Monday, January 10, 2011

My 25th Teacup and Tea Things Tuesday & Teatime Tuesday for January 11th, 2011

Update added Jan. 13th,  - Wednesday
I needed to switch to a new blog background since the site that hosted my previous background is changing servers. ANd I can't seem to figure out how to grab the new code. So I grabbed a new background instead. I'm not sure if I'll keep this one or not!!! I'll keep looking. May you all be enjoying a lovely cup of tea this week!!!

Hi everyone,

I'm really excited to actually have another post up for this week. You have all been so patient with me, especially since I haven't done anything since last Tuesday :) :)  Okay here's what I have to share today. You might recognize these tea things from an earlier post :) 
This is what I had for tea this evening. I was originally planning this around 3p.m. However, I started knitting. When that happens I lose all track of time. Do you recognize the tea things? The lovely teacup, saucer, and goodie plate are from my sweet friend Dorothy over at Notes from Mémère. There were many other items she sent me along with these things. A lot of thought went into each gift :) :) So I just had to try everything out today :)
The same sweet friend also sent me this lovely magazine. It was a surprise gift subscription. The postcard came in the mail a couple of days ago. The magazine arrived today. Ladies, let me tell you. I used to buy Southern Lady a lot. Then when finances got really tight, I had to stop buying it. So when I saw Dorothy's postcard in the mail, I did the happy dance. It's a lovely magazine. Oh, I would recommend this issue because there are lots of tea things in it. Tea doesn't figure prominently as the subject of any particular article, at least not that I noticed yet. However, there were quite a few tea things pictured in this magazine. Many of which reminded me of some of the items that you all have shared on your blogs.

Great, so I've tempted you with beautiful tea things. Now what about the actual tea? Well, today I had this lovely cup of chamomile tea. My grandmother and I would drink this almost every day when I would visit her during the summer. Plus, it is a wonderful tea. It has a light flavor that is easy on the tummy, too!!! Doesn't it look nice with my teacup? Yes, it does :) :)

Every cup of tea needs a yummy baked goody of some sort. It can be sweet or savory. Whatever you like the best. Now today I wanted a donut. Not just any donut will do. It had to be a French crueller. I am not sure what makes it "French". What I do know is that it has a light sugar glaze on top. Inside, it is really light and airy. It's wonderful.

Oh, this is one of the pages inside the current issue of Southern Lady magazine. Check it out. is that  not one of the coolest sewing machines ever? It looks like something out of the 1950s and has a bit of a space age look to it. Goodness, I do love vintage items.
Thanks for stopping by for tea. I was layed off from my job just over a week ago. It was not a total surprise, since lay-offs are typical this time of year. So ladies, please don't be worried for me. Your prayers are always coveted/appreciated.  Otherwise, I'll still be here blogging. Job hunting has already begun.  Two side-blessings of my current employment status is that I can sleep in a little bit longer. Plus, I have time to catch up on all of my favorite blogs. No worries, there's plenty of job hunting. That's a requirement :) :) I just wanted to keep you all up-to-date on what's happening here :)

Oh, time for a "State of the Laundry Soap" moment from  yours truly. Do you remember that fabulously pink homemade laundry powder that I made? I've washed three loads with that so far ;) :) Now the recipe directions said it would work for over 100 loads. That is an awful lot of dirty laundry. I can happily say that my clothes smell absolutely heavenly when they come out of the washer :) :)

That's about it for the moment. I've been working on another pair of socks and taking lots of photos. So I'll be sharing that with you this week. Do you ever have a hobby (or hobbies) that you are so passionate  about, it makes you lose all track of time? Knitting does that for me :) :) Thanks for stopping by to visit me today. You are all dear to my heart and have been great encouragers. You all make me smile. If I can pray for you, let me know!!!

