How have you been doing?  This past week has been one of the most difficult of my life. Oh, my family is okay, just nothing that I  am liberty to talk about...other than our church has been going through some difficult things this month. We'll be okay, because God is faithful. That is for certain:):)

Here is the link up for this week's Media Monday series from the Women Living Well blog. It's about  media and children. Since I don't have kids, I'd love to know what your thoughts are.

Sorry this post is so short today. I'll be up and going again on Wednesday for the next Building Our Homes Together series          over at Prairie Flower Farm...

That's the news from Oregon today. Love and hugs, Heather :)


Grandma Becky said...

I will be praying for your church. It's not easy when a church struggles with something. Just remember to keep your eyes on the Lord and He will see you through. We are now studying 1 Thessalonians at church and our pastor said it's from the Bible, that we need to get our message from. Hugs and have a good week!

Rebecca said...

Believe me, I KNOW how difficult it is when your church is "hurting". Sounds like you're handling it with faith and a good outlook, my friend.

I'm not really into "media" at all. Haven't found much on the few channels we get that is worth a watch--and I'm waiting for a good movie to come out. The last one we saw was The King's Speech. I thought it was well-done, interesting, and had its root in history...

Dorothy said...

Beautiful pictures lately Heather. Glad your faith is in His Faithfulness! Love you Sweet Lady.

Hugs and blessings from Arizona,

Nicole said...

So sorry Heather. I'll be praying for your church. God is able to do anything and will. He knows where the help is needed.

Big hugs to you!

Susan said...

Hi Heather,

Your picture is beautiful and so fitting for that Bible verse.
Said a prayer for your church. satan must dance with glee when he can cause trouble among God's children. he knows his time is short.
I just got the pink soap grated! It is so pretty! I found the A&H that I needed at Walmart yesterday. They also had a big 2 gallon apothecary jar with a lid for $9.99, so I got that to put it in and leave on top of the dryer. Can't wait to try it out on some laundry! Thanks for your help :)

Hope you have a great day!