Oh, I'm also working on really committing Scripture to memory. My current verse is Romans 5:3-5  "And knowing that, we  glory in tribulations; knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint because the love of God is being poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us"

My favorite line in those three verses is "..and hope does NOT disappoint" Hope and faith in  Jesus Christ is NEVER a disapointment.  Things may get rough. Things may be smooth as butter. No matter which one you find yourself in, one thing I know to be rock solid, Jesus Christ is always there to comfort me,  lead me, guide me, reassure me when things are not a certainty :) :) :) 

Otherwise, my grammar is atrocious sometimes...but I have the verse memorized. That was really important. Next I'm working on I Corinthians 13:4-8a. That's the news from Oregon today. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


Camille said...

How wonderful that you are memorizing Scripture Heather!! It is such a comfort to the soul...God's Word is rich and powerful and such a blessing to have in our own language! Do you know at what cost it came to us?? What an amazing history it has. :)

May the LORD continue to give you grace as you hunt for a new job. How precious to know that HE is with you each step of the way.

That donut looks like it was super yummy. :)

Many blessings,

Becky said...

Hi Heather;
It's wonderful to see an update on your blog. I was chosen to remain on staff part-time at Michaels and I felt bad for those that were laid off. I know that two of them really needed the job to last longer. But their experience wasn't as wide as mine and the boss needed that above anything for a person to be kept on. He seems really happy to have me on staff and I've been working really hard to keep him from regretting his chose. I will hope and pray that something wonderful comes your way soon. Scott (husband) is starting to look for a real fulltime job where we can get benefits as right now we are just not going to the Dr as we can't afford it. And I NEED to be under a DR's care for the diabetes. But we just can't afford it - worrisome times. Love and Hugs and Prayers!

Sharon said...

Good morning Heather!

What a lovely post. What beautiful blessings from Dorothy. I am going to have to check out Southern Lady, it looks like a very nice magazine. I have been reading through my vintage Victoria magazines :)

The Crueller looks delicious, I don't know what makes that French either, maybe the spelling? ;)

Just a sidenote on the Homemade Detergent, be careful if you are to use hot water because the Borax will act as a peroxide and may bleach your clothes. I like to use a white vinegar rinse when using the homemade detergent, mmm Lavender.

Oh, I wish that I could knit other than a regular knit stitch, I need to work on that this year.

I LOVE those verses in Romans. In addition to your favorite part I love the fact that "the love of God IS BEING poured out in OUR HEARTS by the Holy Spirit who was given to US" Not trying to put all of the focus on us, but it's a promise that we can cling to as we draw closer to our Lord and serve Him.

Have a most blessed day in Him Heather!


Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

Morning Heather!
would love to have you stop by FHC for tea today... a teacup trade is in the works & i think you might be up for that :) blessings!

Terri said...

Hello Heather! Good to see you....and to see your pretty cup and delicious tea! I love Chamomile tea too, and have it most days.
Best wishes on finding work that you feel really good about.
I am glad you are getting some extra rest.

Sue said...

So great to be catching up on what you have been doing Heather, your tea cup and saucer is so pretty, I too love Chamomile tea, it does have a light flavor about it. And yes when I have tea or coffee I like something to satisfy my sweet tooth.
Southern lady is a wonderful magazine too, I love to go to the library and read it.
Heather, I am so sorry about your job, and will be praying that you will find the one that God has chosen for you, it is out there. My daughter finds herself in the same situation, so please pray that she too will find the right one.
I am so glad that you are memorizing scriptures, it is something that will go with you for all of your life.
So enjoy this restful time while you are looking.
Hugs, Sue

A Primitive Homestead said...

Memorizing verses is a wonderful thing to do & the best way to hide Gods words in our heart. There to grab on to when unexpected things hit us. I will pray God will lead you where he wants you to be. He can move us on when there is something better for us. I know it can be hard finding & starting a new job. We will just place our trust in Him for you. I got a new flavor tea. Bengal Spice Herbal Tea. I like it. Oh my doll yes I made her. Thanks for your comment. I seem to lose myself in time
when when I stitch. A verse I have stitched a few times you have brought to my mind.
If You Have Hope Which God Gives In CHRIST You Have All You Will Ever Need. Enjoy sleeping in a bit & your new magazine. Blessings!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Heather,
I love the use of scripture in your post! May He bring along just the right job for you.
Thanks for sharing your sweet teacup and yummy donut. I've enjoyed your post and wish you a wonderful week filled with blessings.


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Heather,
As always, you are up to something! And learning scripture is fantastic!! And I sure would love to eat that donut too!!!!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Morning Heather,

What a lovely post and ohh just look at your dessert! yummy! love that one! wishing you great day ahead!

Kim B said...

Thanks for the inspiration of memorizing verses, I am going to continue to try to do this. I hope your day is happy and boy I wish I had a french crueller and that lovely magazine right now.

aimee said...

Oh that crueller of yours is making me really hungry:) Earlier I was craving a chocolate hazelnut smoothie and now I am craving yummy donuts!
Will be praying for your job situation--
Blessings always,

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Your cookbooks from the 1930's sound awesome! Thanks for the offer to look up recipes! Aren't these old recipes interesting and fun!
Have a great day!

Parsley said...

That looks so comforting...a cup of tea and a donut! YUM~

Nancy Y said...

Hi Heather! That is my absolute favorite donut! A cup of tea is always nice, I drink hot green tea all day and night, I'm addicted to it. Your tea things are beautiful, as always, and that oatmeal can is a fantastic treasure! I hope you have a wonderful day!
Nancy :)

Beth said...

Hi Heather! I love your new blog background! There are many cute ones out there and I think it's okay to change them every once in awhile. I'm so sorry about your layoff. Best wishes as you search.
Hugs, Beth

Beth said...

Hi Heather! I love your new blog background! There are many cute ones out there and I think it's okay to change them every once in awhile. I'm so sorry about your layoff. Best wishes as you search.
Hugs, Beth

Pioneer Beauty said...

Hi Heather
I enjoyed having you stop by...I am happy to be back at blogging...I just hope I can get back in the swing of it...I love the Tea pictures..but that pastry sure looks tastee... : ) I collect vintage sewing machines so I loved seeing the picture of that one...They just don't make things like they use to...
I also love your new background it is very sweet...

I also wish I new how to knit... :(
But I am all thumbs..and can't seem to get the hang of it..

Have a blessed day..

Sue said...

Love your new background,.
Hugs, Sue

✿ Hélène Flont ✿ said...

Bonjour Heather!!!
Gorgeous Background ! very "Marie antoinette" :)

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Jill said...

Wonderful scripture! I love Southern Lady also, I just started subscribing from my daughter's scout fundraiser. I really like it!
great to see you back, and I agree the chamomille tea is splendid! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Rebecca said...

I only know knit & purl. Learned those long ago, but don't think I've ever put ANYthing together :)

I join your other friends who are praying that you find a new job soon. Hope you're over your discomfort from the ulcerative proctitis. Keep filling you mind with the truth of Go's Word! He WILL meet all your needs.

Kathy said...

Fabulous post! Just love your Delightsome gifts! My favorite magazine is Victoria. I used to get two or three magazines -and I whittle it down to that one. I believe Southern Lady is published by Hoffman Media - so happy they took on Victoria. I have to check through your blog for the soap! I used to make soap - but it wasn't that great! Willing to try something new!

Victorian1885 said...

Good afternoon Heather
Your new back ground is beautiful! The donut looks so yummy too. Thank you for stopping in to see me today and comment on my new colours.
Have a great week ahead.


Annesphamily said...

Heather you ROCK! I am so happy I came over. Life has been busy but I need to make more time for wonderful friends like you! Your verses are amazing and your laundry soap, well, I need to try that! I have a new high efficency washer and it is hard ot get use to! I am going to try SOuthern Lady! You are a bad influence! LOL! Never! It looks so wonderful. Tahnk you for sharing and you are well loved. Your sweet friend really knows your heart! You got some awesome gifts! Love to you! Anne

Dorothy said...

Hey my friend, love the new look you have going on your blog. Very sweet! Loved seeing the teacup too. You do such a great job with your photos. Love today's (Friday) pictures all in a row. Have a great weekend Heather. Blessings!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

We have an outstanding Australian Tea Party here in our town!